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Friday, September 27, 2013

Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Premiere Recap: Who will survive the Storm?

Hey everyone!
So this Fall I mentioned that I will be recapping three shows and Grey's Anatomy is one of them. This has been my favorite show since the beginning!

So we last left off is that a huge destructive storm has hit and the hospital is left in the dark trying to take care of patients. Arizona and Callie had a huge fight because Arizona still can't forgive Callie for cutting off her leg and Arizona cheated on Callie! I was so upset by this because I really think Callie deserves some happiness for once in her love life. Anyways Meredith had her baby in the dark during the storm and almost died her self but was saved by Bailey because she finally decided to face her fear of being in the OR. Derek and Meredith decided to name their baby boy after Bailey. Jo and Alex finally kiss and I am so excited for them because I wanted them to be a couple for a while now. Cristina and Owen broke up and I think for good this time because Cristina can't give Owen what he really wants.... a child. Jackson helps out a bus that tip over and exploded but he ended up hurt and April feelings finally was revealed to him. Who will she choose? Will she break off the engagement? Lastly we are left with the cliffhanger that Richard might be dead because he was laying on the floor with water and electric shock. Is he dead?  

"Only the strong will survive the storm"

* Owen wants a emergency board meeting
* Owen wants to close the ER
* "I had a baby I am not Dead"- Meredith
* The ER gets even more pact with a mud slide that killed and injured people
* Heather found Doc. Webber and then she got electric shocked too! Webber opened his eyes for a second
* Callie tells the group that Arizona slept with another women
* Shane finally found the intern and Richard
* Cristina Yang might have saved Richard life and Baliey gave her a hug
* Heather has a Subdurnal in her brain and Derek needs to operate on her
* Meredith needs to call suppliers to get more supplies brought to the hospital
* Richard left Meredith in charge of his health. Bailey wants to operate but Cristina doesn't think they should
* Meredith tells them to do the surgery on Richard
* Heather has major swelling in her brain and it doesn't look good
* "I think you should stick with 'I am sorry I am such a slut"- Alex
* Heather died :(
* Matthew seen April talking to Jackson
* I think the engagement is off between April and Matthew
* Callie took her stuff and the babies stuff out of the apartment
* They had to close Richard up because his vitals weren't stable and Jackson mom told them to close him up because he wasn't stable enough to handle surgery
* Jackson mom is very pissed off that they opened Richard up
* Callie is staying with Derek and Meredith at their house
* Owen and Cristina have break up sex
* Meredith thinks if Jackson mom wants to call the shots on Richard health then she should
* Interns wait around for Heather mom to show up so they can tell her together that Heather died
* Shane feels guilty that Heather is dead
* Meredith told Arizona that Callie is staying with them
* Owen and Cristina had sex again
* Meredith wants a wheel chair
* Meredith asks for Bailey advice on Richard and they plan to open him up again
* Cristina breaks down and says this is not easy for her
* Interns start drinking wine
* Arizona and Callie are arguing again about everything that happened
* Heather mom finally showed up and asked about her daughter
* They found the problem in Richard it was his pancreas
* Jackson confronts April about her love life and rejects her
* April tells Matthew about her feelings for Jackson and how she feels about the relationship with Matthew. April proposes to Matthew and he accepts
* Callie tells Arizona that they will switch nights with their daughter till they can figure something out
* The interns ride in a ambulance to the mud slide scene
* Richard opened his eyes when he heard Meredith voice!!!!

CES <3

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