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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Pretty Little Liars: Season 4 Episode 1 Recap

Hey PLL Fans! It's that time for weekly recaps on Pretty Little Liars again and I was so excited for this new season. This episode was called "A is for A-L-I-V-E".

Warning: If you haven't watched the New episode then don't read this yet. There are spoilers here!!!!

* The trunk was opened and inside was a Pig!!! Really?!?
* Mona took the footage out of the cop car that showed Hanna Mom running over Wilden
* Mona think Shana is in love with Jenna
* Lucas gave Emily the massage because he thought she was tense
* Mona didn't push Ian off the Bell Tower
* "Like it or not We are in this together" -Mona
* Wilden is dead!!! I was right. They found his body by the cop car.
* The firefighters found a red coat by the burnt cabin
* Mona shows the girls the A rv trailer
* There are two Queen of Hearts: Wilden and Melissa?
* The girls met some kids who got dolls of their selfs and said they were given by Alison
* Alison Mom is back in town!
* Spencer and Toby search the burnt cabin
* It's been 2 years since "Alison died"
* Emily talks to Ali Mom about Jason. Jason is helping his grandma out of town.
* Alison Mom kept all of Alison things
* Ezra got a job offered at Rosewood High
* Wilden was shot multipule times
* Toby gets a text from A!!!!!!
* Ezra going to jail was just a dream
* Aria wants to see other people
* Paige wants to go to Standford and wants Emily to leave with her
* Mona gives Hanna the evidence
* Jenna knew Wilden
* Wilden saw Alison the night she went missing
* "Everyone who saw Alison that night is ending up dead" -Jenna
* Funeral is held for Wilden
* Toby had a thing for Alison!!!
* A knows what happen to Toby mom
* New cop is in town
* Mona and Hanna hide the trailer but Toby takes it for A

Okay so now my thoughts for this episode.....

I thought it was stupid putting a pig in the trunk and not Wilden body but A really wanted to set the girls up. So now Mona is getting text from A? I still don't trust her. Mona is very smart and plays the game really well. So if Mona didn't push Ian off that tower then who did it? Anyways I knew Wilden was dead because he knew Alison and it was revealed that he saw Ali that night she went missing. Everyone seems to be ending up dead that saw her that night. So Aria finally told Ezra she wants to see other people and personally I think she should. We also find out that Toby is getting texts from A as well and A knows what really happened to his mom! I think she got murdered instead of her killing her self. So my last thought is that I don't trust Alison Mom she is really hiding something and she seems creepy now.

Hottie of the Week: The new cop in town ;)
People I don't trust: Jenna, Melissa, Mona and Alison Mom

Here is the preview to next week episode:

CES <3

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