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Saturday, June 1, 2013

My Thoughts Of The Day: 6/1/2013

Hey everyone it's finally June! Hopefully this weather in Texas will stop being bi polar... Yes we have bi polar weather here in Texas. Anyways me and Chloe didn't wake up and be ready for the day till around 12:30pm, We usually are up before then but today we slept in. Today we went to the grocery store to pick up a few things and get Chloe more of her formula. Chloe is still on the Similac Sensitive and that works really well for her. 

So my phone is finally back on! I went to pay on it the other day but had so much trouble with it because my name is not on the account just Josh is. So by my name not being on the account they wouldn't release any information to me but we finally got it worked out so that the phones can be back on. Paying the phone bill is important because that's the only way me and Josh can communicate with each other since he is still in Hawaii. Speaking of Hawaii me, my mom and Chloe will be going to Hawaii some time in November for hopefully a week. I can't wait to go back to Hawaii and for Chloe to finally see her daddy. I will let you know more about it when I get more information.

On the college update I will do a more in depth of it when I do the Update on college but for now I can say that I finally registered for fall classes! I am so glad! I start classes August 26 and I am taking only 2. I will explain why in the update.

Anyways right now I got Chloe in my lap and I am watching YouTube videos. Some of my favorite are: Loraandlayton, GabeandJess, Beautybaby44, and LindsandBaby. I have more than this but these are just a few that I love to watch. Later on I am giving Chloe a bath because it is so hot here and I know it will help cool her off to take a bath and play in the water for a bit. Chloe loves to play in the water, she is starting to know how to play in the water because now she kicks her legs and moves her arms in the water.

Orange juice in a Wonder Women cup lol

One of my favorite foods

Hair tied up and no makeup on. Yes I am really pale!

I created a Makeup Tray. I have way more makeup than this but these products are the ones I use the most. I use to just keep these in my makeup bag but then I couldn't find my products quickly so I decided to do this instead.

Yes I do bottle feed my daughter Don't judge! Not every mother can breast feed their baby.

Love these! My mom came in my room and surprised me with these.

This is what I had for supper. BBQ Sandwiches with Sour Cream and Onion chips! Of course Dr. Pepper too because I needed some caffeine. 

*This is how my day went and my thoughts for today. Have a happy June and a great summer!*

CES <3 

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