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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Collective Baby Haul for 6 month old baby Part 1: Baby Essentials

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't posted any new blog post lately but today I am doing a baby haul. This is stuff that I been getting Chloe for the past month or so. Chloe is almost 6 months and she need some new things. I will be doing this collective baby haul into two parts. The first part is baby essentials then next will be the clothes that I bought her. We went to a couple of places including local grocery store, Walmart, Mall and Sears.

Chloe eats different types of baby food now and different flavors. We got apples for her and she loves it.

Chloe loves Turkey and Rice. She mostly eats it for her dinner.

This is Apples and Bananas with mixed Cereal.

We picked up Pears to try out with her. She hasn't tried these yet!

Got some more different types of baby cereal to try with her.

We never seen this before so we want to try this!

Picked up 3 cans of Similac Sensitive Formula. At our local grocery store they cost $15 for each can.

Chloe got a new lunch bag from her grandparents!

Chloe been teething a lot lately and heard good reviews about these!

Picked up this NUK Learner Cup to try with Chloe.

Chloe loves this! It sings/make noise, it vibrates and moves across the floor. Chloe loves when it vibrates. It's her favorite toy right now.

Chloe also loves this and we use this when she goes to Physical Therapy.

Had to pick more of these pacifiers up. These are called the MAM Sports.

Bought this thermometer to try out. I hate the rectal ones I just don't feel comfortable doing it. This just goes in her ear and the reading is very accurate and fast.

I need more hand and face wipes. I just bought a generic brand, I think the deal was 2 for $3.

I needed to pick up more of these because we were almost out of our other ones.

 Picked up a 3 pack of Pampers Sensitive wipes. I found that the generic ones are not that good and break her out.

Chloe needed more bibs so I picked up this pack and another pack.

I also got Chloe these bibs too. They are so cute!

Chloe needed more washcloths so I picked these up with cute owl designs on them!

Okay this is my last purchase of baby essentials! I got a new diaper bag!!! I needed a new one because the old one just got to many stains on it. I got this at Walmart for I think $25 and it's from Carter's.

This is everything that I got for baby essentials for Chloe. Look out for part 2 because that's going to show all the clothes that I bought for Chloe.

CES <3

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