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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Pretty Little Liars: Season 4 Mid Summer finale Recap + My Theories

Hey everyone! I can't believe the first half of this season went by so fast we are now done with PLL and we won't see more till PLL Halloween episode which airs October 22 and after that airs then Ravenswood airs! Anyways this episode was InsAne!!! This episode is called "Now you see me, Now you don't"

Warning: This episode contains spoilers don't read if you haven't watch this episode yet!!!!


* Cops want Hanna mom come in for a line up at the police station
* The girls receive a package and when they opened it they find 8 balls that are addressed to each girl
* "If she goes free, You'll hear from me, Kisses"- A
* "I'd say bring it then maybe she will leave our parents alone"- Emily "Or did she just declare World War A"- Spencer
* Travis goes to the police station for the line up but he says he doesn't know if he can do this!
* Love at first sight, force of nature, love that sets captive spirits free.... All of this was said by Ezra in class. What do you think he means by saying this?
* "I don't worry about her that much when she is with you"- Hanna mom said this to Caleb about Hanna
*  "When Hanna goes after something she doesn't settle, she is fearless"- Caleb saying that about Hanna
* The charges were drop on Hanna mom. She is set free!
* Spencer is not getting a hold of Toby. He is not answering her calls.
* The girls got another package.... The girls get a mini coffin with a doll in it that looks just like Mona!
* "Hanna wins so Mona loses, Find her before the cops do or they will think you killed her"- A
* CeeCee is now being wanted for murder of Wilden!!!!
* Mona is no longer a patient at Radley.
* The girls go on a hunt to track Mona down
* Shana is in Wren apartment
* Mona didn't show up to her welcome back party in the french club at school
* Toby sees Shana at the Brew and she drops a paper on the floor. He finds a paper with Wren and Melissa written on it
* Shana has a connection with Wren
* Wren and Melissa are moving in together
* "I don't want A version of the truth it's not worth it"- Toby
* Jake seems to be acting different with Aria
* Emily is staying the night with Paige
* Ezra remembers a paper that Aria wrote about a cat that was found but lost. Ezra knew she was writing that about Alison.
* "Like you want to know the ending but still want to be surprised"- Ezra to Aria
* Aria kissed Ezra!!!
* "I never thought we would be saying Poor Mona"- Aria
* The girls get another package.... A box with a saw that says "Watch me make a girl disappear, Kisses"- A
* A is putting on a magic show
* There is a magic show happening guess where? In Ravenswood!
* Toby seen Shana driving Jenna car
* The girls are in Ravenswood for the magic show
* Ms. Grunwald is at the magic show and Aria is put in a magic box
* "Leger de main, Kisses Bitches"- A
* Emily is missing!
* Emily is trap in a box and there is a saw getting closer and louder!!!
* The girls saw Red Coat and are on the run after her
* The girls try to open the box that Emily is trap in before a saw cuts into her when Red Coat turns off the machine saving Emily
* There are two Red Coats!!!! Good vs Evil????
* Aria finds one of the Red Coats and it is CeeCee!! Aria was fighting CeeCee and CeeCee was falling. Aria tried to save her but she fell!!!
* CeeCee started moving and she left! "That bitch has 9 lives"- Hanna
* The girls found A lair in Ravenswood!!!
* There's a timeline of each girl. Their secrets. Everything. A is documenting their lives.
* Hanna took something from the lair
* Toby spies and see Mona with Shana! Mona is alive!
* A has a bank account and has been paying CeeCee
* Hanna finds A closet and it has Guy clothes in it! Is A a guy?
* A has been also following Alison. Her trail leads all the way to Ravenswood
* "If Alison was alive this whole time then whos funeral did we go to"- Emily. Yes Emily I am wondering the same thing!
* Ms. Grunwald was lying about Ali for her protection. Alison was calling that summer to her. Grunwald has a gift of insight. The night Ali went missing Grunwald felt something horrible.
* Ms. Grunwald pulled Alison from the ground! She drove her to the hospital. She ran in to get help but when she returned Alison was gone!!!
* "She was never really gone"- Grunwald
* Alison is Alive!!!!
* "She can trust us"- Hanna "I wouldn't be so sure"- Grunwald
* "He is hoping you will lead him to Alison"- Grunwald
* The girls are crashing a Ravenswood Party which we won't see till the Halloween episode
* Caleb gets on a bus thinking it will take him from Ravenswood back to Rosewood but it's not
* At the end it shows Ezra dressed in black and in the A lair!!! Ezra is A????? Is he the one Grunwald warn the girls about???!!!!

My Theories and Thoughts:

CeeCee Drake Theory- 

CeeCee was the mentor and best friend of Alison. CeeCee also had a connection with Wilden. We find out in this episode that CeeCee was dressed in a black hoodie, killed Wilden and was Red Coat. I knew there was something different about her! So why did she do all this? What is my theory?

Why would CeeCee join the A team?
CeeCee hasn't exactly been friends with the girls, she has talked to them but hasn't been that close to them. Alison told CeeCee probably all of their secrets or CeeCee read her diary and decided to use it against the girls. Maybe she wants Alison dead because she was the reason why she got kicked out of college. Alison personality was too much like CeeCee and maybe she just got tired of it. Also I think when CeeCee texted the girls as A she used "Kisses" while the other A didn't.

Why do I think is her motive to kill Wilden?
CeeCee had a connection with Wilden when they hang out that summer with Alison in Cape May. The last thing we saw is when Wilden threatened CeeCee and told her to keep her mouth shut. CeeCee was afraid of Wilden exposing her secrets so she killed him. Just my thought! He must had have a huge secret on her in order for her to get mad enough to want to kill him.

Bad Red Coat?
I think there are two red coats and it's good vs evil. CeeCee is the bad red coat as she almost killed Emily while the other red coat tried to stop it. At the end we see Aria and CeeCee fighting. 

"That Bitch has 9 lives" CeeCee dead or alive?
At the end we see CeeCee fall down and looks like she is dead, when the girls turn their back and look again CeeCee is gone! I think she is alive because we seen her fingers moving. She wanted to disappear so she wouldn't go to jail for killing Wilden. 

Mona Theory-

Mona who we finds out is on the A team goes in Radley then gets out for good behavior but we know that's not true. At end though Mona is not on A team and it targeted by A. In this episode we see that A has targeted her and if the girls don't find her she will die.... That's not the case as Toby follows Shana right to Mona and she is very alive and well.

Is Mona back on the A team?
I think Mona has a split personality and she is back on the A team. I haven't trusted Mona at all from the very beginning. She is very smart and knows how to get her way. She was tortured by Alison and the girls never did anything to stop it. Mona want's Revenge. I think Mona is playing the girls again and she wants to make their life a living hell. She has a plan for everything. I am still trying to figure out though how she knew Shana. I am think Shana hated Alison so they just got along because they both hated Alison.

Ezra Theory-

We find out in this episode that Ezra was in the A lair!! Does that make him A? Did he knew Alison? Was he the guy that Grunwald warn the girls about?

Do I believe Ezra is A? Is he good or bad?
I did have some doubts about Ezra because the way he acted sometimes. We never got the whole back story to Ezra. I think that Ezra loved Alison but when Alison knew how crazy he was she tried to dump him. Ezra wanted her love but didn't get it so he decided to torture her friends for revenge. But accidentally fell in love with Aria. I do think those feelings are real.

Ezra said in his English Class that "That love sets captive spirits free..." I think this means that if Alison loved him he would let her friends go free and wouldn't torture them anymore.

I think Ezra has a obession for Alison and has been tracking her this whole time. I think he knows that she is alive and wants the girls to lead him to her.

Alison Theory Dead or Alive-

I think that Alison is alive and she is keeping tabs on the girls. I think Alison is the good red coat. At the end we see that there are two red coats and one of them stops the machine from killing Emily and leads Spencer to the A lair. 

I think Alison faked her death and has been on the run ever since. I think she is running from a guy maybe Ezra?

"She doesn't want to be found"- Mrs. Grunwald

If Alison is Alive then who Funeral did the girls go to for?

If you notice they never had a open coffin at her funeral. I wonder who the girls actually went to service for?

Halloween Preview Episode: October 22

CES <3

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