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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Fall Preview: TV Shows

Hey Everyone!
So I don't know about you but I am so ready for the fall, here in Texas it's been staying in the 90's and getting up to 102 degrees. I really hate the heat! Anyways to get in the mood for fall I thought I would show you what TV shows are airing in the fall and a sneak peak. I will do my Fall watch list at the end of October so stay tuned for that.

They are in no specific order but do have the date that it airs on!

Fall TV Show Preview

The Vampire Diaries= October 3 on CW 

Originals= October 15 on CW

Once Upon A Time: Wonderland= October 10 on ABC

Walking Dead= October 13 on AMC

Sleepy Hollow= September 16 on Fox

Grey's Anatomy= September 26 on ABC

Witches of East End= October 6 on LifeTime

Pretty Little Liars Halloween Episode= October 22 on ABC Family

Ravenswood= October 22 on ABC Family

Agents of Sheild= September 24 on ABC

These are just some of the Tv shows that are airing this fall! What show are you excited about the most? Mine is Once Upon a Time in Wonderland! 

CES <3

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