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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Once Upon A Time: Wonderland Season 1 Episode 2 Recap

"I found my self in Wonderland, Get back on my feet again. Is this Real or Is this Pretend? I'll take a stand until the end"-

Hey fans of Once upon a Time! What did you think about this episode of Wonderland? Was it better than last week premiere? Now let's take a journey into Wonderland as I recap this episode....

Warning: Do not read this post if you haven't watched this episode yet, Contains spoilers of episode 2 of Wonderland......

* Agrabah many years ago they show Jafar talking to a man. He is looking for the wishes he requires to become powerful. The Genie Cyrus disappears as soon a Jafar walks in the room. Jafar kills the man and Genie arrives in Wonderland.
* Alice practices her sword fighting skills
* Alice and Knaves go look for Genie bottle to find Cyrus
* The people of Wonderland are mad at the Red Queen. Red Queen summons Jafar. Jafar wants the bottle. Jafar turns all the people there into dust.
* "What Cyrus and I have you wouldn't understand"- Alice to Knaves
* White Rabbit goes to see the Red Queen. Rabbit tells Queen about the Bottle and where it is at.
* Knaves is afraid of water and they are stuck because now they have to get through a ocean
* Alice summons a fairy for help. The fairy slaps Knaves. Alice asks for the fairy to help them across a ocean. The fairy name is Silvermist who is friends with Tinkerbell. She agrees to help.
* A Flashback: Genie tells Alice about the rules of magic. What you can and can not wish for.
* The fairy lets Alice and Knaves fly across the water but then the fairy lets Knaves drop to the water knowing he can't swim and Alice goes in after him
* Alice saves Knaves but now they are stuck in the ocean. Alice asks Knaves what he did to fairy and why is his heart like this now.
* "You have the whole world Alice I can show it to you"- Cyrus
* Queen wants Jafar to satisfy her needs. Jafar threatens the Queen.
* Alice and Knaves finds a turtle to take them to land
* Cyrus teaches Alice how to fight with a sword in a flashback she finds his weakness during the fight by kissing him
* The fairy wanted Knaves since he is a wanted man but Knaves convinces her to let him go so he can help Alice
* In a flashback Cyrus tells Alice he loves her but he has to let her go. Alice wants to stay with Cyrus and not make the wishes but instead bury the bottle
* Jafar is digging for the bottle. Alice and Knaves see Jafar and she knows the bottle is somewhere else. When Alice finds the place the bottle is gone.
* Cyrus sends Alice a note from his cage
* Red Queen tells Jafar she has the bottle
* Alice is upset that the bottle is gone she thinks Cyrus has moved on from her
* Queen breaks her promise to the rabbit
* Alice receives the letter and writes back saying she is coming from him

So the reviews on this show is still a hit or miss but I did love this episode of Wonderland. I liked how at the beginning they explained why Jafar and Cyrus left Agrabah for Wonderland. Of course Jafar wants all the power for him self he might even kill the Red Queen in the process! I am still wondering why White Rabbit would betray Alice and I hope they explain that a little more soon and I hope Alice finds out soon as well. Can I just say I love Cyrus? He is perfect for Alice and I hope nothing happens to him! He is a Genie and as soon as those wishes are made he will be gone so I wonder how they will do his storyline once that happens if it does. Last if you are wondering how is this a spin off well in the first episode they had shown the characters Granny and Cinderella at the beginning and in this episode they showed Silvermist so I think in the future episodes they will show more characters from the original Once. Next episode we will see Robin Hood and Maleficent. So please give it a chance to wow you! It might surprise you....

CES <3

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