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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Kids Choice Awards Fashion 2012

Hey! Every year I watch the Kids Choice Awards and I still do no matter what age I am. Anyways I just got done watching it and thought I would share the Celebrities Fashion and what I thought about it.

Lets start with Emma Stone! She is my favorite Actress of all time. She is beautiful and talented. Anyways in this picture Emma has blonde hair which she dyed for the movie roll of Amazing Spiderman. I Love Emma dress I just wish it had more color and it was bright but I still love it.

The very Talented Selena Gomez! She looks so amazing beautiful right here. Her wardrobe for Kids Choice Awards was very different from every one else but it makes her stand out like her voice does. I don't know if I am a fan of her outfit though. Her hair and makeup though looks great! And Congrats to Selena Gomez for winning a Award!!

Now it's Kristen Stewart! So Kristen went all out in Blue and did it pay off? Well Personally I am not a big fan of the dress. I do love the color royal blue. Kristen also won a award for Favorite movie actress!!

Sorry I had to put Josh Hutcherson in here. I just Love him!! I really been wanting to see the movie Hunger Games.

Katy Perry! Katy went all out in Green to support Kids Choice Awards. I don't like she sports bra looking shirt but I do personally love the skirt. Katy Perry song "Part of Me" at the Kids Choice Awards. So What do You think of her Hair in this Photo?

Here is Ariana Grande! Her hair and makeup always looks amazing. Her always signature ponytail of course. Her dress is pretty cute I wish it was a different color but she pulls it together nicely.

Actress and Singer Liz Gillies! We all know her from Victorious. She looks so beautiful here and looks like a Diva. I really love her hair and makeup! Her blue royal dress I really love just the neck line I don't really like.

Victoria Justice! So she decided instead of wearing a dress she was gonna wear a suit type outfit. I actually like the way this outfit looks and the color is fits her skin tone. Have you seen her shoes? Amazing!!

The beautiful and funny Jennette McCurdy! Jennette looks so amazingly beautiful here. I love her makeup and how smoky her eyes look. Her dress is so stunning and amazing. She is my favorite of the night I would say!!

Taylor Swift! Taylor decided to show off her bangs by putting her hair up for the night. Her dress is really classy and pretty. Taylor won a award for Big Help that was presented by the First Lady!!! Congrats Taylor.

*So what Fashion of the celebrities did you liked? Also wanna know what song is stuck in my head now thanks to Kids Choice Award....You Don't know Your Beautiful by One Direction!!!*

Hope you had a good March because Tomorrow is April!!!!!

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Friday, March 30, 2012

Quick Small Update on Health March 2012

Hey! So this month has been crazy because at the beginning I was having not a lot of pain which is good. I had my Spring break this Month which I went to Hawaii and It was amazing. When I got back I started to have bad back pain, stomach hurting and headache's. I went to see my regular doctor this week and he told me I might have Irritable Bowel Syndrome. He just said he will have to check up on me every month and for me to start keeping a pain journal.
I had my Check up today for my Bladder. She just ask me how my medicine is treating me which the medicine has been easing the pain but the pain will never go away. It gets really worse during my periods and I had to tell the doctor that. She prescribed me some medicine that will help when i am on my period. Hopefully it works.
The doctor's also told me that I don't need to have any stress because it makes my health worse. I can admit I have been under a lot of stress lately. The doctors told me to start doing Yoga which I occasionally do but I really need to start doing more of it. I am hopefully taking Yoga in the fall at my College.

So just a Quick update on how my Health has been lately

CES <3

Thursday, March 29, 2012

March 2012 Favorites!

Hey! This month is almost over and I am so glad because that means it's closer to my Birthday of me turning 20 plus almost done with this Semester of College and Summer is almost here which means me spending a whole month in Hawaii.
This Month I don't have a lot of Beauty Favorites just because I didn't wear Makeup a lot this month.

Beauty Favorites:

1. Maybelline One by One Volume Express Waterproof Mascara
I been using this and I love it. I first got this before I went on my Trip to Hawaii because at the time I didn't own a Waterproof Mascara.

2. Covergirl and Olay Simply Ageless Concealer
I been really liking this Concealer. I use Concealer almost everyday because I have horrible bags and dark circles under my eyes because of stress and me not getting a lot of sleep at night.

3. EOS Lip Balm in Mint
Love this for my Lips! Also because the Mint smell reminds me of Peppermint candy canes.

4. Jergens Ultra Healing Extra Dry Skin Moisturizer
I bought this as just a Travel Size for my Trip. I really Love this! I put this on now after I shave my Legs because my Legs are always Dry and Sensitive after I shave and this makes my Legs really smooth.

5. Skintimate Shaving Gel in Raspberry Rain
This Shaving Gel is Amazing!! I have really sensitive Legs when I shave them and certain Shaving Creams break me out but this one doesn't and it makes my Legs really smooth and not dry.

6. Venus Razor
This Razor is so Amazing! I will be Honest and say I hate shaving my Legs because my Legs get so dry with red bumps when I shave. I started to use this Razor and I haven't cut my self yet with this!! It makes my Legs so smooth.

Non-Beauty Favorites:

1. Favorite Movie- Raise Your Voice
I Love this Movie!!!

2. Favorite TV Show- America Next Top Model British Invasion
I have always really loved watching this show.

3. Favorite Celebrity Crush- Adam Levine
Oh I am sooo In Love with him!!!!

4. Favorite Phone App- Draw Something
I am starting to get really addicted to this Game!

5. Favorite Song- Glad you Came by The Wanted

Hope You had a Good March and is Enjoying Spring!

CES <3 

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Book Review: Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down

Hey Everyone, I decided that I wanted to do a Book Review on the book that I had to read for one of my Classes. It's Called "The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down". The Author is Anne Fadiman.

This book has 19 Chapters and 288 pages. The book is a easy read but there are terms that they use that I can't really understand. This book was a winner of the National Book Critics Circle Award. I personally thought this book was very interesting and eye opening.

Back of Book Summary: Explores the clash between a small county hospital in California and a refugee family from Laos over the care of Lia Lee, a Hmong Child who has severe Epilepsy. Lia parents and her doctors wants what is best for Lia but the lack of understanding between them led to a Tragedy.

My Summary of the Book: The Lee family came from Thailand to America to escape the Chinese because of the War between them. Lia Lee is their Daughter who one day was sitting on the floor when her older sister had slammed the front door really hard and Lia fainted. The parents blame Lia sister for causing Health Issues with Lia. Lia Lee was miss Diagnose twice before they finally found out that Lia had Epilepsy. Lia was diagnose at the age of a couple of months after she was born. Lia Lee was very smart because when she knew she was going to have a Seizure she would run to her parents and hug them. At the MCMC Hospital (Merced County of California) the Doctors prescribed her many medicine but Lia parents were not having American Medicine in their Culture. The Hmong's healed people with natural Herbs and Txiv Neebs who is a Healing Doctor. The Hmong's had many superstitions like they thought Surgery were Taboo and they also thought American Doctors wanted to eat their brains when they died. Lia parents were also so affectionate to Lia, leaving their other daughters and sons out of it. Soon doctors knew the parents were non-complaint with giving Lia her medicine, so the Doctors called Child Protective Service. Lia was put in a Foster Home until her parents proved to the Superior Court of California that they would give Lia the medicine. Lia parents thought that all that medicine was the thing making her sick. Soon Lia was able to go back to her parents and her parents started to do rituals like sacrificing pigs, chickens and cows. Later in the years, Lia Epilepsy got worse when they started to last longer and the Doctors feared that Lia would have what they called the "Big One" and that they wouldn't be able to save her. At I think 4 or 5 years old, Lia had the "Big One" and the doctors at MCMC didn't have the technology to save her so they sent her to another Hospital that was more high technology advanced. Also mentioned is that Lia parents couldn't speak English and they couldn't read which caused a problem with giving Lia the right medicine and with communication at the Hospital's. At the Hospital, Lia seizure was so bad that she went into Septic Shock and Lia soon went into a coma and became Brain Dead. The doctors knew Lia wouldn't survive and the Parents wanted to take her home so that Lia would die naturally without tubes or medicine in her system. Two years later, Lia is still alive but still Brain Dead and has little Movement. This is what is surprising the Doctors is that Lia is still alive. At the end of the book, Lia condition had inspired the Hospital to change the way they did things and they brought more translators into the hospital. Lia had inspired the doctors to change the way they view things about the culture barrier. It opened their eyes.

My Thoughts: This book was very Interesting but Depressing. At the end it made me wonder if she survived  or if she is now dead. This is based on a True Story. I really felt for the Lee's and what they went through with Lia. It broke my heart to see Lia having Epilepsy and to hear that she went Brain Dead because of it.

Rating: I give this book a 9 and I would recommend this book.

CES <3

Wednesday Wisdom: Enjoy the Little Things

Have a Nice Day! 

CES <3

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Vampire Diaries Fashion Series: Caroline

Hey as Promised, Here is the Fashion for Caroline!
Caroline fashion is very girly. She wears Blazers, Floral tops, Sweet heart neck line shirts, dresses and high heels.

Disclaimer: Not her exact outfits it's just my view on what is similar to what she wears on the show.

Just something cute and simple that she can pull off very well.

Floral Shorts!

A cute summer Dress

Such a Beautiful blazer that Caroline can really pull off and make her style!

Pink Wedge Heels

Sometimes you see her wearing a Jean Jacket to dress down some of her girly outfits.

A Formal Dress for her to wear. I personally love it and I think she would love it too.

I see that sometimes Caroline is wearing a Heart Necklace.

*Hope You liked this! Last one coming up soon is Bonnie*

CES <3

Friday, March 23, 2012

What I am Loving: Adam Levine

Hey! I been having lately a MAJOR Crush on Adam Levine. He is so sexy, I have to admit. I love watching him on the Voice!!

I just can't resist his Body. I mean even with Tattoo's he still looks hot.

CES <3

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Update on Life and Back from Hawaii!!

Hey! I just got back from Hawaii yesterday. I was there for a week with my mom and it was amazing! I stayed with my Boyfriend and got to spend much needed time with him. I am still gonna post pictures soon of the trip so ya'll can see it. The plane ride there and back wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, so I finally got over my fear of flying! I stayed on the Marine Base in Hawaii because my boyfriend is a Marine. I seen a lot of Mountains and I was on the beach a few times. I am going back to Hawaii over the summer and probably gonna stay for a month or so, I can't wait to go back and see my love. In April I am gonna start saving money so I have enough to take because My mom is finally gonna let me travel alone. I couldn't the first time because of my health but she gonna trust me to try on my own. Coming back home my luggage got lost but it was sent to me today so lucky I have it now! Jet lag has been affecting me like crazy because today I slept all the way till 3pm. I just didn't realize how tired I was. Anyways now I am back to going to classes, lab, doctor appointments and work. I missed some classes this week because of my flight got delayed so I am trying to get caught up with that. I am really also behind on Lab so this week coming up I am gonna have to put in a lot of hours. I have 2 Doctor Appointments this week coming up because I have to get my bladder looked at again. So it's gonna be crazy for a bit but I will do the post I been promising soon!

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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Quick Update about Spring Break!

Hey everyone! I just wanted to let you know that I will not be posting any this week coming up because it's our Spring Break. I am leaving for Hawaii at 6am and should be there by 3pm on Monday. I can't wait to go, I been looking forward to going to Hawaii almost my whole life. Hawaii is part of my Background and I can't wait to see how beautiful it is out there. Don't worry I will be taking plenty of pictures and when I get back I will post some pictures of me going to Hawaii. I am kinda scared about going on a plane but at least I won't be alone because my Mom is going too. I am already packed for Monday all I have is last minute stuff like my Phone charger. I am not sure if I will have internet access out in Hawaii so I just wanted to tell ya'll whats going to happen this week coming up. We are staying a week in Hawaii with my Boyfriend because he is in the marines. I will be coming back on Tuesday March 20 at 9am.

Have a Fun and Safe Spring Break everyone! 

CES <3

Pretty Little Liars Season 2 "Eye of the Beholder"

Hey PLL Fans! I wanted to make sure I put this Recap up because this Monday I will be gone for a week and I will miss This Episode coming up and the one where we find out who A is because I will be in Hawaii. So I just wanted to make sure this goes up before I leave. When I get back I will do a Big Recap for the 2 episodes I will miss.
So after seeing Duncan the girls were discussing what to do from there. Aria suggested that she will meet up with Duncan so she can get more information about how he knows Alison. The girls are not sure of the relationship Duncan had with Alison. While the girls are talking about Duncan, Spencer sees a car show up and Jenna gets out of the Car with Toby! So I guess we know that Toby is back from where ever he went. The thing I don't like though is that Toby is back with Jenna. Could this be True? The girls are not so happy with Toby being back with Jenna after everything she had put him through.
So Spencer walking the halls at school runs into seeing Toby with Jenna! Spencer is shocked when she see's Jenna had one of her eyes with something over it and that means that Jenna got one of the surgery for her eye's so she can see again. This doesn't sound good at all for the girls. When Jenna leaves for a minute, Spencer starts to talk to Toby about how she misses him. Spencer been thinking a lot about Toby and wants to be back with him but Toby thinks it's too late for that to happen. Dang! I really want Spencer to end up with Toby. Maybe Toby is only hanging around Jenna so that he can see what Jenna has been up to and if Jenna is going to hurt the girls or something. I just hope I am right about that.
At school Emily and Spencer were talking when they see Jason coming over to them. Jason tells the girls that he has found more stuff that had belonged to Alison. Jason told them also that Maya had brought them over to him and Emily was shocked and wondered what Maya said. Jason said he just found it on his porch and that he saw the news about Maya being missing. So still we have no idea where Maya is at and if she is being held captive by A. The girls are anxious to know what is inside those boxes and Jason said he would bring them by Spencer house later to see what would be in there. So Spencer still hasn't told the girls that Jason is her brother. Will she soon or will A tell the other girls about it??
So while the other girls were trying to find out what was inside those boxes that Jason was going to give them that belonged to Alison, Aria was meeting up with Duncan at school. Duncan told Aria he knew that Vivian was really Alison! Aria and Duncan talked about how he knew her and what they did before she died. Duncan didn't know that Alison was dead until Aria told him she was. Duncan was so upset about it and was asking questions about how she died and who killed her. Duncan told Aria he saw her that weekend before she disappeared!! So what is the relationship between Duncan and Alison? Can we trust Duncan?
Hanna saw how upset Spencer was about Toby being back with Jenna she knew she had to talk to him. Hanna was with Mona when they had a idea on how Hanna could talk to Toby. Mona met Toby in a empty room and told her she knew someone who was interested in a Truck. I guess Toby believed her because he started showing her pictures of his truck. Soon Hanna showed up and Toby was about to leave when Hanna had said for him to at least listen to her for a minute. Hanna told Toby why he would get back with Jenna after everything Jenna had put him through. Toby told her to shut up about his sister. Toby also told Hanna that the girls have also put Jenna through a lot of stuff too and that he hasn't forgot about that.
Emily finally heard from Maya at school but it wasn't from Maya number. All it said was that she was okay and could tell her more when she could. Later that night, Emily goes through her emails and sees a new message from Maya. It's from her number or email this time and it says that Emily is so brave, Emily is so strong and does what she wants and that Maya is not that brave. Maya also tells Emily not to tell her parents and that when the time is right, Maya will tell them whats been going on. But Maya also tells Emily that she shouldn't have went back to Rosewood and that now everything is a mess and that Maya shouldn't have ever lied to Emily.
The girls are walking to Spencer house when they get a message from A saying something about fire and smoke. Soon as they read that they see the Fire Department at Jenna house. Jenna and Toby were outside talking to the Fire Marshalls about I guess what had happen to Jenna that night when she got blinded. The girls are worried now because they have no idea what Toby could be telling the Fire Marshalls. They could get into some series trouble if anyone found out they were with Alison when Alison had blinded Jenna. The girls are not liking this at all and especially if Jenna gets her sight back.
So Ezra is visited by Both of Aria Parents in this episode!! First off, Ella shows up to say that she doesn't agree with what is going on with Ezra and Aria but also she doesn't want Aria to run away with Ezra either. I think Ella is coming around to Ezra being with A. She is making an effort at least instead of what Bryon is doing. Speaking of Bryon, he shows up later at Ezra office to say that he wants Ezra to take that Job and leave his daughter alone. Ezra has made up his mind and tells Bryon he is not taking the Job! Good for Ezra for finally fighting for Aria and not backing down about it. It's about time!! Well Bryon is not so happy about this and he leaves Ezra office, not in a happy mood at all. What will Bryon do next to Ezra?
Duncan told Aria to meet him again so they can discuss about Alison some more. What we didn't know about Duncan is the he flies Airplanes. He told Aria he used to take Alison flying all the time and Aria looked a little scared. Duncan told Aria he would talk to her if only she goes flying with him. Aria looked scared in the Plane and I wouldn't blame her. I hate height's as it is. Anyways Duncan tells Aria that he seen her that day she went missing because Alison told Duncan to fly her out somewhere because she had to meet up with someone. Aria didn't understand who would Alison be needing to meet that day.
After Jason drops off the bag with Alison stuff at her house, her Mom catches Spencer talking to Jason. Spencer Mom is not so happy with Spencer talking to Jason about stuff. Spencer said that she just can't shut him out like it never happen because thats Spencer brother now. It's kinda hard to just forget that Jason is now Spencer brother, her Mom should just accept that and try to not bring more drama into the house. Spencer also tells her mom that she confronted her dad about blackmailing Alison and finding money is his check book that didn't explain who it was from. Spencer mom admits it was her that wanted the private investigator because Spencer mom thinks Melissa might have killed Alison!! OMG! I knew something was up with Spencer mom acting that way.
So once Spencer mom left, the girls all started to go through everything that Jason brought them. The girls didn't really know where to look because they had no idea what to look for. The girls finally gave up but then Spencer found highlightings in old news papers. The highlightings were about Ads that Alison wrote to A and A had written back. The last one talked about Alison meeting up with A and A accepted it. So did Alison finally meet with A? The girls didn't know what to do now with this new information but that wasn't going to stop them from trying to find out on there own about Alison and if she met up with A or not.
So the girls needed the rest of what they didn't take from Jason to know if they are missing anything else. Hanna decides to go and pick up the rest of the things when she looks through the window and sees Jenna go down to the ground! Hanna looks around and she sees smoke and there is a Fire inside of Jason house. Hanna goes in to pull Jenna out when Spencer shows up and helps Hanna pull Jenna to safety. So what happen to cause that fire? My guess was that it was A that started it because at the end A puts Garrett badge on the ground next to Jason house. I wonder why A would want to hurt Jenna and frame Garrett?
The girls decided to go and check on Jenna to see how she was doing. Hanna mom showed up at the Hospital after she heard what Hanna did for Jenna and to make sure Hanna was okay. Spencer ended up cutting her self with a piece of broken glass and Wren helped her. Spencer and Wren talked about what has been going on with them and Wren asked if Spencer wanted to forget it never happen but Spencer said why would she ever want to forget it happen. So Spencer has feelings for Wren and Toby? Who do you like better with Spencer? Anyways the girls went inside the room where Jenna was staying in hospital to check on her. Toby told Jenna that Hanna had pulled her out of the fire. Once the girls got home the girls found another paper with a Concert being circled by Alison. Was Alison suppose to meet A there?

Favorite Quote: "This Family Invented Mix Signals"-Ella

Favorite Hottie:
 Jason is such a Hottie<3

Best Dressed:
Hanna looked Amazing here! I love her hair, makeup and outfit in this picture.

*So If you haven't yet, Please check out who I think is A. The next PLL Recap will be a big one because I will be combining this episode this week coming up and also next week! You will see them when I get back from Hawaii!!!*

CES <3

Pretty Little Liars: Who I Think Is A!!!

Hey PLL Fans!
So we have 1 more episode left till we find out who A is!!! I don't know about you but I am excited to finally find out who has been torturing the girls. I just hope after the reveal they still keep it interesting.


Hanna, Aria, Emily and Spencer had started to get text's from A after the funeral for Alison. Alison was their best friend who went missing and they found her a year later dead.
A was with them since Season 1. A is someone who was in the very first episode of Season 1. The Producers hinted that in Season 1 they gave us a hint for us to pick up on who was A but no one seen it. Cast members said that it was shocking when they found out who A was.

Who is A: My Theories

1. Maya St. Germain
Yes I think Maya has something to do with might being A. Okay for starters Maya was in the very first episode of Season 1. Maya moved into Alison house after Alison family moved out. That makes Maya having access to some of the things that were Alison. Outside by trash was Alison Diary so she might have kept it. Maya acts weird sometimes and she has taken a interest to Emily. In a episode it shows A buying Black Boots, When Maya is talking to Emily, Hanna says is those the new season boots and Maya has a weird look on her face and brings her pants leg down. It also shows Maya talking to Jason so she can easily get information out of Jason about things. Maya also has lied to Emily before so it makes us not want to trust Maya. I personally don't like Maya with Emily because of Maya is sketchy sometimes. 

2. Jenna
Jenna was in Season 1 Episode 1. Jenna was blinded by Alison and the Girls on accident. So Jenna could easily be A just to get revenge on the girls for what they did to her. Jenna never liked Alison from the very beginning. In the Hallween episode it showed how Alison and Jenna met. Alison told her not to show up in same costume but Jenna did any way. So we know that Jenna is not afraid of Alison. Jenna has also treated Toby like crap. Even though she is blind, She can still get someone to help her send text's to the girls and get someone to torture them for her.

3. Melissa
Melissa is Spencer sister. Melissa was in the very first Episode of Pretty Little Liars. Spencer and Melissa relationship is not very good as sisters. Melissa is mad at Spencer for her stealing all of Melissa boyfriends. Melissa found out Ian had a relationship with Alison before she died. Which would make Melissa hate Alison. The girls found out that Melissa was in Alison room before Alison died. Spencer parents thinks that Melissa had something to do with Alison Murder. We can't really trust Melissa. And what else is that we see Melissa talking to Garrett who Garrett is the one messing with the Girls with Jenna. Melissa had contact with Jenna, Garrett and Ian. 

4. Noel Khan
Not sure if he was in Season 1 Episode 1 but he is not a nice guy. Noel knew Alison and was close to her before she died. Something caused him to hate her later. Noel is very sneaky and we catch him at the places where the girls get into trouble or like how he was in the crowd at the bell tower and also when Hanna got ran over by the car. He knows about Aria hooking up with Ezra and he blackmailed Ezra by wanting him to get the grade he thought he deserved on a paper which was A. Once he has taken a interest to Aria so he could just be trying to get close to her. Noel had sabotaged the Fashion runway by putting a photo of Alison with hateful words on it. In some flashbacks we had seen Noel and Alison arguing. Noel hooked up with Jenna which we can trust. Noel could be A. I just don't trust him.

5. Wren
Wren used to date Melissa until Spencer hooked up with him. Wren was in the very first episode. We don't really know much about Wren life except him being a Doctor. I am not sure of why he would be A for motives but When A left a message on the therapist wall it said "Nosey bitches Die" The British spell Nosey like that. Wren has access to files and video footage at the Hospital. Wren could have easily looked at Alison files. 

6. Mona
Mona we seen has been bullied plenty of times by Alison and the other girls were part of Alison group. Which causes Mona only to want revenge. Mona though is A in the books so I am not sure they will use her as A in the show. Anyways Mona gets really close with Hanna. Mona is very good at computers as we find out. Mona also knows how to sneak into offices and get files. Mona has dated Noel. Mona recently got text from A but someone else could have sent those messages to her.

7. Lucas
So I am not sure if Lucas was in first episode but Lucas is very sketchy sometimes. Lucas was also bullied by Alison and Alison would always call him very hateful names and words. Lucas could be A for payback on the girls for being friends with Alison. Lucas later takes a interest to Hanna and is Jealous when Hanna starts to date Caleb. We never see Lucas that much so he can easily be the one torturing the girls. Lucas also wrecked Alison Memorial memory thing that the girls had got for Alison. Lucas almost killed Hanna when Hanna was in a boat with him.

8. Ezra
I hope Ezra is not A but there are some signs that points him to being A. Ezra was in the very first Episode. Ezra hooks up with Aria and then happens to be her teacher. Ezra has access at the school so he can easily keep a eye on the girls or have other students help him. We don't know much about his life except for him dating Jackie and that his Brother is coming soon. Alison had a Book called Lolita which I heard is about a Teacher and him hooking up with his students. That could be a Sign. I don't think he is A but just throwing that in here.

*So these are just a few of my theories and these are only my view on Who I think is A*

CES <3