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Monday, August 19, 2013

Blogust Day 19: Random Chit Chat: College, Life, Baby, Blogging Schedule, Etc.

Hey everyone! So today has been a lazy day and I couldn't really think of what to post today so I decided to do a update and just talk with ya'll.

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Next week I start my Fall Classes! I am so ready to get back to College and finish my degree. After this semester I will have about 7 classes left and I am sooo ready to get it done. This semester I am taking two night classes which are Family, School and Community as well as Intro to Sociology. I only go to school on Mondays and Tuesdays from 6-9pm which during that time Josh parents will be watching Chloe for me. So finally I looked today and my financial aid is approved! It took me forever to get it done because they kept asking for different stuff. I plan soon to do two related College posts which will be a College Routine including makeup, fashion and studying then the next one will be what's in my bag for College. I am pretty much set with school supplies for this semester except I need binders, folders and computer ink.


So everything lately been peaceful at the house but I just found out my brother is moving back in so I don't know how long that will last. I still live with my parents I plan to move out once I finish my degree so me and Chloe can move in with Josh. Me and Josh plan to get married at the courthouse in December hopefully, we just want to save money right now. I decided that for Spring Break next year me, my mom and Chloe will spend a week in Hawaii for Chloe 1st birthday. We just have to see how things go though.

Having a Baby under 1 year old

Chloe is 5 months now!! She is a little diva already and she will really let you know how she feels. She has been really loving baby food. We have tried Green Beans, Carrots and Sweet Potatoes. Lately she has been getting better with taking naps during the day but if she doesn't take naps she is really fussy. Chloe still goes to Physical Therapy every Wednesday for her head and neck. Also she is starting teething because she loves to chew on everything and she drools a lot now.

Blogging Schedule

This month I have been doing Blogust which means that I been putting up a new blog post everyday of this month. So far it's been going great and I haven't missed a day yet!

If you have any ideas for blog posts please comment and let me know what you would like to see!

CES <3

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