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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Five True Facts About Me

Hey so I thought I would share some stuff about me that some people may not have known.

Fact 1: I used to be a Blonde. My hair was a dirty blonde and I didn't like it. So I went to the store and looked at the Hair Dyes and I was in Love with this Reddish Brown Color. So I bought it and My mom did my Hair in our Bathroom. Haha Yes she did do my hair and I like it. Every time I would get my hair Dyed at a Salon it wouldn't stay that long and my roots would always go back to the Dirty Blonde color. I hated it.

Fact 2: I Like to watch the Food Network Channel. I watch it all the Time but I can't Cook! haha I hate to cook anything. All I really like to eat is Microwave food! I just hate when food takes forever to cook. My Parents thinks it crazy that I love to watch food Network channel but I won't cook anything. Weird Huh? lol but it's just what I like. I just like watching people cook desserts:) I just hate to see how I am gonna be once I  move out of the House.

Fact 3: Another food thing...I Don't eat Chocolate. Yea That does shock people when I tell them I don't really like it. It's because When I do Eat Chocolate it makes me sick and even I can't stand the smell of it. I can have small amounts of Chocolate but not a lot.

Fact 4: I used to be really Athletic in Middle School and High School. In Middle School I was In Cheerleading for 2 years. I really loved it but I wasn't that Good at Tryouts because another Fact about me is that I used to be really Shy. Cheerleading was really Fun though and it kept me staying in Shape. In High School though in 10th grade I tried out to be in Cheerleading but I didn't make it :/ That really got me down but I decided to try out for my Drill team and I made it. I love to dance but I can't really do freestyle. It also kept me in shape but almost at the end I quit drill team because there was too much Drama. Yea I know I should have just Stayed. But since then I haven't been that Active. Now I am trying to atleast do some type of exercise. I now been doing Yoga. I am not that Flexible though but really trying to work at it though.

Fact 5: I have a Huge fear of Heights and Drowning. Every time I get into the Water at the Lake I feel I wanna have like a Panic Attack. I just hate feeling that way though. I guess it's because I am not the best swimmer out there. You would think me being 19 years old that I would know how to swim but I don't :/ I really do need to learn though. Next is Heights I hate it so bad. I won't even get on Rides that are high like even roller coasters. I did though when I went for my Senior trip to Six Flags I did go on a Few Roller Coasters but nothing that would flip or turn upside down. I am sorry but I really hate rides like that. My stomach just I feel gonna fly right out lol.

So I hope you enjoyed this :) Some might sound weird or Stupid but hey Nothing I can do, This is Just way I am.

CES <3

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