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Monday, June 10, 2013

My 3 Months Health/Postpartum Update

Hey everyone, so I was going to do this tomorrow but decided to go a head and put it up today. I just did my daughter 3 month update so go check that out!

Okay so last month in May I got my first period after having Chloe and it lasted for about 2 weeks. During the period I had a lot of bladder pain and felt weak/dizzy all the time. This month I just started my period on 8th and I been having horrible cramping. Ugh I hate having periods!!

Anyways for the past 2 months I think I been on Birth Control Pills. I am not taking them for sex because Josh is in Hawaii, I am only taking them because for it to keep my periods staying regular. Before Chloe my periods are always irregular and very painful.

For the past month I been feeling very weak so I been trying my best to eat healthy and limit my caffeine intake. This month I discovered Blueberry Toasted Bagels and they are so good! I am going to try to stay on a healthy diet and see if that helps me feel like I have more energy. I haven't done any recent exercises yet but I hope to do some very soon.

I can tell that my mood swings have been coming back. I think it more has to deal with the fact that me and Josh have this long distance relationship and it just bothers me. I been really frustrated lately.

I have no job at the moment. I am going back to college in August while my mom watches Chloe in the morning.

My weight at the moment I think is 98 pounds. Before Chloe I was very small to begin with. I already went back down to my pre-pregnancy weight. I just don't like how my stomach looks I really need to tone it and put some cream on it for the stretch marks.

Here is my 3 month PP Belly:

CES <3

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