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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Pretty Little Liars: Halloween Episode Recap

Hey PLL Fans! Did you miss Pretty Little Liars? I know I did..... Anyways we get to see the Halloween episode!!!! What did you think about it? This episode introduced us more into the world of Ravenswood, The characters that we will see in the spin off series and how Caleb stays in Ravenswood.

Warning: Do not read this post if you haven't watched this episode yet, Contains spoilers!!!!!!!

* The liars are crashing a party in Ravenswood at a Grave Yard
* Caleb is on a bus heading to Ravenswood
* "Aria get a grip"- Spencer to Aria
* Ezra called Aria asking where she was at and to be careful
* Caleb is talking to Miranda on the bus. She is a foster child too.
* Mrs. Grunwald tells Emily that they need to leave now
* Aria went looking for a girl to talk to from the party
* The girls saw Red Coat and started following it because they think it was Alison
* Hanna is freaked out by twin girls dressed in a red coat
* The girls find a secret passage and get locked in. Hanna is still freaking out. Hanna is missing!!!
* Hanna is lost and sees Help Me on a wall. Hanna got scared by rats and runs till she sees a door and it opens to a place.
* Caleb and Miranda arrive in Ravenswood. She leaves to go find her uncle and Caleb goes to grave yard to find Hanna.
* Hanna is in a house and finds a phone booth. She gets locked in.
* The girls finally get in the house and hearing people talking then Spencer goes missing. The girls also see blood falling from the ceiling.
* Hanna sees Alison through a window in the phone booth then someone opens the door and it's Miranda.
* Miranda tells Hanna that her uncle lives in this house. Miranda helps Hanna find the girls.
* Emily and Aria were trying to escape out a window but then they hear a voice that sounded like Alison saying "You can't keep me here"
* Spencer found the guy who might be after Alison and she fights him off and she ends up hitting her head. Aria and Emily find her then they find a room with a tape playing with Alison voice then Mrs. Grunwald enters the room
* Caleb finds Miranda and Hanna. Hanna shows them the place where they found the passage but can't open it. Miranda finds a headstone of her.
* The girls head out to Spencer car but she has a flat tire
* Hanna doesn't want Miranda to be by her self so Hanna kisses Caleb and tells him to stay in Ravenswood with her
* Ezra shows up in Ravenswood and gives the girls a ride back to Spencer house
* At Spencer house the girls see Alison in Spencer back yard. Alison says that it is not safe for her yet and that she needs their help. Ezra comes back to see Aria to give her phone back when the girls turn around Alison disappeared....
* At end it shows Caleb with Miranda walking in the grave yard when Miranda sees a tombstone of Caleb!!!

So what did ya'll think about this episode? I looked at the reviews and it was a hit or miss with this episode. Some thought it wasn't scary enough and some thought it didn't give us enough answers. What I love is that they showed us Luke and Miranda who are in the spin off series Ravenswood. As you could tell Miranda and Caleb shared a instant bond as they have both been in foster homes. So at the end we got to see Alison and she is alive!!! I can't wait to see how this plays out....

Pretty Little Liars comes back on Jan. 7, 2014!!!

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