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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Pretty Little Liars: Who I Think Is A!!!

Hey PLL Fans!
So we have 1 more episode left till we find out who A is!!! I don't know about you but I am excited to finally find out who has been torturing the girls. I just hope after the reveal they still keep it interesting.


Hanna, Aria, Emily and Spencer had started to get text's from A after the funeral for Alison. Alison was their best friend who went missing and they found her a year later dead.
A was with them since Season 1. A is someone who was in the very first episode of Season 1. The Producers hinted that in Season 1 they gave us a hint for us to pick up on who was A but no one seen it. Cast members said that it was shocking when they found out who A was.

Who is A: My Theories

1. Maya St. Germain
Yes I think Maya has something to do with might being A. Okay for starters Maya was in the very first episode of Season 1. Maya moved into Alison house after Alison family moved out. That makes Maya having access to some of the things that were Alison. Outside by trash was Alison Diary so she might have kept it. Maya acts weird sometimes and she has taken a interest to Emily. In a episode it shows A buying Black Boots, When Maya is talking to Emily, Hanna says is those the new season boots and Maya has a weird look on her face and brings her pants leg down. It also shows Maya talking to Jason so she can easily get information out of Jason about things. Maya also has lied to Emily before so it makes us not want to trust Maya. I personally don't like Maya with Emily because of Maya is sketchy sometimes. 

2. Jenna
Jenna was in Season 1 Episode 1. Jenna was blinded by Alison and the Girls on accident. So Jenna could easily be A just to get revenge on the girls for what they did to her. Jenna never liked Alison from the very beginning. In the Hallween episode it showed how Alison and Jenna met. Alison told her not to show up in same costume but Jenna did any way. So we know that Jenna is not afraid of Alison. Jenna has also treated Toby like crap. Even though she is blind, She can still get someone to help her send text's to the girls and get someone to torture them for her.

3. Melissa
Melissa is Spencer sister. Melissa was in the very first Episode of Pretty Little Liars. Spencer and Melissa relationship is not very good as sisters. Melissa is mad at Spencer for her stealing all of Melissa boyfriends. Melissa found out Ian had a relationship with Alison before she died. Which would make Melissa hate Alison. The girls found out that Melissa was in Alison room before Alison died. Spencer parents thinks that Melissa had something to do with Alison Murder. We can't really trust Melissa. And what else is that we see Melissa talking to Garrett who Garrett is the one messing with the Girls with Jenna. Melissa had contact with Jenna, Garrett and Ian. 

4. Noel Khan
Not sure if he was in Season 1 Episode 1 but he is not a nice guy. Noel knew Alison and was close to her before she died. Something caused him to hate her later. Noel is very sneaky and we catch him at the places where the girls get into trouble or like how he was in the crowd at the bell tower and also when Hanna got ran over by the car. He knows about Aria hooking up with Ezra and he blackmailed Ezra by wanting him to get the grade he thought he deserved on a paper which was A. Once he has taken a interest to Aria so he could just be trying to get close to her. Noel had sabotaged the Fashion runway by putting a photo of Alison with hateful words on it. In some flashbacks we had seen Noel and Alison arguing. Noel hooked up with Jenna which we can trust. Noel could be A. I just don't trust him.

5. Wren
Wren used to date Melissa until Spencer hooked up with him. Wren was in the very first episode. We don't really know much about Wren life except him being a Doctor. I am not sure of why he would be A for motives but When A left a message on the therapist wall it said "Nosey bitches Die" The British spell Nosey like that. Wren has access to files and video footage at the Hospital. Wren could have easily looked at Alison files. 

6. Mona
Mona we seen has been bullied plenty of times by Alison and the other girls were part of Alison group. Which causes Mona only to want revenge. Mona though is A in the books so I am not sure they will use her as A in the show. Anyways Mona gets really close with Hanna. Mona is very good at computers as we find out. Mona also knows how to sneak into offices and get files. Mona has dated Noel. Mona recently got text from A but someone else could have sent those messages to her.

7. Lucas
So I am not sure if Lucas was in first episode but Lucas is very sketchy sometimes. Lucas was also bullied by Alison and Alison would always call him very hateful names and words. Lucas could be A for payback on the girls for being friends with Alison. Lucas later takes a interest to Hanna and is Jealous when Hanna starts to date Caleb. We never see Lucas that much so he can easily be the one torturing the girls. Lucas also wrecked Alison Memorial memory thing that the girls had got for Alison. Lucas almost killed Hanna when Hanna was in a boat with him.

8. Ezra
I hope Ezra is not A but there are some signs that points him to being A. Ezra was in the very first Episode. Ezra hooks up with Aria and then happens to be her teacher. Ezra has access at the school so he can easily keep a eye on the girls or have other students help him. We don't know much about his life except for him dating Jackie and that his Brother is coming soon. Alison had a Book called Lolita which I heard is about a Teacher and him hooking up with his students. That could be a Sign. I don't think he is A but just throwing that in here.

*So these are just a few of my theories and these are only my view on Who I think is A*

CES <3

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