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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Pretty Little Liars "My Name is Trouble" 06/28/2011

Hey! Time for another Recap/Review of this Weeks PLL. This Episode is the third one in Season 2. So it starts off Where Spencer is dreaming that her and The girls are in a Movie Theater and Gets attacked by A or Who they think is Ian. When Spencer wakes up, Melissa is looking for her Engagement ring. Spencer starts to wonder what exactly is Melissa up to and Who would blame her? Melissa is acting a little Strange. Also Spencer is Shocked when She finds out that Toby new Job is for working with Jason. Can She trust Jason? Anyways Spencer knows something is up with the way Jason acts and No Telling what is behind The Whole "Jason Thing". I know When I saw Toby working with Jason and His Shirt was Off I was like "He Is HOT!!"
I would Love to see Toby like this more Anyone else Agree? I just Hope Toby doesn't get caught up with Jason and Something happens to him. Next up is The Girls meet up to talk without anyone knowing and this is when Aria tells them she is taking a Class at Hollis. The Girls wonder if it is just to be close to Ezra. I know I would have done the same thing! Aria and Ezra are perfect for each other and start to see each other more in Public now. But When they Kiss someone sees them and that person is...Ezra Ex Jackie. I wonder what will happen now with Aria and Ezra relationship if Jackie is gonna be around more. This probably won't go good and a lot of Jealously is gonna happen.
With this Face I wonder what Jackie will do and If we will see more of what Happen between her and Ezra. I know Aria is gonna keep a eye out for her or I hope she does. When Aria starts her Class she is Surprised by who is in the Class with her. We all can guess this one though. Aria Sure is not gonna be happy with Jenna in the Class. When Aria is asked for her name she lies and says "anita" I think I am correct about that name if I heard it right. When Class is over Aria and Jenna are left alone. Jenna asks for Aria help and When she Does Jenna tells Aria about how it hurts to be blind and not being able to see the things she Loves. This Makes Aria sad and When Aria Talks Jenna Finds out it's Aria and Tells her to get out. This doesn't seem good but will Jenna ever forgive them? I think not but you never know.
Even when I was watching this Part I felt bad for Jenna. Even though Jenna is Up to something. Next Emily shows Hanna a Letter from the College she wants to go to. Emily changed the Letter up her self so she can make sure she doesn't go to Texas. Emily feels Bad so She tears up the Letter not wanting her mom to see it. But at The End her Mom comes into the Room with the Letter and When she Opens it, It's the Same one Emily had written. You know who is behind This one... A!! This Person doesn't want Emily to go to Texas. If she does All the Fun is gone Right? A send Emily a Note Saying "You can't Play Cat and Mouse if the Mouse goes to Texas" Well It is true so to say.
Hanna Starts the Get Close to her Dad but she doesn't know if she can Trust him. When her dad says he is having Trouble with his Fiance maybe Hanna wants her Dad back with her Mom, Because Hanna Deletes A Message from her dads Phone from his Fiance. Good or Bad for Her? Finally We now see Lucas Again!! I think He is so Cute and Sweet. When Hanna Sees him staring at a Girl, Hanna wants to help him out. Hanna goes over to her and Starts making Conversation with her bringing up Lucas Name. Could Lucas be getting a Girlfriend Soon? I Hope So He needs Someone!! So at The end of this Episode Spencer finds Melissa Ring and Pawns it so she can Help Toby get the Truck he wants. How Cute are they? But At the End it shows Someone buying the Ring and it's not Spencer could it be A? Probably so nothing gets Passed A. When Spencer Finds Melissa leaving the Girls hide and Go Find out what exactly she is up to. When a car shows up and the Person gets out we are shocked to see that it is Wren!! He is back!! When Melissa and Wren talk, Wren hands Melissa a bag of Medicine but this Can't all be for her. Hopefully next Episode we will find out more.

Alison Flashback: 

So This Episode showed a Alison Flashback. It showed When Emily and Spencer were having a Sleep over when Alison Came in and Look Scared. Alison asked Spencer if she could stayed the Night and Spencer said it was okay. When Alison looks at her reflection she Starts to Cry Which I Have Never seen. I always thought Alison was a Tough Girl. She says Jason is always Drunk and Partying. I wonder what Really Happened when She was over there that night with Him. She look really hurt and Scared.

Favorite Quote:
"Your Not Lying your Just Re-telling the Truth"

Favorite Hottie This Episode:
Yes I chose Jason Because He is so Sexy!! I love the Actor Playing Him and I don't care what Anyone else thinks:)

Best Dressed:
I chose Aria Because I totally Loved her Outfits!! I just wish I found a Picture of what She was Wearing. What I really loved on her was The Feathers that you can see in this Picture. Lately I been Obsessed with Feathers that I want one!! I really wished I had Aria Style because She doesn't care what other people think about what She Wears and she picks out Clothes that we might thought might not go together but she makes them look Amazing.

Couple Update:

Hanna and Caleb= Well they haven't showed Caleb in this Episode but Hopefully the next one because I really want to see them back Together
Spencer and Toby= Spencer Did something for Toby which was really sweet of her to do. Toby even told Her I Love You!!
Emily and Samara= I see that they have been getting Close Lately but will Emily take things to the next Step?
Aria and Ezra= They are now taking their relationship out to the Public now. I think they are perfect together but will it last long with Jackie around?

CES <3

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