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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Pretty Little Liars: Season 4 Mid Summer finale Recap + My Theories

Hey everyone! I can't believe the first half of this season went by so fast we are now done with PLL and we won't see more till PLL Halloween episode which airs October 22 and after that airs then Ravenswood airs! Anyways this episode was InsAne!!! This episode is called "Now you see me, Now you don't"

Warning: This episode contains spoilers don't read if you haven't watch this episode yet!!!!


* Cops want Hanna mom come in for a line up at the police station
* The girls receive a package and when they opened it they find 8 balls that are addressed to each girl
* "If she goes free, You'll hear from me, Kisses"- A
* "I'd say bring it then maybe she will leave our parents alone"- Emily "Or did she just declare World War A"- Spencer
* Travis goes to the police station for the line up but he says he doesn't know if he can do this!
* Love at first sight, force of nature, love that sets captive spirits free.... All of this was said by Ezra in class. What do you think he means by saying this?
* "I don't worry about her that much when she is with you"- Hanna mom said this to Caleb about Hanna
*  "When Hanna goes after something she doesn't settle, she is fearless"- Caleb saying that about Hanna
* The charges were drop on Hanna mom. She is set free!
* Spencer is not getting a hold of Toby. He is not answering her calls.
* The girls got another package.... The girls get a mini coffin with a doll in it that looks just like Mona!
* "Hanna wins so Mona loses, Find her before the cops do or they will think you killed her"- A
* CeeCee is now being wanted for murder of Wilden!!!!
* Mona is no longer a patient at Radley.
* The girls go on a hunt to track Mona down
* Shana is in Wren apartment
* Mona didn't show up to her welcome back party in the french club at school
* Toby sees Shana at the Brew and she drops a paper on the floor. He finds a paper with Wren and Melissa written on it
* Shana has a connection with Wren
* Wren and Melissa are moving in together
* "I don't want A version of the truth it's not worth it"- Toby
* Jake seems to be acting different with Aria
* Emily is staying the night with Paige
* Ezra remembers a paper that Aria wrote about a cat that was found but lost. Ezra knew she was writing that about Alison.
* "Like you want to know the ending but still want to be surprised"- Ezra to Aria
* Aria kissed Ezra!!!
* "I never thought we would be saying Poor Mona"- Aria
* The girls get another package.... A box with a saw that says "Watch me make a girl disappear, Kisses"- A
* A is putting on a magic show
* There is a magic show happening guess where? In Ravenswood!
* Toby seen Shana driving Jenna car
* The girls are in Ravenswood for the magic show
* Ms. Grunwald is at the magic show and Aria is put in a magic box
* "Leger de main, Kisses Bitches"- A
* Emily is missing!
* Emily is trap in a box and there is a saw getting closer and louder!!!
* The girls saw Red Coat and are on the run after her
* The girls try to open the box that Emily is trap in before a saw cuts into her when Red Coat turns off the machine saving Emily
* There are two Red Coats!!!! Good vs Evil????
* Aria finds one of the Red Coats and it is CeeCee!! Aria was fighting CeeCee and CeeCee was falling. Aria tried to save her but she fell!!!
* CeeCee started moving and she left! "That bitch has 9 lives"- Hanna
* The girls found A lair in Ravenswood!!!
* There's a timeline of each girl. Their secrets. Everything. A is documenting their lives.
* Hanna took something from the lair
* Toby spies and see Mona with Shana! Mona is alive!
* A has a bank account and has been paying CeeCee
* Hanna finds A closet and it has Guy clothes in it! Is A a guy?
* A has been also following Alison. Her trail leads all the way to Ravenswood
* "If Alison was alive this whole time then whos funeral did we go to"- Emily. Yes Emily I am wondering the same thing!
* Ms. Grunwald was lying about Ali for her protection. Alison was calling that summer to her. Grunwald has a gift of insight. The night Ali went missing Grunwald felt something horrible.
* Ms. Grunwald pulled Alison from the ground! She drove her to the hospital. She ran in to get help but when she returned Alison was gone!!!
* "She was never really gone"- Grunwald
* Alison is Alive!!!!
* "She can trust us"- Hanna "I wouldn't be so sure"- Grunwald
* "He is hoping you will lead him to Alison"- Grunwald
* The girls are crashing a Ravenswood Party which we won't see till the Halloween episode
* Caleb gets on a bus thinking it will take him from Ravenswood back to Rosewood but it's not
* At the end it shows Ezra dressed in black and in the A lair!!! Ezra is A????? Is he the one Grunwald warn the girls about???!!!!

My Theories and Thoughts:

CeeCee Drake Theory- 

CeeCee was the mentor and best friend of Alison. CeeCee also had a connection with Wilden. We find out in this episode that CeeCee was dressed in a black hoodie, killed Wilden and was Red Coat. I knew there was something different about her! So why did she do all this? What is my theory?

Why would CeeCee join the A team?
CeeCee hasn't exactly been friends with the girls, she has talked to them but hasn't been that close to them. Alison told CeeCee probably all of their secrets or CeeCee read her diary and decided to use it against the girls. Maybe she wants Alison dead because she was the reason why she got kicked out of college. Alison personality was too much like CeeCee and maybe she just got tired of it. Also I think when CeeCee texted the girls as A she used "Kisses" while the other A didn't.

Why do I think is her motive to kill Wilden?
CeeCee had a connection with Wilden when they hang out that summer with Alison in Cape May. The last thing we saw is when Wilden threatened CeeCee and told her to keep her mouth shut. CeeCee was afraid of Wilden exposing her secrets so she killed him. Just my thought! He must had have a huge secret on her in order for her to get mad enough to want to kill him.

Bad Red Coat?
I think there are two red coats and it's good vs evil. CeeCee is the bad red coat as she almost killed Emily while the other red coat tried to stop it. At the end we see Aria and CeeCee fighting. 

"That Bitch has 9 lives" CeeCee dead or alive?
At the end we see CeeCee fall down and looks like she is dead, when the girls turn their back and look again CeeCee is gone! I think she is alive because we seen her fingers moving. She wanted to disappear so she wouldn't go to jail for killing Wilden. 

Mona Theory-

Mona who we finds out is on the A team goes in Radley then gets out for good behavior but we know that's not true. At end though Mona is not on A team and it targeted by A. In this episode we see that A has targeted her and if the girls don't find her she will die.... That's not the case as Toby follows Shana right to Mona and she is very alive and well.

Is Mona back on the A team?
I think Mona has a split personality and she is back on the A team. I haven't trusted Mona at all from the very beginning. She is very smart and knows how to get her way. She was tortured by Alison and the girls never did anything to stop it. Mona want's Revenge. I think Mona is playing the girls again and she wants to make their life a living hell. She has a plan for everything. I am still trying to figure out though how she knew Shana. I am think Shana hated Alison so they just got along because they both hated Alison.

Ezra Theory-

We find out in this episode that Ezra was in the A lair!! Does that make him A? Did he knew Alison? Was he the guy that Grunwald warn the girls about?

Do I believe Ezra is A? Is he good or bad?
I did have some doubts about Ezra because the way he acted sometimes. We never got the whole back story to Ezra. I think that Ezra loved Alison but when Alison knew how crazy he was she tried to dump him. Ezra wanted her love but didn't get it so he decided to torture her friends for revenge. But accidentally fell in love with Aria. I do think those feelings are real.

Ezra said in his English Class that "That love sets captive spirits free..." I think this means that if Alison loved him he would let her friends go free and wouldn't torture them anymore.

I think Ezra has a obession for Alison and has been tracking her this whole time. I think he knows that she is alive and wants the girls to lead him to her.

Alison Theory Dead or Alive-

I think that Alison is alive and she is keeping tabs on the girls. I think Alison is the good red coat. At the end we see that there are two red coats and one of them stops the machine from killing Emily and leads Spencer to the A lair. 

I think Alison faked her death and has been on the run ever since. I think she is running from a guy maybe Ezra?

"She doesn't want to be found"- Mrs. Grunwald

If Alison is Alive then who Funeral did the girls go to for?

If you notice they never had a open coffin at her funeral. I wonder who the girls actually went to service for?

Halloween Preview Episode: October 22

CES <3

Friday, August 30, 2013

Pretty Little Liars: Season 4 Episode 11 Recap

Hey everyone! I know I am behind so today I am catching up on PLL. This is the episode before the summer finale and this is a western episode! This episode is called "Bring Down The Hoe."


* Girls think CeeCee been hiding out at Alison house
* Emily is afraid of Shana
* Hanna Mom is not having good luck finding a lawyer
* Lt. Tanner shows up at School she tells the girls that the police found a muddy shoe that was at the wreckage at Emily house. The muddy shoe matches the one at the crime scene of Wilden murder!!
* Spencer wants to check out the living space in the basement to see if they can find proof about CeeCee living there and being back in town
* Paige thinks Zoe is into Emily (Zoe was Emily Humanity caseworker)
* Rosewood High is throwing a Hoe Down. Western Music, Western Dancing, and sighting of Red Coat?
* Aria asks Jake to be her date for the Hoe Down, He accepts
* Ezra is not really in a good mood and snaps at Emily
* Caleb "Getty up little doggy" says that to Hanna
* Hanna opens her locker and finds a envelope. Inside there is a note that says "Maybe this can help your mother" and cash!
* When Spencer and Toby got in his truck the radio came on and his mother was singing "Any Time" The same lyrics that A gave to Toby.
* Toby took the cd out and on the cd it said "Theres more where this came from"- A
* Hanna thinks she has a stalker and confronts a guy at the Brew that's been following her around school
* Emily finds a button in the crawl space
* Emily texted Hanna to see if Alison mom was with Hanna and she is. Someone else is in Alison house!
* Aria put her eye in a hole in the ceiling to see who is inside the house but she almost gotten her eye poked out! Red Coat? or A?
* The girls questioned Spencer about Toby and Spencer spills the beans to them about Toby mom
* Ezra "At least I know you didn't lose it or throw it in the river" says to Aria. River? Same as when Melissa threw the mask into river, or when Jenna was hit and threw into river or when Hanna was fighting someone in the river. Coincidence or Something more?
* Jake and Ezra meet! Awkward!!!
* Jake buys Aria boots for the Hoe Down
* Cinderella moment between Aria and Jake <3
* Emily packs her things and is now staying with Spencer at her house
* Alison and Emily Flashback: Alison was painting Emily nails. Alison tells Emily to break up with Ben. Emily asks why and she says because you deserve better. "You need to be careful at what your good at hun because then you'll spend the rest of your life doing it" One time Alison friend wanting to break up with her scary boyfriend but she couldn't do it so Alison did but the guy pulled a gun on her, he didn't go to Rosewood High he was a older guy.
* CeeCee is alive and she was wearing all black but we see a red coat in the trailer room. Is she A or Red Coat????
* The girls attend the Hoe Down
* Hanna meets the stalker guy at the Hoe Down and he said he put the money in her locker and he knows her mom is innocent!!!
* The guy said he saw Wilden that night. Wilden called from Lake and asked him to tow his car out of the lake. He said Hanna mom was there that night talking to Wilden then she drove off. The guy said he heard gun shots and a girl running through the woods. Hanna mom is innocent!!!
* The guy name is Travis and Hanna dances with him at the Hoe Down
* Ezra was at the Hoe down and he was staring at Aria dancing. Jake seen Ezra staring at her.
* A sent Toby a picture of Dr. Palmer old car
* Jake tells Ezra he needs to give Aria space and let her move on
* Toby confronts Spencer about telling the girls about his mom and he walks out on her
* Spencer tells Caleb to follow Toby to the place that A gave Toby about Dr. Palmer car
* Red Coat is at the Barn!!!!
* Hanna wants Travis to tell the police the truth about that night of Wilden getting murdered
* Spencer and Emily found a red coat in a hay ride truck but no sighting of the person wearing it
* Caleb meets up with Toby trying to break into Dr. Palmer car when police show and they took off. A set Toby up
* Travis tells Lt. Tanner about what happened that night
* The red coat that Spencer and Emily found was missing a button
* Aria shows up at Ezra apartment and he tells her what happened
* At end it shows CeeCee in a black hoodie listening to Ezra and Aria conversation
* Also A was shown with dolls that looked like the girl and stabbing a doll with a arrow

Are there two A's?
Is CeeCee Drake A?
Who is Red Coat?
Is Alison Alive or Dead?
Will Hanna mom be set free for good?
What's going to happen between Aria and Ezra?
Is Ezra hiding something?

Stay tuned because next recap is the PLL summer finale! I will be doing a recap, my thoughts and my theories on what happened in the summer finale. Also I will be doing a Season 4 faves of fashion of the girls.

CES <3

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Outfit Of The Day: Back to Fall College Classes (8/27/2013)

Hey everyone! So yesterday I started my fall classes and I was going to show yesterday outfit but I was having a horrible day. Today has been so much better except that I twisted my neck wrong again and had to take muscle relaxers. Today I am showing you what I wore to my Family, School and Community class.

Since today is the Pretty Little Liar Summer Finale I decided to wear my PLL tank top. Thinking about buying a new mirror soon!

PLL Tank Top: Pretty Little Liars (Delias)
Leggings: Motherhood Maternity
Everyday Shoes: Target

Face Products

Face Brush: ELF
Concealer: Covergirl and Olay Simply Ageless
Face Powder: NYC Smooth Skin in Translucent
Blush: Physicians Formula Happy Booster

Eye Products

Eye Liner: ELF
Mascara: Maybelline Falsies

Had to tape it because it busted but still works!

Lipstain: Revlon Just Bitten in Passion

Hope you had a great Tuesday! Hopefully this weekend will come fast. Goodnight or Goodmorning to whoever is reading this. I am going to have some quiet time since Chloe is asleep now before I head to bed.

CES <3

Sunday, August 25, 2013

My Day In The Life (8/25/2013)

Hey everyone!
So I haven't done a post like this in a while, I used to call these my thoughts of the day but now I am calling them My day in the life.

This morning Chloe woke me up at 5am! I changed her diaper and fed her then we went back to sleep till 9am. I was so exhausted!! Once we woke up I made Chloe some Banana Rice Cereal which I just put gerber rice cereal in a bowl with some formula till I liked the consistency then I heated it up for only couple of seconds then added 2 or 3 spoonful of Banana baby food and mixed it around. Chloe loves it! Then I put her in her crib and cleaned her off because she is a messy eater. I left her in there while I cleaned off her baby walker then I changed her diaper. We then went into the living room and I put her in the play pen to play while I made me something to eat. At 10am Chloe plays on the floor in my room on a blanket with her toys. Then 15 minutes later I had to change her diaper. I then let her play while I cleaned out her bottles and clean her pacifier's. At 10:30am Chloe started being fussy so I gave her a 4oz bottle which after that I lay her in my room and she went to take her first nap. At 11:25am Chloe woke up from her nap. At 11:45am I changed her diaper then let her play on the floor again with her toys and do tummy time.

At 12:20pm I fed Chloe some squash which she seemed to love! She is doing really good with her veggies and so far no trouble or allergies with them. Once she was done eating I put her in the crib so I can clean her off and clean the baby walker again. I also changed Chloe diaper. At 1:30pm Chloe was a little fussy and seem to still be hungry so I gave her a bottle. At 2:30pm I changed Chloe and got her dress and also got my self dressed because we went swimming today! At 3pm we went swimming in a pool at my Aunt and Uncle place and Chloe loved it! She didn't cry and she was having so much fun, It really wore her out!! We came home at 5:30pm and I fed her some sweet potato chicken baby food.

At 6pm I gave Chloe a bath so I can wash off the pool water on her and the mess from the baby food. After she got a bath she played on the floor till 6:40 then I gave her a bottle. At 7pm I changed her and lay her down in bed to relax and watch tv with me. At 8:30pm she started getting really fussy and rubbing her eyes so I gave her a bottle and now at 9:30pm Chloe is asleep.

These are what I use to make her cereal in the morning.  Banana Rice Cereal which I just put gerber rice cereal in a bowl with some formula till I liked the consistency then I heated it up for only couple of seconds then added 2 or 3 spoonful of Banana baby food and mixed it around.

Chloe is 5 1/2 Months old!!!

My very messy eater :) In this picture she was eating squash for lunch.

Started this series on Netflix. So far it's pretty interesting. Warning it does have a lot of nudity and vulgar language.

She loved the water she had so much fun! I was shocked that she didn't cry while in the water. My mom is in this picture supporting Chloe in the float we bought for her.

Chloe had sweet potato chicken for dinner

So this is what me and Chloe did today. I hope you liked this!

CES <3

Saturday, August 24, 2013

What's On My Nails #7

Hey everyone! How was your Saturday? Today I painted my nails so they can be ready for when I go back to College this Monday. What do you currently have on your nails??

So I have 3 nail polishes out that I am using today. I have a Silver color that I used before and I love it! Also using a purple color which these pictures make it seem more blue and last I am going to use a top coat.

This is a Wet N Wild Fast Dry nail polish in Buffy the Violet Slayer. Love the name! Again this picture doesn't do this color justice....

I was wearing this in my last WOMN and this is Wet N Wild Wild Shine nail polish in Metallica.

This is how my nails turned out! I just wish the purple would show up in this picture. I love this color combo for fall!

So what do you have on your nails?

CES <3

Friday, August 23, 2013

August Parenting News + My Thoughts

Hey everyone! Happy Friday! Today I am doing parenting news that I found during this month. Hope you enjoy this and find it interesting.

1. Citing Jesus Christ, Judge orders parents to change baby's name
How crazy is this? Seriously making someone change their baby name because it refers to Jesus Christ. To me this is ridiculous because that would be like me changing my name Christine because my name means I am a follower of Christ. I don't have a religion nor do I ever go to church. I just think some people take religion to far. This is my person opinion though.

2. American Airlines attendant overreacts to Breastfeeding Mom
"American Airlines attendant walked by very displeased and shaking her head. Only to return leaning over and tells the couple to put a blanket over the nursing child because there were kids on that flight" What do you think of this? 

3. Houston La Fisheria Restaurant is not so kid friendly
The restaurant implemented a strict no kids under age 9 after 7pm in the evening. Do you think they should have this or is this not fair to family who want to come with their kids after 7pm? I kind of think this is stupid to have which makes this restaurant not so kid friendly. 

4. Hacked Baby Monitors?!?!
A parent one evening heard a strangers voice speaking from their baby monitor and saying some vulgar words about the parent's baby. This kind of scares me to know they people can hack baby monitors and can even watch your child. This freaks me out! Makes me not want to use those. Even more scary that the hacker could even control the camera angle so the hacker could watch the baby. This is so crazy!! I didn't even know they could do that. Just something I thought every parent should know!

Hope you found this interesting as much as I did...

CES <3

Thursday, August 22, 2013

I failed Blogust!

Hey everyone! So yesterday I didn't put up a new blog post for Blogust like I was suppose to. Yesterday I took my muscle relaxer pills and they made me really sleepy so I ended up going to sleep early with Chloe.

Even though I failed Blogust I am proud that I posted a new blog post everyday for 20 days so I almost made it the whole month of August! I will pick another month soon and try it again...

CES <3

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Blogust Day 20: I have Neck Muscle Spasms

Hey everyone so lately my neck has been hurting me a lot and today I went to the hospital because of neck pain. 

About two weeks ago I was picking up Chloe when I turned my neck wrong and got a sharp pain. Today I was sitting on the floor with Chloe and I was stretching when I got another sharp pain in my neck. This time though it was a lot worse! I had pain on my left side of my neck that went all the way down to my left arm. It was painful and I felt so uncomfortable.

Today I decided to go to the hospital to get it check out. The doctor said I have neck muscle spasms so he prescribed me some meds, gave me neck exercises to do and told me to use a heating pad.

Sorry I don't have a good blog post for today but thought I would tell ya'll what's been going on with my health.

CES <3

Monday, August 19, 2013

Blogust Day 19: Random Chit Chat: College, Life, Baby, Blogging Schedule, Etc.

Hey everyone! So today has been a lazy day and I couldn't really think of what to post today so I decided to do a update and just talk with ya'll.

Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/ces101mylife


Next week I start my Fall Classes! I am so ready to get back to College and finish my degree. After this semester I will have about 7 classes left and I am sooo ready to get it done. This semester I am taking two night classes which are Family, School and Community as well as Intro to Sociology. I only go to school on Mondays and Tuesdays from 6-9pm which during that time Josh parents will be watching Chloe for me. So finally I looked today and my financial aid is approved! It took me forever to get it done because they kept asking for different stuff. I plan soon to do two related College posts which will be a College Routine including makeup, fashion and studying then the next one will be what's in my bag for College. I am pretty much set with school supplies for this semester except I need binders, folders and computer ink.


So everything lately been peaceful at the house but I just found out my brother is moving back in so I don't know how long that will last. I still live with my parents I plan to move out once I finish my degree so me and Chloe can move in with Josh. Me and Josh plan to get married at the courthouse in December hopefully, we just want to save money right now. I decided that for Spring Break next year me, my mom and Chloe will spend a week in Hawaii for Chloe 1st birthday. We just have to see how things go though.

Having a Baby under 1 year old

Chloe is 5 months now!! She is a little diva already and she will really let you know how she feels. She has been really loving baby food. We have tried Green Beans, Carrots and Sweet Potatoes. Lately she has been getting better with taking naps during the day but if she doesn't take naps she is really fussy. Chloe still goes to Physical Therapy every Wednesday for her head and neck. Also she is starting teething because she loves to chew on everything and she drools a lot now.

Blogging Schedule

This month I have been doing Blogust which means that I been putting up a new blog post everyday of this month. So far it's been going great and I haven't missed a day yet!

If you have any ideas for blog posts please comment and let me know what you would like to see!

CES <3

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Blogust Day 18: Mommy and Baby OOTD (8/18/2013)

Hey everyone! Today is day 18 of Blogust and we are half way through. I am doing a Mommy and Baby outfit of the day. Today has been busy and I can now finally relax. We went to my grandmas today so Chloe can see her great grandma.


Outfit: Carter's


Here is a overview of the outfit...

Shirt: Target or Walmart
Maxi Skirt: Got from my Grandma
Shoes: Melrose
Bracelet: Forever 21

CES <3

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Blogust Day 17: Baby Haul #7

Hey everyone! I been going to the store lately to pick up some stuff for Chloe and wanted to share what I got for her. Chloe is 5 months now :) I am going to do a huge haul soon because I got to buy Chloe some winter clothes and get me some new clothes as well so look out for that coming hopefully next month! Just want to say that I am not bragging I am just showing you what I get so you have ideas.

We give Chloe small amounts of Juice a day. She seems to like white grape juice more than apple juice.

Chloe was in need of new pacifiers! While me and my mom were at the store a lady recommended we try these out. These are called the MAM Crystal Pacifiers. The nipple part seems so much better than the last ones I bought. Chloe seems to like these. She is picky about her paci.

We wanted Chloe to try a new flavor so we picked up sweet potatoes and she loves them!

Chloe was out of the green beans so we picked up more of this kind.

Chloe also loves eating carrots!

CES <3

Friday, August 16, 2013

Blogust Day 16: Chloe Torticollis Update #2

Hey everyone! Today is day 16 of Blogust and I am doing a update on Chloe Torticollis and how Physical Therapy been helping her with her head and neck.

So at her 4 month check-up Chloe doctor recommended us to see a physical therapist about her head and neck. At the appointment we found out that Chloe has a flat spot on her head and she has Torticollis. On her left side of her neck, her neck muscles are short and very tight.

Chloe prefers to only use the right side of her head which makes her have poor left rotation of her neck. Everyday I do exercises to try and help relax the muscles and to get her use to using the left side. What I do is lay her on her tummy and lay her head down facing the left side and hold it there as long as she will let me. They also recommend a lot of tummy time because it will help strengthen her head and neck.

Chloe goes to PT every Wednesday at 10am. We go to a place called Hope Therapy and they are amazing! The staff is very friendly and professional. Chloe physical therapist will explain what she is doing when she does it to Chloe so I can understand how to do it at home. She gives me plenty of ideas that I can do with Chloe. They are thinking about having Chloe do PT for 3-6 months. Soon we will find out if Chloe needs a helmet or a band to help with her flat spot.

When Chloe goes to PT she gets really annoyed sometimes but she is getting better with the exercises. She is slowly learning to use the left side. Her rotation on her left side is getting better with time.

I really hope this helps her and we don't have to use a helmet or a band for her head!

I will update ya'll every month or when I can!!

CES <3

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Blogust Day 15: Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 10 Recap

Hey PLL Fans! Today I am doing a recap on this week episode titled "The Mirror has Three Faces." The summer finale is on August 27! A is declaring World War A!!!!!

Warning: Do not read this if you haven't watched this episode. Contains Spoilers!!!

* Alison mom offered Emily and her mom to stay at Alison house! Creepy?
* Ezra seems like he is having a bad day. He couldn't get his class room door open.
* Caleb thinks CeeCee is in Philly
* Wren questioned Mona. Mona said Wren was keeping secrets from her.
* "Leave the Lamb alone and go for the Lion"- A
* Caleb doesn't like Mona and think Hanna should tell everyone about A
* Hanna wants to know if CeeCee seen Mona lately and Wren called someone on the phone saying they have a problem and he will take care of his end
* Don't Trust Wren!!!
* Alison mom is getting a divorce
* Ezra is not the father of Maggie son!!! I knew something was up with that.
* Caleb feels that he can't keep Hanna safe anymore
* Wren warns Spencer mom about Mona
* I feel bad for Ezra!
* Aria is in Philly looking for CeeCee
* Aria met a girl that met Alison. She called the pack of them "She-Devils" CeeCee blames Alison for getting kicked out of her apartment
* Red Coat was in Alison room with Hanna!!!
* Ezra calls Aria but she doesn't answer the phone
* Spencer mom talks with Mona about the girls
* Spencer and Toby meet with Dr. Palmer again. The blonde girl is Alison mom?
* CeeCee Drake was in Radley?!?!
* "They shared personalities"- Alison mom about Alison and CeeCee
* Someone made a compliant about Spencer mom now Hanna mom doesn't have a lawyer
* Aria and Jake seem to be doing good
* Wren was drawing a picture of Red Coat!
* Someone was living in Alison house basement. Emily found holes in the ceiling

Ezra finding out he is not the father of Maggie son! I felt really bad for him in this scene.

Caleb and Hanna :)

Spencer mom telling them that she can't be on the case anymore!

CES <3

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Blogust Day 14: Mommy and Baby OOTD (8/14/2013)

Hey everyone today is day 14 of Blogust so I been posting a blog post everyday for 2 weeks now! Today I am showing you another outfit of the day including my daughter Chloe.


Outfit: CIRCO


I decided to go a little girly today since yesterday was just comfy.

Shirt: Melrose
Jeans: LEI
Shoes: Target

I was having a bad hair day so I just put my hair in a pony and bangs back with a headband.

Today I am wearing a little bit of makeup. I just wanted something quick and natural. I didn't have a lot of time to put makeup on so this took me 3-5 minutes.

This only took me about 3-5 minutes to do. It's quick, simple, and natural. 

Powder: NYC Smooth Skin Translucent Powder
Concealer/Highlighter: ELF
Blush: ELF All over stick in Lilac Petal
Face Brush: ELF
Mascara: Maybelline Falsies Mascara
Lipstain: Revlon Just Bitten in Passion

CES <3

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Blogust Day 13: Mommy and Baby OOTD (8/13/2013)

Hey everyone today I am doing a mommy and baby outfit of the day. Today I had to go do some errands and drop by my College to give them some papers for financial aid. It was 89 degrees today and very sunny.


Outfit: Carter's

Sunglasses: Carter's


Today I just wanted to be comfy and casual.

Shirt: Aero
Leggings: Motherhood Maternity
Shoes: MinneTonkin

Sunglasses: Walmart

CES <3