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Monday, September 2, 2013

Ravenswood Cast and Trailer: Airs on ABC Family Oct. 22

Hey everyone, Hope you have a good Monday! Happy Labor Day!
Since today is Labor Day I had no Sociology class today which I am so glad because I haven't been feeling good since yesterday. So today I wanted to show you the cast of Ravenswood and the new trailer that they just released. Ravenswood is a Pretty Little Liars spin-off show that airs October 22 on ABC Family.

Cast Members:

Starting from Left to Right.....

1. Olivia played by Merritt Patterson. She is the twin sister of Luke.
2. Remy played by Britne Oldford.
3. Caleb Rivers played by Tyler Blackburn. Originally from PLL.
4. Miranda played by Nicole Gale Anderson
5. Luke played by Brett Dier. Twin brother of Olivia.

CES <3

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