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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Blogust Day 15: Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 10 Recap

Hey PLL Fans! Today I am doing a recap on this week episode titled "The Mirror has Three Faces." The summer finale is on August 27! A is declaring World War A!!!!!

Warning: Do not read this if you haven't watched this episode. Contains Spoilers!!!

* Alison mom offered Emily and her mom to stay at Alison house! Creepy?
* Ezra seems like he is having a bad day. He couldn't get his class room door open.
* Caleb thinks CeeCee is in Philly
* Wren questioned Mona. Mona said Wren was keeping secrets from her.
* "Leave the Lamb alone and go for the Lion"- A
* Caleb doesn't like Mona and think Hanna should tell everyone about A
* Hanna wants to know if CeeCee seen Mona lately and Wren called someone on the phone saying they have a problem and he will take care of his end
* Don't Trust Wren!!!
* Alison mom is getting a divorce
* Ezra is not the father of Maggie son!!! I knew something was up with that.
* Caleb feels that he can't keep Hanna safe anymore
* Wren warns Spencer mom about Mona
* I feel bad for Ezra!
* Aria is in Philly looking for CeeCee
* Aria met a girl that met Alison. She called the pack of them "She-Devils" CeeCee blames Alison for getting kicked out of her apartment
* Red Coat was in Alison room with Hanna!!!
* Ezra calls Aria but she doesn't answer the phone
* Spencer mom talks with Mona about the girls
* Spencer and Toby meet with Dr. Palmer again. The blonde girl is Alison mom?
* CeeCee Drake was in Radley?!?!
* "They shared personalities"- Alison mom about Alison and CeeCee
* Someone made a compliant about Spencer mom now Hanna mom doesn't have a lawyer
* Aria and Jake seem to be doing good
* Wren was drawing a picture of Red Coat!
* Someone was living in Alison house basement. Emily found holes in the ceiling

Ezra finding out he is not the father of Maggie son! I felt really bad for him in this scene.

Caleb and Hanna :)

Spencer mom telling them that she can't be on the case anymore!

CES <3

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