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Friday, August 23, 2013

August Parenting News + My Thoughts

Hey everyone! Happy Friday! Today I am doing parenting news that I found during this month. Hope you enjoy this and find it interesting.

1. Citing Jesus Christ, Judge orders parents to change baby's name
How crazy is this? Seriously making someone change their baby name because it refers to Jesus Christ. To me this is ridiculous because that would be like me changing my name Christine because my name means I am a follower of Christ. I don't have a religion nor do I ever go to church. I just think some people take religion to far. This is my person opinion though.

2. American Airlines attendant overreacts to Breastfeeding Mom
"American Airlines attendant walked by very displeased and shaking her head. Only to return leaning over and tells the couple to put a blanket over the nursing child because there were kids on that flight" What do you think of this? 

3. Houston La Fisheria Restaurant is not so kid friendly
The restaurant implemented a strict no kids under age 9 after 7pm in the evening. Do you think they should have this or is this not fair to family who want to come with their kids after 7pm? I kind of think this is stupid to have which makes this restaurant not so kid friendly. 

4. Hacked Baby Monitors?!?!
A parent one evening heard a strangers voice speaking from their baby monitor and saying some vulgar words about the parent's baby. This kind of scares me to know they people can hack baby monitors and can even watch your child. This freaks me out! Makes me not want to use those. Even more scary that the hacker could even control the camera angle so the hacker could watch the baby. This is so crazy!! I didn't even know they could do that. Just something I thought every parent should know!

Hope you found this interesting as much as I did...

CES <3

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