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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Blogust Day 8: Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 9 Recap

Hey PLL Fans! Today I am posting a recap on this week episode called "Into the Deep"

Warning: Do not read this if you haven't watched this episode yet! Contains Spoilers!!!

* Police question Mona on why she killed Wilden. Do you think she did it?
* Paige wants Emily to still swim
* Maggie wants to move to Washington with Ezra son for School. He is not going to see him much.
* Ashley can now get out of Jail because of Mona but the trial will still go on and the bail is set at 1 million dollars
* Emily met with a swimmer coach at a facility
* "I don't need Faith I need Money"- Hanna
* According to the picture, Mona was not there the night they were at Wilden cop car
* Paige is throwing Emily a Birthday Party
* Jenna thinks Alison is alive
* Ezra wants to go to court to get custody of his son
* Spencer mom doesn't think Ezra has a chance because his name is not listed on birth certificate
* The swim coach told Emily she has a slim chance of swimming again
* Aria saw Jake with another girl at the party
* Paige thinks something will happen if Emily doesn't go with her to Stanford
* Aria and Jake are now just friends but Aria is jealous that he showed up with another girl
* I think Pastor Ted bailed out Hanna mom
* Emily found Jenna in the lake!!!!
* Aria kisses Jake!!!
* Jenna is afraid of CeeCee Drake
* Mona is back in Radley!
* Red coat was seen at Alison house opening up to go to a basement?
* A was seen playing the piano with a song called "Any time" A put it in a envelope to give to Toby

CES <3

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