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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Vampire Diaries: All My Children

Hey! So I know I am late getting this up but I wanted to at least put this up before Spring Break. This Episode was a little crazy because Esther is trying to kill her Children because she knows that what she did to them isn't right and wants to fix that by killing them.
There is a ritual that has to be done with Bonnie and her mother so that Esther can complete the ritual and kill her children. The Originals have no idea whats going on. Elijah knows that Elena had lied about what his mother and her were talking about. Elijah takes her into the woods to talk and Elena has no idea whats about to happen. Before this happens, Elena finds out that Damon had slept with Rebeckah. Elena looks a little Jealous from this but thats my opinion. Anyways Elijah tells her that he knows she lied because he can hear her heart and knows when she is lying.
Elijah causes Elena to fall into the underground of the woods and Elena finds out that Rebeckah is keeping watch over her. Elena and Rebeckah are not on good terms so Elena fights to get away from Rebeckah. Soon Damon and Stefan find out that Elena is missing and Elijah shows up to tell them that Rebeckah has her and will kill Elena if the Ritual doesn't get stop. Damon and Stefan has to come up with a Plan fast and puts a plan in motion if they stab one Original while the Ritual is going on then they think the rest will Die. To distract them, They get Caroline to help out by showing up to the bar to distract Klaus because they know Klaus has a thing for Caroline. I don't care what other people think, I think that Klaus and Caroline should be together. I think they are perfect!
Caroline walks up to Klaus at the Bar and he ask her to join them but she said she rather not and walks away. Kol says something to Klaus and Klaus follows Caroline outside of the Bar to try and talk to her. Klaus dared Caroline to get to know him and Caroline said fine. Everything was going okay till Damon and Stefan put a knife through Kol, Rebeckah and Klaus started to feel it too and almost died when it had stop. Klaus asked Caroline what did she do but she said she didn't do anything. So is Caroline lying to Klaus? Anyways Klaus saves his Brother Kol and goes to find out where his mother is doing to the Ritual. They and Damon and Stefan find out they are doing it at the creepy witch house outside. Damon and Stefan decide in order to stop it they must Kill Bonnie or her Mother in order to stop the Ritual.
Stefan stops Bonnie but Damon instead of killing her Mother decides to turn her Mother into a Vampire which causes the Ritual to stop. Since the Ritual has ended, Elena is saved once again but Bonnie is not to happy. The Originals show up and once they do their Mother has fled with one of their brothers. Later on almost everybody has fled except for Klaus and Rebeckah. Rebeckah realizes that Klaus is the only one that hasn't abandon her and has been there for her no matter what has been going on with them. Anyways Elena goes to check up on Bonnie but Caroline answers the door and says Bonnie doesn't want to speak to Elena right now. Later on Elena gets a Note from Elijah with him saying sorry and that he didn't mean for all this to happen.
So at the End of the show, Alaric is hurt so Meredith brings him to her house so she can take care of him. When Alaric wakes up finally he gets up to move around and sees files of information she kept on all the killings that has been going on. Alaric now can believe that Meredith might be a killer. When he turns around, Meredith has a gun and is pointing it right at him. She tells Alaric that he wasn't suppose to see any of that and she shoots him!!! Whats going to happen to Alaric? Is he gonna die for good this time? I am sad, I really love Alaric and I will be mad if they finally kill him off the show. So whats going to happen next?

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  1. Elena is totally jealous and Alaric can not ever die, I wont allow it haha.