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Thursday, March 1, 2012

End of February Vlog 2012

So this Month hasn't been too bad. I just been really sick and in pain though. School is going fine so far even though I am behind in some of my classes because I had to miss classes this Month. Work is going okay but soon I think I am just going to quit and just try to focus on my Health. Me and my Boyfriend are doing good so far and since February is over now I have less than 2 weeks till I am in Hawaii and I get to see him!
So I had a doctor appointment this month and found out I had high blood pressure. Also that I am losing a lot of weight so this month I been trying to eat healthy. February was my friend wedding but sad that I couldn't go because my Health hasn't been that good. Also was my friend baby shower but couldn't go to that either. This month I didn't get out of the house at all because I haven't been feeling good.
I hope March goes a little better for me.

So what's happening in March is that I will be going to Hawaii for Spring Break, hopefully getting my Tattoo and my Brother's and dad birthday!

So How was February for you?

CES <3

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