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Friday, June 10, 2011

A Vlog on Next Couple of days to Come

Hey guys to this is gonna be a like a Vlog just talking about what I have to do in next couple of days to come. Today which is Friday I went to my College to do some Catch up Lab Hours but I only did 2 hours because I started to not feel good :/ I need though to get Motivated and Finish the Hours so I can register for my Fall Semester Classes. The rest of today I spent laying down. I started to get a Major pain in my life side, Probably having to deal with whatever is wrong with my health. Which doctors now think is my Bladder but won't know for sure till this Tuesday...Well Hopefully. So Tomorrow I am going to my Bestie house for her birthday day party she is turning 21. They are having a get together at her house then going to Club but I am not going to the Club. It would be nice for me to show up so I told her that I would show up to her house. First Birthday Party I been to in a while. Anyways I can't believe how fast we are growing up kinda sad though. Sunday is basically a Lazy day for me. It kinda always is. Just gonna relax and try to save my energy because Lately I haven't been getting a lot of sleep. I Actually Have Insomia because I have hard trouble falling asleep and staying asleep. Monday hopefully I am gonna try and get some more Lab Hours done. I need to get in as much as I can. Once done with Lab Hours I can finally stop worrying about it. Tuesday is when my Doctor appointment is. It's where they will check my cuts on my Stomach and Then Look into if I have something wrong with my Bladder. Hopefully at this Appointment I will finally have a answer to what is causing me to be in Pain for 8 months. Later that Night is Pretty Little Liars Season 2!! Yes I am excited.

So Yea this is just a look in to my next couple of days of what I will be up to...

CES <3

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  1. Tuesday sounds like it will be a great day for you: find out what is wrong with your health + pretty little liars!