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Thursday, October 17, 2013

My Day in the Life (10/17/2013)

Hey everyone so today probably wasn't a good day for a day in life but I still wanted to post it anyways. I have been in pain lately because of bladder so I wasn't in the best mood today and Chloe was fussy a lot today I think it's because she is teething.

Starting with last night Chloe went to sleep at 9pm so after she went to sleep I got on computer and watched some youtube. At 12:30am I got off computer and when I open the door to go to bathroom Chloe woke up. I changed her diaper and gave her some milk she didn't go back to sleep till 1:05am. I probably didn't go to sleep till 1:30 or 2am....

At 8am my alarm went off and I stayed in bed till 8:15 till I finally got up to get dressed, make Chloe a bottle and gave her the milk to drink. At 8:40am I changed Chloe diaper and got her dressed then I woke up my mom so she can take us to Chloe last PT appointment. At 8:55am We left for the appointment and got seen at 9:30am. The appointment went good and they discharged Chloe so she has no more appointments with them because they see that her head and neck is improving! 10:05am we got out of PT and went to grocery store to pick up a few things. At 11am we came home to put up the groceries and my mom made lunch. 11:30am I changed Chloe diaper and let her play in the high chair with her toys while I ate lunch.

At 12pm I tried to give Chloe some baby food but she was not having it so I put her on the floor in my room so she can play with her toys. 12:30pm I cleaned up a little while Chloe played on the floor, it keeps her busy so I can clean and get some stuff done. 1pm I changed Chloe diaper and gave her a bottle then at 2pm Chloe took a nap for a hour and a half. She woke up at 3:30pm and I let her play on the floor while I made her a bottle. 4pm I changed her diaper, ate supper and gave Chloe some baby food. For some reason for past couple of days she hasn't really been wanting her baby food I think it's because she is teething so she rather just have a bottle so she can chew on the nipple part. 4:30pm I had to take Chloe outfit off because she got baby food all over it and I cleaned her then put some lotion on her then I let her play.

At 5pm I checked stuff on computer while Chloe played on floor, I usually don't get on computer till Chloe sleeps at night but since she was happy playing I decided to go on computer for little bit. At 5:30pm I got off and I changed Chloe diaper then at 6pm I gave Chloe a bottle. 6:45pm I turn computer back on to get ready to take notes on tonights shows that I am recapping. 7pm Chloe is still playing on floor while I am watching Once Upon a Time in Wonderland then 30 minutes later I had to change her diaper and she started becoming fussy. At 8pm Chloe got a bottle then she lay down because she was tired while I watched Grey's Anatomy then she fells asleep 15 minutes later. So now I am just laying in bed next to her watching youtube videos and probably going to end my night watch Gossip Girl.

She is such a big girl now. Can't believe she is 7 months old!

This is the scarf I wore today! Got it at Walgreens.

This is what I wore today!!

I haven't had a snapple in a while and this is my favorite one.

What I had for Lunch today since it was cold outside.

Burning a Apple and Cinnamon candle!

Typing up the Wonderland recap for tonight episode. Just a sneak peak for now.

Once Upon a time in Wonderland. Jafar from tonight episode.

Grey's Anatomy!!!

Hope this was okay I might do one Saturday showing you what I do when Chloe spends time with her grandparents.

CES <3

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