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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Chloe First Halloween!!

Happy Halloween! This is Chloe first Halloween and she dressed up as Batman aka Bat Baby. We didn't do anything special this year for Halloween but next year we will since Chloe will be walking by then. Chloe is 7 1/2 months old.

Outfit of the Day: What I wore for Halloween! 2013

Happy Halloween to the ones who celebrate it!! What did you wear for Halloween? Let me know in the comments....

Here is what I wore today. It's simple but cute costume. Very cheap and easy to throw together for moms who just want something simple to wear for Halloween. My theme was the 80's Neon.

Top: Spirit Shop
Skirt: Had in my closet! (Don't remember where I got it at)
Tights: Spirit Shop
Yellow and Pink Bracelet: Forever 21
White Bracelet: Can't remember where it's from

Closer look....

Headband: Spirit Shop

I just put my hair in a pony tail. For eye shadow I did pink, blue and purple. I had also bright pink lips but it rub off during the day.

As you can see I added music notes with a purple eye liner to go with the 80's theme of the boom box radio's. 

Chloe was Batman aka Bat Baby lol

Happy Halloween and make sure to use safety at night! Tip is to check all candy before eating it....

CES <3

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 6 Recap

Hey Grey fans! Time for another recap on Grey's Anatomy, so what did you think about this episode? I have been a big fan of this show from the very beginning and I loved how the storyline has evolved since then. If you could be any character on Grey's who would you be? Anyways let's get started on episode 6.....

Warning: Do not read this if you haven't watched this episode yet, contains spoilers!!!!

* Alex and Jo are having issues in their relationship. Alex been coming home late for past 3 days.
* Most of the interns passed their boards to become a doctor
* Meredith wants to further her mom research and keep it going
* Owen is still seeing the girl from the Gala party. Seems like they are hitting it off pretty good. Is Cristina jealous?
* Shane is still feeling guilty about Heather death
* Callie tells Derek that she has to drop the project
* Something happened between Murphy and Arizona. Murphy wants to take things to the next level but Arizona doesn't know if thats a good idea right now.
* Callie wants to re invent her self
* Derek wants Shane back on his service
* Callie gets into a argument with Derek
* Richard helps the interns by using his pain to get them to think harder
* Cristina and Shane wants to use a new procedure on a patient
* Alex goes to a bar and he has been going there every night to see his dad play in a band
* Jo is worried about her relationship with Alex
* Cristina and Shane use the glue to help a patient heart. Shane stole the idea from Derek. Shane doesn't want to work with Derek anymore.
* Arizona tells Murphy that she can't sleep with Murphy anymore. She said it's a mistake. Murphy is upset.
* Alex and his dad talk at the bar but Alex dad doesn't know who Alex is
* Callie and Derek patient for the project that Callie started for Arizona died
* Jo figured out what was wrong with Richard
* Alex plays music with his dad at the bar. Alex finds out his dad has another kid that he hasn't seen in years and Alex gets mad and punches his dad in the face.
* Meredith confronts Cristina about way she is acting toward her
* Alex is upset with Jo for her wanting him to talk to his dad
* Arizona messages Murphy
* Derek said he will spend time with kids more so Meredith can work on her research

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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Outfit Of The Day (10/29/2013)

Hey everyone! Today I had class so I am showing you what I wore today.

Top: Got in Hawaii
Bandeau: Got in Hawaii
Pants: Walmart
Shoes: Walmart
Necklace: Walmart
Bracelet: H-E-B (Local Grocery Store)

I am just wearing simple makeup today and I am rocking a fish tail braid.

Here is a closer look at the fish tail braid....

CES <3

Monday, October 28, 2013

Outfit Of The Day (10/28/2013)

Hey everyone! It's a start of a new week which means today I had school and I have a outfit to show ya'll. Here is what I wore today for class...

Top: Walmart
Pants: 579
Shoes: Target
Bracelet: BCBG
Necklace: Walmart

Closer look at outfit. I am wearing a owl necklace :) Love wearing it for fall and winter season.

I wore my hair in a pony today with my bangs back with a headband. I wore light pink eye shadow with white eye liner and mascara. On my lips I am wearing Revlon Just Bitten lip stain in Sweet Heart.

CES <3

Weekly Recap/Thoughts on Fall Watch List #1

Hey Everyone! I am starting a new series where every week I will share my thoughts and reactions about the shows that I watched for that week. Now If you haven't checked out my fall watch list then go check that out first before reading this post because there I share what shows I am watching this fall. I will try to do these every week if I can. Most likely these will go up on either Sunday or Monday. If you watch the same shows as I do then please comment below and give me your thoughts about this weeks episodes.

Fall Watch List Link: http://ces101.blogspot.com/2013/10/my-fall-watch-list-2013.html

Warning: There will be some spoilers for the shows that I will be doing this week so If you haven't seen the episodes yet please don't read this.....


Ravenswood Season 1 Episode 1
So for the ones that don't know of this show its a spin off series from Pretty Little Liars. It's about 5 strangers who are bound by a curse that's in Ravenswood. Caleb and Miranda see headstones of their selves and start looking for answers. I personally love this new series! I liked how it had drama, mystery and it even had some scary parts to it. The end shocked me the most when their car went down the bridge and into the water. Who will survive? I hope next week they talk more about the curse and why the 5 of them are connected. Seems like the people in Ravenswood know more than they are telling. By the way who else thinks Miranda uncle is creepy??

Pretty Little Liars Halloween Episode
Can you believe that they finally showed Alison and she is alive?!?! The only thing is they didn't show her till the end of the episode. The liars went to Ravenswood trying to find Alison but ended up getting lost in a secret passage at the grave yard. I loved how they introduced the characters of Luke and Miranda. It was sad though when Hanna let Caleb stay with Miranda so he can help her find her uncle. Do you think Hanna should have stayed too? or Should Caleb never stayed with Miranda? I am excited to see how the story plays out with Alison being alive when the show returns. Last I think this episode wasn't scary as they made it out to be the Ravenswood series was more scary than the PLL episode. When the show returns the things I would like to see is Alison interacting with the liars, Ezra showing a different side, and what Mona has planned now.

Originals Season 1 Episode 3 and 4
Klaus has a plan in motion to get his brother Elijah back by gaining Marciel trust and saving his life. Davina the powerful witch doesn't want to give him back she wants to figure out how to kill a original. Hayley finds out she is having a girl. Klaus takes his sights on getting Devina to switch sides. I love this show! Klaus and Elijah are my favorites. You got to admit even though Klaus is evil he does have a softer side that he keeps hidden. Also who wishes Caroline should come to the Originals and be with Klaus? I still love them two together.

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland Season 1 Episode 3
This episode told the story of Will (Knaves) and about his lover. Alice and Knaves were captured by the Grindle monster but Alice defeated the Bandersnatch and they are set free with the enchanted mirror. Alice finds out that the White Rabbit has betrayed her trust and is working for the Red Queen. The thing that shocked me the most was finding out that Knaves lover is the Red Queen!!! Can't wait to find out how this plays out and how Alice will react to this. Can you believe that Red Queen and Jafar were actually playing nice together in this episode? How long do you think it will last? The sad thing is that we won't see another episode for 2 weeks... I love fairy tales and magic! I actually need to get caught up on the original Once I am so behind on that show. Just seen a preview that Hook and Emma kiss!!! I been wanting them to get together!!! Who agrees with me? Last what characters would you like to see in Wonderland?

Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 6
So this episode wasn't that exciting as I would have like it to be but we did see Alex punch his dad and Meredith confronting Cristina about way she been acting. I felt sorry for Alex because he really tried to bond with his dad till his dad said he had another kid he hasn't seen in a while that was when Alex lost his temper. Anyways it seems like Callie is trying to find her groove again which I am glad she is because I didn't like how Arizona treated her and then cheated on her. Callie deserves someone who wouldn't do that to her. Anyways Meredith is back to doing her mom research but she is worried she will turn out being just like her mom. Do you think Meredith will be okay in the end?

Reign Season 1 Episode 2
Mary is worried that someone in the castle wants her gone so she is determined to find out who. The person who wants Mary head on a stick is the Queen because her seer saw that Mary will cause the death of her son Francis. Francis is willing to protect Mary and help her find who wants her gone. I am so far loving this series! It doesn't exactly go by the history but it's exciting to see what the characters would do and normally wouldn't do. It takes the history of Mary and give it a twist to keep the audience excited and wanting more from this show. I would love for Mary to take down the queen! I am ready to see that battle take place...

Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 2
I am behind with episodes of this season because of another show coming on the same time as this does so I will be talking about episodes that has passed so bare with me till I can get caught up. Anyways Silas wants Katherine to his self and he will do whatever it takes to make that happen. Can you believe that Silas doppleganger is Stefan?!?! Crazy that we didn't see that coming. But I do enjoy seeing Katherine suffer and finally know how Elena felt when she was human and now Katherine is human and has to fight for her life. Finally I loved seeing Jeremy and Silas showdown! Jeremy is looking hot!! 

Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 3
Wow I didn't know Carol was such a badass but I did suspect she killed Karen and David. Rick knew almost right away that Carol killed them. Why did you think she did it? Anyways ugh Glenn better not die!!! Can't believe he is sick now! I hope they get to the medicine in time to save the rest of the people.

Witches of East End Season 1 Episode 4
So Freddie Prince Jr. was in this episode and he still looks hot! Anyways the girls mom has a vision that her lawyer was getting attack next so she and the guy who knows she does magic went to his house to stop it. We finally thought we knew who the shifter was because it was a guy who burned the girls in 1969 I think but he was only the messenger. Freya in order to impress her fiance mom she had to get the two brothers to come together for a dinner while Ingrid was dealing with the guy who she loved becoming dead! I hope he is not dead!!! He is a really great guy! 

CES <3

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Once Upon A Time: Wonderland Season 1 Episode 3 Recap

"I found my self in Wonderland, get back on my feet again. Is this Real or is this Pretend? I'll take a stand until the end"

Hey Once Upon a Time fans! How are you liking this show? Is still a hit or miss for most of ya'll? Anyways this is episode 3 of Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. Let's get started as I take you on the journey to Wonderland as I recap this episode and share my thoughts with ya'll....

Warning: Do not read this if you haven't watched this episode of Wonderland, contains spoilers!!!!

* A flashback shows the Marry Men stealing gold and at a fire when Will (Knaves of Hearts) shows up with gold and joins the Marry Men.
* Red Queen and Jafar are having a feast and ask Cyrus to join but he refuses. Jafar caught the note that Alice was sending and told Cyrus about it.
* Alice and Knaves goes to see the Caterpillar so Knaves can get his named cleared but the men are not happy to see him. Caterpillar tells Knaves to go to the woods and claim the lot but a monster has it.
* Flashback: Will tells the gang about Maleficent castle and he wants them to steal the gold. The guys don't think it's a good idea because they don't like messing with magic.Will goes back to the cabin and there's his love there. He tells her he is playing the Marry Men to steal all the gold from them so him and her can start a new life together.
* Red Queen and Jafar think of ways of how they can get Alice to make the wishes
* Alice and Knaves head to the house were the lot is but they instead fall down underground
* "When you steal for personal gain you end up losing your self"- Marry Men
*  Alice and Knaves are held captive by the Monster
* Can you believe that the Queen and Jafar are actually working together? How long do you think that will last?
* Flashback: The Marry Men steal the gold but Maleficent is upset because one of the men stole something else from her
* Jafar is upset because Alice and Knaves defeat the monster
* Cyrus plan worked out because Alice knew how to defeat the monster
* The Grindle monster lets them take the lot
* Robin hood is upset with Knaves about stealing the gold from magic for a girl but he lets Will go.
* Red Queen and Jafar go see Grindle. The monster tells them that the other monster was defeated by his guest and he names Knaves.
* Alice and Knaves has the enchanted mirror and they go to the spot where the bottle was suppose to stay buried at. They use the mirror and find out that the White Rabbit and Red Queen were the one who took the bottle.
* Alice is upset that the White Rabbit betrayed her
* Knaves doesn't want to clear up his name
* Jafar goes to see the Caterpillar about Knaves
* Knaves burns the Enchanted Mirror
* Knaves lover was the Red Queen!!!! OMG I didn't see that coming!!!

I personally think this was the best episode so far since this series has started. We got to see in this episode a little of the background of Will aka Knaves. But..... What shocked me the most was finding out that his lover was Red Queen!!! Who else was shocked by this? I can't wait to see how this plays out. So we got to see Red Queen and Jafar actually play nice together but how long do you think it will actually last?

CES <3

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Ravenswood Season 1 Episode 1 Recap

Hey PLL Fans! Are you ready for the spin-off series from Pretty Little Liars called Ravenswood? What did you think about this new series? I really hope for the best of this series as I am a big fan of Pretty Little Liars and for Tyler Blackburn who plays Caleb Rivers.

If you don't know what this show is about then let me do a short summary for you.... The town of Ravenswood is under a curse and 5 strangers are in the middle of it. They have to come together to unlock the secrets and mystery of this town. Caleb Rivers might be the only key to breaking this curse.

Warning: Do not read this post if you haven't watched the spin off series called Ravenswood! Contains spoilers of episode 1.....

* Caleb and Miranda want answers as to why their names are on tombstones at a grave yard. They head to Miranda uncle house. Her uncle works for the cemetery and deals with dead bodies.... Creepy right?
* Miranda meets her uncle and he is not pleased to see her
* Caleb tells Miranda uncle about their tombstones and he says he knows every single tombstone in the grave yard and there is no tombstone of them. Is he telling a lie? and Why?
* Mrs. Grunwald is the caretaker to Miranda's uncle
* Miranda's uncle tells Caleb that Miranda needs to leave town.
* Olivia and Luke are in the grave yard with their mom, their mom is cleaning a headstone that has black widow written on it in red writing. Their mom is very upset. Their dad is dead and their mom is the top suspect for killing him.
* Caleb and Miranda go back to Caleb tombstone to take a picture of it but it's gone and replaced with someone else! Caleb goes into town to find out more information and Miranda takes another turn at her uncle.
* Caleb heads to the newspaper place and meets Remy who works there with her dad. Caleb asks to see the obituary. Remy dad tells him to check somewhere else for it in town. It seems like her dad knows more than he saying. Does the whole town know what is going on???
* Miranda talks to her uncle and she is more upset now for him abandoning her when she was younger.
* "What I have to do to get his attention? Crawl into one of those boxes."- Miranda to Mrs. Grunwald
* Caleb is in a coffee shop and calls Hanna to let her know he is okay and is coming home when Miranda settles in. Remy shows up and shows him that she found the obituary.
* Tess asks Olivia if she is going to the parade tonight. Olivia doesn't know if she wants to go considering after everything that has happened to her family. Olivia is homecoming queen.
* Remy and Caleb sit down at the coffee shop to talk. Remy tells Caleb about the flood that happened many years ago that could have took the whole town down but it didn't.
* Luke shows up in the coffee shop and gets harassed by a guy talking about Luke sister. He gets in a fight with him.
* Remy runs after Luke and asks him why he stop talking to her. They get really close and seems like their about to kiss when her dad shows up. Her dad seems really strict.
* Miranda is sitting down looking at a photo album when a comb falls off the table and a figure appears to scare Miranda then disappears.
* Miranda is freaked out and wants to leave but Caleb wants to stay and find answers
* Miranda wants Luke to go to the parade but he doesn't think they should go, he said the whole town hates their mom and them.
* Caleb and Miranda attend dinner with her uncle
* Remy is having dinner with her parents and there seems to be tension between them. Remy dad doesn't want her with Luke.
* Miranda was given a photo album that contains pictures of her mom
* Caleb is taking a bath when the water turns on by it self and the shower curtain falls on him. It seems like someone is drowning Caleb!!!! The figure is gone when Caleb finally gets up from being under the water.
* Caleb tells Miranda that he thinks her uncle try to drown him then Caleb dad calls him.
* Remy talks to her mom and she is very upset. Her mom just got back from being in the military and her whole unit died except for her. I personally think also that Remy parents are getting a divorce by way they act toward each other.
* Miranda and Caleb go to the parade when they see Remy. Caleb wants to get the obituary.
* The parade begins in Ravenswood.....
* Olivia is riding in a car in the parade when a guy spills a red drink all over her
* Remy, Caleb and Miranda find the obituary. It shows that Miranda and Caleb died from the flood with some other people that day. They hear a noise and decided to leave when Miranda uncle is watching them.
* Luke tells his sister Olivia that he thinks their mom killed their dad
* Remy tells Caleb and Miranda about her mom unit and that she thinks they are somehow apart of it. Their look alikes died right after a solider came home to Ravenswood. She tells them that when the soldier came home he said the same thing that her mom is saying now and after he came home 5 teens died in a train accident.
* Remy is driving Caleb and Miranda to a restaurant when they see Olivia and Luke. They give them a ride too.
* They are driving when Miranda sees someone on the bridge and she tells them to look out and the car goes off the bridge and into the water. The 5 are stuck in the car with water covering the car!!!!!

Will they survive? This series so far is amazing! I love how the town has mystery and drama you never know what's going to happen next. I know everyone is sad that Caleb left Rosewood but we get to see his character grow and get to know more about his background. I can't wait to see more episodes to see what is going to happen and now more about the curse.

CES <3

Friday, October 25, 2013

My Fall Watch List 2013

Hey Everyone!
So I don't know if you remember but in the summer I did a summer watch list showing you what Tv shows I watched over the summer well now I am doing a fall watch list. I am going to show you all the shows that I am watching this fall. Share with me what Tv shows you are watching now!!!

My Fall Watch List

Monday: No Shows on Monday!


* Ravenswood (ABC Family) 7PM ~ Pretty Little Liars Spin Off Series~
* Originals (CW) 8PM ~Vampire Diaries Spin Off Series~

Wednesday: No Shows on Wednesday!


* OUAT Wonderland (ABC) 7PM ~ Once Upon a Time Spin Off Series~
* Vampire Diaries (CW) 7PM 
* Grey's Anatomy (ABC) 8PM
* Reign (CW) 8PM


* Americas Next Top Model (CW) 8PM

Saturday: No Shows on Saturday!


* Walking Dead (AMC) 8PM
* Witches of East End (LifeTime) 9PM

These are all the shows that I am watching this fall. As you may see some shows I have to watch online because they come on same time as another show or I have school like on Tuesday and miss it. Last is I am starting to do Sunday weekly recaps/thoughts on my fall watch list which means every Sunday I will share my thoughts and reactions about my shows that I watched that week.

CES <3

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Pretty Little Liars: Halloween Episode Recap

Hey PLL Fans! Did you miss Pretty Little Liars? I know I did..... Anyways we get to see the Halloween episode!!!! What did you think about it? This episode introduced us more into the world of Ravenswood, The characters that we will see in the spin off series and how Caleb stays in Ravenswood.

Warning: Do not read this post if you haven't watched this episode yet, Contains spoilers!!!!!!!

* The liars are crashing a party in Ravenswood at a Grave Yard
* Caleb is on a bus heading to Ravenswood
* "Aria get a grip"- Spencer to Aria
* Ezra called Aria asking where she was at and to be careful
* Caleb is talking to Miranda on the bus. She is a foster child too.
* Mrs. Grunwald tells Emily that they need to leave now
* Aria went looking for a girl to talk to from the party
* The girls saw Red Coat and started following it because they think it was Alison
* Hanna is freaked out by twin girls dressed in a red coat
* The girls find a secret passage and get locked in. Hanna is still freaking out. Hanna is missing!!!
* Hanna is lost and sees Help Me on a wall. Hanna got scared by rats and runs till she sees a door and it opens to a place.
* Caleb and Miranda arrive in Ravenswood. She leaves to go find her uncle and Caleb goes to grave yard to find Hanna.
* Hanna is in a house and finds a phone booth. She gets locked in.
* The girls finally get in the house and hearing people talking then Spencer goes missing. The girls also see blood falling from the ceiling.
* Hanna sees Alison through a window in the phone booth then someone opens the door and it's Miranda.
* Miranda tells Hanna that her uncle lives in this house. Miranda helps Hanna find the girls.
* Emily and Aria were trying to escape out a window but then they hear a voice that sounded like Alison saying "You can't keep me here"
* Spencer found the guy who might be after Alison and she fights him off and she ends up hitting her head. Aria and Emily find her then they find a room with a tape playing with Alison voice then Mrs. Grunwald enters the room
* Caleb finds Miranda and Hanna. Hanna shows them the place where they found the passage but can't open it. Miranda finds a headstone of her.
* The girls head out to Spencer car but she has a flat tire
* Hanna doesn't want Miranda to be by her self so Hanna kisses Caleb and tells him to stay in Ravenswood with her
* Ezra shows up in Ravenswood and gives the girls a ride back to Spencer house
* At Spencer house the girls see Alison in Spencer back yard. Alison says that it is not safe for her yet and that she needs their help. Ezra comes back to see Aria to give her phone back when the girls turn around Alison disappeared....
* At end it shows Caleb with Miranda walking in the grave yard when Miranda sees a tombstone of Caleb!!!

So what did ya'll think about this episode? I looked at the reviews and it was a hit or miss with this episode. Some thought it wasn't scary enough and some thought it didn't give us enough answers. What I love is that they showed us Luke and Miranda who are in the spin off series Ravenswood. As you could tell Miranda and Caleb shared a instant bond as they have both been in foster homes. So at the end we got to see Alison and she is alive!!! I can't wait to see how this plays out....

Pretty Little Liars comes back on Jan. 7, 2014!!!

CES <3