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Monday, June 24, 2013

Updated Diaper Bag: 3 1/2 Month old

Hey everyone so I haven't done a updated diaper bag since Chloe been born so I decided to show ya'll what I carry in the diaper bag for a 3 1/2 month old baby. A tip that I would like to share is that I like to pack her diaper bag a day before we have to leave or if she has to go with her grandparents for most of the day. I always make sure it is stock with plenty of diapers and wipes.

I got this diaper bag at Sears. It's the baby sac diaper bag.

In the little pouches up front I carry a little notepad and a pen just in case I have to write something down.

Okay in the zipper pocket I have Pacifier wipes, Boogie wipes and a ziploc bag. I carry a bag just in case I need to put wet clothes or a dirty diaper in it.

In the big zipper compartment there is a plastic bag that came with the diaper bag that I carry these products in. I have two toys, baby lotion, socks, hand mittens, pacifier and baby qtips.

So I carry diapers of course and I usually carry about 12. Chloe is in size 2 diapers now.

Next is wipes, a changing mat, and diaper trash bags.

I always put a extra change of clothes for my daughter and a blanket in the diaper bag.

*I will do a updated diaper bag when Chloe turns 6 months*

CES <3

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