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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Blogust Day 17: Baby Haul #7

Hey everyone! I been going to the store lately to pick up some stuff for Chloe and wanted to share what I got for her. Chloe is 5 months now :) I am going to do a huge haul soon because I got to buy Chloe some winter clothes and get me some new clothes as well so look out for that coming hopefully next month! Just want to say that I am not bragging I am just showing you what I get so you have ideas.

We give Chloe small amounts of Juice a day. She seems to like white grape juice more than apple juice.

Chloe was in need of new pacifiers! While me and my mom were at the store a lady recommended we try these out. These are called the MAM Crystal Pacifiers. The nipple part seems so much better than the last ones I bought. Chloe seems to like these. She is picky about her paci.

We wanted Chloe to try a new flavor so we picked up sweet potatoes and she loves them!

Chloe was out of the green beans so we picked up more of this kind.

Chloe also loves eating carrots!

CES <3

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