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Saturday, June 8, 2013

My Thoughts Of The Day: 6/8/2013

Hey everyone today I am sharing my thoughts and what I did today. So last night me and Chloe went to bed around 11pm and we woke up at 8am. Chloe is sleeping through the night at 3 months!!! Chloe has been doing this for almost a week now and I am very much appreciating it. She now wakes me up around 6-8am and that's it!

Anyways so today Chloe left with Josh parents for a couple of hours while I went with my mom to the store then I was helping my dad. We already had our pool set up but we had to drain it and move it to a different location. Ugh doing it in the heat with 90 degrees is tough! I hate being in the heat, it always makes me feel horrible.

So lately I been trying to eat more healthy which is hard for me to do but I been so weak that I been trying to get my energy back up. For breakfast lately I been eating Blueberry Toasted Bagels with Cheese and Orange Juice. I tried the blueberry toasted bagels this week and they are really good!

So I can't believe that this Monday Chloe will be 3 months old!

I have a few blog post coming up so check those out! I plan to do another Thoughts of the day post tomorrow then Monday will be Chloe is 3 Months update. Tuesday will hopefully be my 3 months Health/Postpartum update then Thursday will probably be Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 1 recap. Just a overview of what is coming up.

Blueberry Toasted Bagels, Cheese and water.

3 days and no chipping yet! Usually after 2 day they start to chip but I been putting on a top coat to help it stay.

Helping my dad set up the pool

Yes we have chickens lol

My mom and Chloe

Tacos for Supper

CES <3

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