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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Blogust Day 6: Favorite Mommy Channels I watch on YouTube

Hey everyone! Today is day 6 of Blogust which if your just now reading my blog I will tell you that I am blogging everyday in August. I have been posting everyday for almost a week now in August and I am going to make it through this whole month. So if you don't know I am addicted to watching videos on YouTube, I watch Beauty Gurus, Mommy Channels and Random Vlogs of people's days. Today blog post I am sharing my favorite mommy channels that I watch on YouTube. In the next week or so I will be also posting my favorite beauty gurus and other random channels that I watch on Youtube.

I usually will watch YouTube while Chloe is playing on my bed or when she goes to sleep.

Also there is no specific order to my favorites! Just sharing what mommy/family channels I watch on YouTube. Most of them have great advice!

Favorite Mommy Channels that I watch on YouTube

1. 2011teenagemom

This mommy name is Vanessa and she is a first time mom. She has a daughter named Lily who has Turner Syndrome. She is also a Teen Mom. They told her when she was pregnant to abort the baby because babies with Turner Syndrome don't make it but she told them no and she fought. She proved them all wrong when she had her baby Lily. She is still with her boyfriend David who is the baby father.

The reason why I like her is because she keeps it real and she shows u her daily life of how hard it is to take care of a baby while being a teen mom and having a baby with Turner Syndrome. She never gives up. 

I picked this video to show ya'll because she tells you all about her life and getting pregnant at a young age. 

2. GabeandJess

This mommy name is Jessica and she has 3 children while pregnant with baby #4. Her oldest daughter is from her first boyfriend and her twin boys are from her husband. She is actually doing a home birth with baby #4 and she believes in Attachment parenting and Exclusively Breast Feeding.

Jessica is a great mom and I love to watch how she handles having 3 kids while being pregnant. She equally shows them love and never favors one child over the other. To me she is a super mom!

This is her recent video talking about her twin boys 16 month update.

3. dailyBUMPS

This couple has been through so much to have a baby. From a miscarriage and a stillbirth to now finally being blessed with a baby boy named Olliver! Their baby boy is now a week old! They do daily vlogs on their channel. Missy has her own channel called Bumpsalongthewayvlog.

I love watching this couple everyday they have been through so much and I am happy that they finally had a baby. 

This vlog was uploaded a couple of days ago showing a newborn photo shoot that they did for baby Ollie!

4. itsJudyLife

This mommy name is Judy and her husband name is Benji. They have a 8 or 9 month old daughter name Julianna. They live in Seattle. Judy also has her own Beauty Channel while her husband has his own cooking channel on YouTube. They do daily vlogs about their life. 

I love watching their daily vlogs because they show u what's it like to be first time parents and they show you about their marriage. They show you the good and the bad. I like that they keep it real and they don't hide anything about themselves.

This is a daily vlog that they posted yesterday of them at Disneyland.


This is a Ireland couple who has a daughter name Emilia. She is 10 months old and is crawling everywhere! They also have about 6 dogs!! They do daily vlogs everyday about their lives.

I love watching this couple and their baby because they making it very entertaining and they are hilarious. Their baby is always laughing and I have watched Emilia ever since Anna was pregnant with her. 

This is a video talking about how they got married and about their dogs and Emilia.

CES <3

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