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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Blogust Day 3: My day in Photos

Hey everyone this is day 3 of Blogust and today I am showing you pictures that I took.... I have been awake since 7:50am and woke up to barely having a voice. My mom got me sick! Chloe went with her grandparents today so I could get some rest.

Me and Chloe were sitting outside this morning.

Chloe was yawning :) Very sleepy baby

My mom cut my hair for me. I had long hair but this heat is ridiculous! I love shorter hair on me. I kept the length of my bangs because I am trying to let them grow out or at least to catch up with the rest of my hair.

Wearing my Sexy and I know it shirt!

One of my favorite candy to eat

Watching dailyBUMPS! They just had their baby after having a miscarriage and a stillbirth. I am so happy for them! You should check them out!

Lately I been watching Charmed! I used to love this show and I decided to watch the whole series again. I am on the end of Season 3.

CES <3

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