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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Blogust Day 4: How to Survive a Long Distance Relationship+My Experience

Hey everyone! Today is day 4 of Blogust and this is about Long Distance Relationships. I will also be sharing my experience as I have been doing a LDR for almost 2 years.

My Tips to Survive a LDR and How to keep your Relationship going Strong:

Tip #1: Communication is the key!!

This is the number 1 tip I can give to anyone who is in a LDR. Communication is always important to make a relationship work. It takes both of ya'll to try to communicate with each other as much as you can. You can talk on the phone or try to video chat. I can not stress this enough about how important this is.

Tip #2: Be faithful and Honest

I know personally how tough it can be to be away from the person you love. Never cheat or lie. Be faithful.

Tip #3: Cherish the moments you have together.

When me and Josh are together I always try to take as much pictures as I can. You want to cherish those moments you have together because you never know when you will see your love again.

Tip #4: Give them support and let each other know you care

Always tell each other that you care and love each other. Show support and interest in what they do, they will appreciate it. I always tell Josh that I am very proud of what he does.

Me and Josh in Hawaii. He is a Marine stationed in Hawaii. Me and Chloe live in Texas.

This was taken in Hawaii at a Softball/Baseball game.

Taken in Hawaii on St. Patrick Day in 2012.

My Experience and Struggle (The Ups and Downs):

I have been in a Long Distance Relationship for almost 2 years now. Josh is in the Marines and got stationed in Hawaii. Me and our daughter Chloe live in Texas. I been to Hawaii twice last year. I try to go see him in Hawaii when I can. Our struggle is communication.... We are both so busy that we haven't been making time for each other. I honestly say that our weakness is Communication but we are trying to change that. Josh just got promoted to Corporal so that's been keeping him busy and I have Chloe plus starting College back this month. That's why I always say that Communication is the key to make a relationship work. Josh comes to visit every year around December. If everything works out we plan to get married by the end of this year. We are not moving in yet till I finish college because Josh knows that is important to me to finish my degree. He supports me with my degree and I support him in the Marines. You have to give support and care to each other because it lets that person know you care. Okay so for holidays we only been doing Christmas since I only see him for that holiday. Josh spends Christmas eve with my family and I spend Christmas day with his. You have to balance it out and see what works for ya'll. On New Years we always spend it with his friends at a fire work stand. That is where he propose to me at! I have to say it is tough sometimes with our relationship because our daughter hasn't got a bond with her daddy yet and I am little nervous for when they do meet because I just want it to go well.

This is my tips and experience with Long Distance Relationships!

CES <3

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  1. Tell Josh congrates on the promotion. If anything, this experience will make your relationship stronger. I am soon to be in an LDR because I'm moving to Iowa, while Justin stays down here. Maybe even through Christmas. So I am grateful you posted this.