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Monday, June 27, 2011

My Top 5 Favorite Movies

Hey So I thought I would share with ya'll what Movies I love and That I could watch a Billion times if I wanted too. Mostly the Movies I picked are based off Books.

1. The NoteBook- Loves this Movie!! I Love the Romance but Hates how it ends. It makes me cry every time I watch that. It is so sweet how he Tries everyday to make her remember the Love they used to have. The Actors play a Good job in the Movie and I like how it turned out. Of course this Movie was Based off the Book written by my Favorite Author Nicholas Sparks. He does a Fantastic Job on writing Romance but most of his books are sad. Next One is my faves too by Him....

2. A Walk to Remember- I love this Movie and How it starts till it ends. But Of course another sad Movie. Mandy Moore Is a Really good Actress and I love the song she sings to the Audience during a Play they put on at School. It's Sad though when She dies at the End, because I knew someone who went through Cancer but didn't Survive. Anyways Nicholas Sparks has done a Good Job with this. Even though I haven't read the book yet but It is Next on my Reading List.

3. Twilight Series- Yes of course I was gonna put this in Here. I loved The books so I was Excited about how they Movies would turn out. My Favorite Character in the Movies is Jacob with his Shirt off lol. Anyways I like the Romance and Drama this Movie has. I am really Excited to see Breaking Dawn!!

4. Harry Potter Series- I Loved the Books!! I love anything that deals with Magic and Fantasy Type stuff. When The Movies came out I was Hooked. I am so Excited to see Part two of the last Book. I know I am gonna be sad when There is no more books and Movies.

5. Step Up Series- So If you don't know Step Up is All About Dancing and I love it!!

*So Here Ya Go These are my Favorite Top 5 Movies Whats Yours?*

CES <3


  1. I love all these movies and a walk to remember definetely makes my top 5 also!


  2. I awarded you for best blog!


  3. Aww Thanks! That Means a Lot
    Your One of My Favorite Bloggers :)

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