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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Pretty Little Liars Season 2 "Father Knows Best"

Hey PLL Fans!
I just got done watching this episode and thought I would go ahead and do a recap of it while it's still fresh in my mind. Now this episode was okay not to shocking or exciting but there were parts that I did still love. This episode is all about the Father-Daughter Dance.
So Emily is still worried about Maya because Maya took off and only left a note to her parents but her parents filed Maya as missing. Emily just wants to know that Maya is okay. My opinion is that Maya is not the one for Emily, she deserves someone better for her. Maya is a little suspicious and I don't really trust her. When Emily walked upstairs to Hanna Room, Hanna started to ask questions about Maya but Emily didn't really wanna talk about it. Hanna said that Maya will call soon. All that the cops are doing now is talking to Maya parents and Emily.
So with all the Girls bothering Spencer about Melissa and if Melissa was the one to kill Alison. Spencer finally had a talk to her sister about why she was in the car with Garrett. Melissa said that Garrett was friends with Ian and that Garrett was being nice to Melissa since Ian had died. Spencer doesn't trust Garrett at all and now her sister is being friends with him. Anyways Melissa told Spencer that she might have told Garrett too much information and Spencer asked about what. Melissa told Spencer about the night Alison went missing. So what do You think about Melissa? Do you think she Killed Alison? 
Aria and Mike started talking and Mike brought up the Father-Daughter Dance. Aria is not feeling the Father-Daughter thing and rather not go to the Dance. Mike knows that she is only pretending to see Holden when actually she is still with Ezra. Mike overheard the conversation between Aria and their Mother. Mike asked why is she still with Ezra if all that relationship is causing problems for everyone? Aria just simply said "When you Love someone, it's Worth fighting for. No matter what the Odds." Which is true I mean I just love this quote. 
So ever since Ashley saw that Police Report of Hanna she been trying to find answers of who sent that to Hanna. Ashley decided to talk to Officer Wilden to see if he can help find out who is threatening Hanna. She shouldn't have done that because that means A will want to target her next! Wilden told Ashley that she would have to get Hanna phone to see who has been texting and calling her. Ashley really doesn't wanna do that but she wants to protect her daughter. Well Mona and Hanna caught Hanna Mom and Wilden in the car together. Hanna had some questions for her Mom and her Mom wanted Hanna cell phone but Hanna wouldn't give it to her and decided to throw it in the sink with all the soap and water. No phone for Hanna.
When Spencer got home from school, Spencer had a present from her Dad and it was a diamond necklace! Melissa just thinks that their Dad is just trying to shut Spencer up. Spencer Dad showed up and told her to wear it to the Father-Daughter Dance. I think Spencer is with Aria on the NOT FEELING THE WHOLE FATHER-DAUGHTER THING. I wouldn't blame Spencer either for it. So when Spencer Dad left, Spencer went through his things and found a writing for cash of $15,000 dollars and Spencer decided to call him out on it and she also found a stack of photo's of Alison. Spencer Dad said he bought a Private Investigator to find Alison. Spencer Dad thinks Melissa might have killed Alison. 
Emily Dad is back in Rosewood but it's only for the weekend! Emily was still upset with not hearing from Maya that her Dad told her they can go check out the Bus Stations to see if Maya did leave for San Francisco. When they got to Bus Station and asked the Clerk, the Guy said she did purchase a Ticket but he also saw her talking to someone in a dark color car and when he turned around Maya and the Car was gone. So where is Maya? When Emily was getting ready for the Dance, Maya called but Emily didn't answer it in time. Emily just wants to know where Maya is at and if she is okay.
So it's finally time for the Dance and to see all the Liars with their Father's but Hanna Dad doesn't show up. Emily and her Dad walked in together and Emily told her Dad that Maya had called and that was why she was a little late getting ready. Her Dad just wants Emily to be okay and to know that he will always be there for her. He also told her he is flying out tonight to Afghanistan!! I hope her Dad will be okay because he has been an amazing Dad to Emily. He is one of my Favorite parents on the show. Emily is sad by what she hears and told her Dad sorry that their whole weekend was just about Emily worrying about Maya. Emily Dad said it was fine, He just wanted to spend time with her.
Aria decides to go to the Dance with her Father. When they were dancing, Aria Father kept bringing up about how she was when she was a little girl. You can tell that Aria was getting Frustrated with her Dad. Finally Aria had enough and told her Dad "I'm not a little Girl anymore, Sorry but I'm not." I know this had to break Bryon heart and I think Aria was a bit harsh about the way she said it. I mean I know she is mad with him about trying to get rid of Ezra but her Dad still does really care about her and only wants what is best for her.
So the Girls have a bit of a Situation on their Hands. Hanna Mom and Aria Mom are looking to find more Information about A. This is not good for their Parents to get involved in because they can be A next target. The Girls have a meeting with Mona since Mona knows somewhat about A since she been getting text's from A. The Girls need something creative and Mona has a Idea but needs someone who can Lie the best and they all point to Aria! I thought that moment was funny and a little messed up. Anyways so what's the Lie?
Aria goes over Hanna house to talk to Hanna Mom. Aria tells Ashley that she knows about the Police Report and that she knows Hanna been stealing. Aria lied and said she only sent it to Hanna to scare Hanna and for her to stop Stealing. She said "I am -A, A for Anonymous and A for Aria." Aria said that she was sorry. You can tell that Aria looked uncomfortable lying to Hanna Mom but it had to be done. Later Ashley and Ella decided to talk and Ashley tells Ella she doesn't believe what Aria had said to her. They wanna take matters into their own hands but thats not a good Idea. 
Later back at Spencer house, Spencer Dad finds out that his Gun is missing from his desk and decided to call the Cops. When the Cops show up, Melissa arrive and tells Spencer that she is leaving that she can't stay in Rosewood with all the Drama and their Dad. Melissa tells Spencer that if Spencer ever needs a place to get away from their Dad that Spencer can go stay with Melissa. I don't really think thats a good idea because I don't really trust Melissa. Melissa seems to be nicer to Spencer but I just still don't trust her.
Later the next day, the Girls get a call from Jonah saying that Alison was receiving Text's from more than one number. The other set of Text's came from a address on Brookhaven. I guess that it's close to Rosewood. When the Girls shows up they have no idea where to look because Jonah couldn't give them a specific address or place. They started looking around when they found a creepy Doll Hospital place close by to the block radius that they got. The girls looked thru the window and saw closely the same Dolls that A had given them. 
They were looking thru the window when Aria started to get cold and Spencer said their was a coat in her car that Aria could wear. Aria goes to the car and takes out a Red Coat. When Aria had put it on, A guy calls Vivian name thinking that Aria was Vivian. When Aria turns around she sees a Guy that is around their age. So what happens from here? I think that there is only 2 episodes left till we find out who A is. I think that A is more than one person and that A is not the same one who killed Alison. It only can get crazier from here I think. 

Favorite Quote: "If you Love someone, it's worth fighting for no matter what the Odds are."

Favorite Hottie:
Mike is soo Cute :)

Best Dressed:
I really enjoyed and Loved Spencer dress in this episode!

*No Toby, Caleb, Wren or Ezra in this episode thats sad! So only 2 episodes away till we find out who is A. March 19 to be exact!! So Soon I will do a post on Who I think is A. Look out for that!*

CES <3

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