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Sunday, June 9, 2013

My Thoughts Of The Day: 6/9/2013

Hey everyone! So me and Chloe got ready for the day around 10am. I got a text from Josh mom asking if she can take Chloe for a little bit today. Chloe left at 11:30am then I got dressed and ate breakfast. I was on the computer for a little bit when I got a call from my friend Kara asking if I want to come over.

At 12:30pm I left with Kara to go get some pizza and watch some movies at her place. First we watched Jack Reacher with Tom Cruise in it. Can I just say that I think Tom Cruise is sexy? ;) Anyways I love the movie it was filled with action and suspense. The last movie we watch was Paranormal Activity 4 because I haven't seen it yet. I really hate watching scary movies its just not a genre that I like I am more of a Romantic Comedy girl but it was okay. The ending made me scream though!!!

After the movie was over I came home around 5pm then shortly after Chloe came home as well. Now me and her are just in my room trying to stay cool because it's almost 90 degrees. I am about to watch the Food Network Star because I really love that show.

Anyways so I started yesterday and I been cramping a lot lately. I just really hate being a girl sometimes but I am glad they are starting to get regular. But this is all I have for today! Tomorrow is Chloe 3 months update so look out for that.

Chloe outfit for today. The clip is holding her paci because it always falls on the floor, this is just easier to keep up with.

Bunches of Oats Honey Roasted Cereal and Blueberry Toasted Bagels for Breakfast.

 Slept with my hair in a braid and took it out this morning. It's starting to get more curly! Trying to let my hair grow out.

It's very sunny today!!!

Take out pizza...

CES <3

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