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Friday, September 13, 2013

Which TV Shows will I Recap this Fall? 2013

Hey everyone! Happy Friday the 13th..... Today I am going to announce which tv shows will I recap this fall on my blog. So far I did a Summer Watch List, Fall Preview of tv shows and now this post. In October I will be doing my Fall Watch List so look out for that!

Which TV Shows will I Recap this Fall?

1. Grey's Anatomy
Date: September 26 Thursday
Channel: ABC
Time: 8pm ( Where I live)

2. Once Upon A Time in Wonderland
Date: October 10 Thursday
Channel: ABC
Time: 7pm (Where I live)

3. Ravenswood 
Date: October 22 Tuesday
Channel: ABC Family
Time: Not exactly sure either 8 or 9pm

I decided to only do 3 shows this fall! Hope you are excited....

CES <3

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