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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Chloe Torticollis Update #3

Chloe is officially done with Physical Therapy! She had her last appointment on October 17 and everything went really well.

Chloe had to go to PT for her head and neck, she had 12 appointments total to help strengthen her neck and the rotation. At first she wasn't happy at all when the PT did the stretches on her because she would always cry and want me but now it doesn't really phase her as much. When we first started she had poor left neck rotation she would have to turn her whole body to look to the left but now she can actually look to the left without turning her body so much. Still a working progress!

I am very proud of Chloe! The place did a very good job and I am happy with the results. The PT did say for me to continue with the stretches as her Torticollis can come back when Chloe starts walking so we just have to keep a eye on that.

The PT also notices that Chloe has a hard time sitting up still and rolling from her tummy to her back so we just have to work with her on that and hopefully we won't have to come back to PT for that.

Also Chloe doesn't need a helmet right now! The doctor thinks she will be fine and that when she gets hair in it won't be as noticeable. We are still working on her head shape though!

This is everything that I wanted to share with ya'll on Chloe torticollis. If anything comes up in the future with it I will do another update....

CES <3

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