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Sunday, June 30, 2013

My Thoughts Of The Day: 6/30/2013

Hey everyone!
So this morning we woke up around 8am for Chloe morning feed and then we went back to sleep because I was major exhausted. We didn't wake up and get ready for the day till noon. When we got up we went in the living room and I made me some Waffles and Bagels, while doing that I freaking get two burn marks on my hand :/

Anyways so after I got done eating I changed and fed Chloe. I then put her in her bassinet for a little bit while I was talking to my mom. At 2pm I went to the store with my mom and Chloe slept a little bit while we were at the store. We came back around 3 and Chloe was hungry so I fed her then me and her lay down and she took a nap for about almost 2 hours.

So now I am watching Big Brother and next will be Food Network Star. Today has been a pretty boring day not much to talk about with this post but I thought I would still do one for ya'll. Here is some pictures that I took today....

My Almost 4 month old baby!

Chloe was laying in her Play pen + Bassinet thing. She loves laying on her side now.

Hair in a pony tail and I left my bangs out. They are almost to my chin now!

She fell asleep while in the store. Sleepy baby.

This is her bottle warmer I think it is by Munckin. I also keep water by it so I can fill it up before I use it.

I got this at the Dollar Tree for only $1. It works really good surprisingly for only a dollar. I use this when I don't want to carry my big purse around.

This is what I had for dinner. Steak, Mashed Potatoes, and Ranch Style Beans.

CES <3

Outfit Of The Day: 6/30/2013

Hey everyone today I have a outfit to show ya'll....

Tank: Hawaii Love Pink (Victoria Secret) Bought in Hawaii
Jeans: 579 Brand

Closer look at the shoes...

I don't know where I got them at, Sorry!

CES <3

Saturday, June 29, 2013

My Thoughts Of The Day: 6/29/2013

Hey everyone!
Since me and Chloe took a very late nap yesterday we didn't go to bed till late last night. Chloe went to sleep around 12am and I didn't go to bed till almost 2am. This morning we woke up around 9am and I had to get her ready to leave with her grandparents. Chloe left at 10am with her grandparents.

Once Chloe left I went with my mom to go to her bank and to the store. When we got home it was around 12pm and I made me a late breakfast. After I ate I decided to take a nap which was a fail because I don't sleep good when Chloe is not with me. I stayed in bed and relax till 3pm then I finally got up and decided to get some cleaning done in my room. It wasn't much of a mess I just had to put up clothes, get the dishes out and clean Chloe bottles. After I just sat in the living room and watched the movie called The Switch while I waited for Chloe to get home.

Chloe came home around 5 almost 6pm and I changed her diaper. After that I fed her at 7pm and then now we just been chilling in my room and laying down watching youtube videos. I was going to give her a bath tonight but Josh parents gave her one today so I didn't have to!

Josh parents are great with Chloe and they know sometimes I need a little mommy break. I usually try and take naps when she is gone or I will get some cleaning done that I can't do when she is here. I also paint my nails when she is gone because I don't like her smelling the nail polish. I just hate the smell of the nail polish I wish they would make it without the horrible smell.

Can't believe Chloe is almost 4 months old! It goes by too fast....

She wearing a onesie that my friend sent me from Arizona!

Mommy Love Me <3

This is my favorite to drink when it is hot.

This is what I had for Breakfast. I had Waffles with Blueberry Toasted Bagels.

This was how hot it was today!!! I hate Texas weather.

I am now actually on Chapter 6 of the second Hunger Games Catching Fire!

This is a good movie I liked it. I love Jason Bateman!

This is what I had for dinner. It is Hamburger meat, Rice, and Gravy. I am not really a fan of it.

*This is how my day went. I hope you like these and I will try to do more. Start looking out for a lot of new post coming in July!!*

CES <3

Friday, June 28, 2013

My Thoughts Of The Day: 6/28/2013

Hey everyone so I haven't done one of these post in a while so I did one today! Anyways me and Chloe woke up around 10:30am she has been still sleeping through the night and now she sleeps till 10am. It lets me get some more sleep because lately I been having really bad insomnia. So after I changed and fed her we went into the living room and I made me some waffles, usually I just put Chloe in her play pen+bassinet thing we bought and I sit her up on the boppy pillow that way I can sit down at the table and eat. While I ate I got on Instagram.

So today was the first time my mom got a steroid injection into her back. My mom has to get these done because she has a slip disk in her back and her doctor wants to try injections before giving her surgery. We hope that my mom doesn't have to get surgery on her back. Please pray for her!

After I ate me and Chloe went back into my room and I decided I wanted to finally watch the movie Mirror Mirror (The fairy tale story about Snow White). I actually really loved that movie, I am always a sucker for fairy tales and magic. Josh calls me a nerd! So after I watched this movie my mom watched Chloe while I went with my dad to the store to get food for tonight. When I checked the temperature it was 102 degrees!!! Texas weather I really hate.... After we got back I fed and changed Chloe then we took a very late nap. I usually don't let Chloe take late naps but I was really exhausted and was in a little pain. We woke up around 8:30pm! I didn't know we slept that late.

So right before I started this blog post Chloe spit up on my bed then I go and spill water all over it! Ugh! I hate that I am so clumsy I hope Chloe doesn't get that from me. So now Chloe is laying next to me in bed and yes I do still do co-sleeping with her. I will be doing a separate post on why I choose co-sleeping very soon. So right now as I am typing this I am watching youtube videos, I usually do that every night before I go to sleep plus I also check Instagram too.

Oh I forgot that I finally made me a doctor appointment for July 15 because this month I been on my period for 3 weeks! That is not normal plus I am still having horrible back pain as well.

 Waffles and Syrup! I also had me a cup of water. I been trying to drink more water lately.

Ignore her eyes I didn't know the flash was on when I took this picture.

Oh the cost to go to the doctor now since I have no health insurance!

This was taken in her crib. Right now I use her crib to change her and if I need to get stuff done in my room I usually put her in it.

Very good remake of a classic fairy tale of Snow White. It is romantic but also funny. I also love romantic comedy movies.

Me and my baby girl

Ending my night eating these chips! Of course when you open the bag though it's mostly filled with air. Don't you hate that? I know I do!!

*So I hope you had a great day today. Can't you believe that it is almost July! These months go by so fast. I am almost going back to College.*

CES <3

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Pretty Little Liars: Season 4 Episode 3 Recap

Hey PLL Fans!
What did you think about last night episode?

Warning: If you haven't watched this episode then please don't read this yet. Contains spoilers!

This episode was called "Cat's Cradle"

* The girls talk about Hanna mom and how she is connected to the bird. Bird is connected to Alison, Alison connected to Wilden and Wilden connected to Hanna mom.
* Aria is jealous of her mom love life
* Hanna finds a mask in a old box of things
* Spencer confronts her sister. Melissa said she might be leaving Rosewood for good.
* Caleb is back in town!!!!
* Hanna is worried about her mom
* "She always knows when your at your weakest"- Toby
* Toby thinks big A is a girl
* Toby keeps going over the notes about his mom death at Radley
* Hanna mom tells Hanna not to say anything to no one but she won't tell her the truth
* Aria has a date with Jake!!!!
* "If people match up too much then there won't be any surprises"- Jake
* Hanna found out her mom lied to her
* Emily mom found out that Emily took some of her pills
* Hanna finds a board with all them linked to Wilden as suspects
* Hanna saw Melissa talking to a cop
* Caleb talking to Mr. Marin about Wilden and Hanna mom. Caleb is asking for his help.
* Spencer and Toby broke into Radley to find the window where his mom would have jumped out.
* Hanna, Emily, and Aria go check out Hector who made the Alison mask
* Hector tells them about Ali while Hector molds Emily face
* Spencer told Toby she doesn't think his mom jumped out the window
* Mr. Marin told Caleb that Hanna mom came to see him. Mr. Marin said that a gun was missing out of his possesion.
* Someone called Family Services on Emily mom
* Aria wants her mom to leave Rosewood for a little bit with her mom new boyfriend.
* Hanna found a mask of Melissa at Hector place

So this is my recap on last night episode, here is what I thought of this episode.... So Mona was not in this episode tonight so where was she? Well at least Caleb is back!!! I missed Caleb. Anyways so the girls find a mask in an old box and found out that a guy named Hector created it. Uh can you say creepy? That guy Hector seems so creepy. Just want to say that I really think Hanna mom killed Wilden, I mean all the evidence points to her. She really needs to get out of town this time instead of lying to Hanna about it. Hanna might say funny or stupid things but Hanna can be really smart. So Aria goes on her first date with Jake!!! I think he is perfect for her plus he is sooo sexy. Toby and Spencer find out that maybe Toby mom didn't commit suicide.... I really think she was murdered. So at the end we find out that a mask was also made of Melissa. I don't trust her at all she is up to something.

Check out this board!!!!!

Hope you enjoyed this episode. Here is a preview to next week episode!!!

CES <3

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My Top 5 Most Use Baby Products!! 3 1/2 month old Baby

Hey everyone so today I am going to share the top 5 baby products that I use the most with my daughter Chloe.

1. Boogie Wipes
My daughter is always congested it seems so I use these with her nasal sucker and it works really well. I recommend these wipes plus they smell amazing!

2. Pamper's Sensitive Wipes
These are my favorite wipes to use on Chloe. They are thick which I like and they are very gentle on her.

3. Pamper's Swaddler Diapers
These are the diapers that I use on Chloe because they are soft and don't feel like plastic.

4. Arm and Hammer Diaper Pail Refill Bags
I use these bags all the time and they are my favorite because they really hide the odor of the dirty diapers. I don't really use the diaper pail I just use the bags because I love them.

5. Burp Cloth
My daughter likes to drool a lot and she spits up so I always have to have one of these around me at all times with her.

*These are the products that I use daily with my 3 1/2 month old daughter. I can do a updated one when she is 6 or 7 months old. Hope you liked this blog post! List your top 5 baby products below.*

CES <3

Monday, June 24, 2013

Updated Diaper Bag: 3 1/2 Month old

Hey everyone so I haven't done a updated diaper bag since Chloe been born so I decided to show ya'll what I carry in the diaper bag for a 3 1/2 month old baby. A tip that I would like to share is that I like to pack her diaper bag a day before we have to leave or if she has to go with her grandparents for most of the day. I always make sure it is stock with plenty of diapers and wipes.

I got this diaper bag at Sears. It's the baby sac diaper bag.

In the little pouches up front I carry a little notepad and a pen just in case I have to write something down.

Okay in the zipper pocket I have Pacifier wipes, Boogie wipes and a ziploc bag. I carry a bag just in case I need to put wet clothes or a dirty diaper in it.

In the big zipper compartment there is a plastic bag that came with the diaper bag that I carry these products in. I have two toys, baby lotion, socks, hand mittens, pacifier and baby qtips.

So I carry diapers of course and I usually carry about 12. Chloe is in size 2 diapers now.

Next is wipes, a changing mat, and diaper trash bags.

I always put a extra change of clothes for my daughter and a blanket in the diaper bag.

*I will do a updated diaper bag when Chloe turns 6 months*

CES <3

Saturday, June 22, 2013

What's On My Nails #3

Hey everyone! So I finally got around to painting my nails and I want to show ya'll what it looks like.

These are the two products that I used on my nails today.

The color that is on my nails is called Caribbean Frost.

CES <3

Friday, June 21, 2013

Once Upon A Time: Wonderland Spin-off Series

Hey everyone!
So if you haven't heard the news Once upon a time is coming with a spin-off series called Once upon a time in Wonderland. I am so excited about this! As everyone who knows me knows that I love movies and tv shows about fairy tales and magic. Now I don't know when it is suppose to air but it does say Thursdays this Fall. The channel that it will be aired on is ABC network.

That video is the preview to the series. From the preview it looks amazing!


Now from the video it tells you all about what this series is about but I thought I would do a short summary for ya'll. So this takes place in England where Alice is in a Mental Institution because her dad doesn't believe she went to Wonderland. Alice is about to go under a procedure where it will erase her memory of Wonderland, She is about to have it done when Knave of Hearts and the White Rabbit show up to save her and take her back to Wonderland. Alice needs to go back to Wonderland to save her lost love Cyrus who is a Genie that she fell in love with while she was in Wonderland the first time. 

Here is some photos that have been leaked so far. Enjoy!

This is Alice.

Has Alice gone mad?

Alice and her love Cyrus

Meet the Knave of Hearts

Now I might do recaps on this show when it airs but I am still trying to decide. Let me know if I should! Right now I only do recaps on Pretty Little Liars and Vampire Diaries.

I love this song and I think it goes perfectly with this show. I think they should use this as the theme song....

CES <3