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Monday, March 5, 2012

Spring Break Edition: #2 What's in my Carry-On!

Hey Everyone! This is my Second Edition for Spring Break. This Blog Post is all about what I am putting in my Carry-on.
So as you can see in this Picture, this is what my Carry-on looks like. I got this with a 8 piece set for about $66.00 at Burlington Coat Factory.

So In the little pocket up front I have: A Small brush, a few hair ties, bracelets and a small ring holder that has a few of my favorite rings and my Necklaces.

In the Bigger pocket I have: my Kindle Charger and Phone Charger

Inside of Carry-On: A Blanket, Small Pillow, Fuzzy Socks, Kindle, Camera, a Bathing Suit, one pair of Sleeping Clothes, my Quart Size Bag and my Medicine. Also will have my Makeup Bag and my Umbrella.

*So just a Quick overview of What's in my Carry-On. I will be leaving Next Week to Hawaii. Do you have any plans for Spring Break? Let me know below!*

CES <3

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