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Friday, October 25, 2013

My Fall Watch List 2013

Hey Everyone!
So I don't know if you remember but in the summer I did a summer watch list showing you what Tv shows I watched over the summer well now I am doing a fall watch list. I am going to show you all the shows that I am watching this fall. Share with me what Tv shows you are watching now!!!

My Fall Watch List

Monday: No Shows on Monday!


* Ravenswood (ABC Family) 7PM ~ Pretty Little Liars Spin Off Series~
* Originals (CW) 8PM ~Vampire Diaries Spin Off Series~

Wednesday: No Shows on Wednesday!


* OUAT Wonderland (ABC) 7PM ~ Once Upon a Time Spin Off Series~
* Vampire Diaries (CW) 7PM 
* Grey's Anatomy (ABC) 8PM
* Reign (CW) 8PM


* Americas Next Top Model (CW) 8PM

Saturday: No Shows on Saturday!


* Walking Dead (AMC) 8PM
* Witches of East End (LifeTime) 9PM

These are all the shows that I am watching this fall. As you may see some shows I have to watch online because they come on same time as another show or I have school like on Tuesday and miss it. Last is I am starting to do Sunday weekly recaps/thoughts on my fall watch list which means every Sunday I will share my thoughts and reactions about my shows that I watched that week.

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