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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 2 Recap

Hey Everyone! What did you think of this week episode of Grey's?

* Everyone is very tired from the events that just happened
* Alex and Jo haven't had sex yet
* Richard keeps losing weight
* There is a hole in the hospital
* "If you can't be both then we are in a lot of trouble" -Owen
* April is worried about her boards
* A patient cheated on her husband with his brother
* Richard needs a NG tube but he doesn't want it
* Owen and Jackson argue about the money situation and Jackson getting his patient a pro bono surgery
* Arizona wants Callie to attend Couples Therapy
* Owen moved Jackson patient to another hospital
* Derek and Meredith are trying to adjusting to having a newborn and they are exhausted
* Richard is having trouble breathing and eating
* Cristina is going ahead with risky surgery
* April was doing a surgery and Callie told her not to cut a bone and she did anyways
* Alex wants sex with Jo to be special
* Meredith goes to the hospital to help out with Richard
* April patient died and the intern has to tell the husband that she died and she slept with his brother
* Owen is pushing for a board meeting to take care of the hole in hospital and financial problems
* Jackson got the money to do his surgery on his patient
* Shane did the NG tube on Richard
* April passed her boards!
* Cristina couldn't finish her patient surgey because of his heart. He needs to be put on heart transplant list.
* Callie and the intern didn't tell the husband the truth about his wife
* They are doing a Gala fundraiser party to raise the money that they need
* Alex and Jo finally get to have sex
* Cristina wants Owen to date other people
* Callie doesn't attend couples therapy but Callie tells Arizona she should go to therapy
* Richard is mad at Meredith because he didn't want to be brought back to life

CES <3

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