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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 6 Recap

Hey Grey fans! Time for another recap on Grey's Anatomy, so what did you think about this episode? I have been a big fan of this show from the very beginning and I loved how the storyline has evolved since then. If you could be any character on Grey's who would you be? Anyways let's get started on episode 6.....

Warning: Do not read this if you haven't watched this episode yet, contains spoilers!!!!

* Alex and Jo are having issues in their relationship. Alex been coming home late for past 3 days.
* Most of the interns passed their boards to become a doctor
* Meredith wants to further her mom research and keep it going
* Owen is still seeing the girl from the Gala party. Seems like they are hitting it off pretty good. Is Cristina jealous?
* Shane is still feeling guilty about Heather death
* Callie tells Derek that she has to drop the project
* Something happened between Murphy and Arizona. Murphy wants to take things to the next level but Arizona doesn't know if thats a good idea right now.
* Callie wants to re invent her self
* Derek wants Shane back on his service
* Callie gets into a argument with Derek
* Richard helps the interns by using his pain to get them to think harder
* Cristina and Shane wants to use a new procedure on a patient
* Alex goes to a bar and he has been going there every night to see his dad play in a band
* Jo is worried about her relationship with Alex
* Cristina and Shane use the glue to help a patient heart. Shane stole the idea from Derek. Shane doesn't want to work with Derek anymore.
* Arizona tells Murphy that she can't sleep with Murphy anymore. She said it's a mistake. Murphy is upset.
* Alex and his dad talk at the bar but Alex dad doesn't know who Alex is
* Callie and Derek patient for the project that Callie started for Arizona died
* Jo figured out what was wrong with Richard
* Alex plays music with his dad at the bar. Alex finds out his dad has another kid that he hasn't seen in years and Alex gets mad and punches his dad in the face.
* Meredith confronts Cristina about way she is acting toward her
* Alex is upset with Jo for her wanting him to talk to his dad
* Arizona messages Murphy
* Derek said he will spend time with kids more so Meredith can work on her research

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