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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Ravenswood Season 1 Episode 1 Recap

Hey PLL Fans! Are you ready for the spin-off series from Pretty Little Liars called Ravenswood? What did you think about this new series? I really hope for the best of this series as I am a big fan of Pretty Little Liars and for Tyler Blackburn who plays Caleb Rivers.

If you don't know what this show is about then let me do a short summary for you.... The town of Ravenswood is under a curse and 5 strangers are in the middle of it. They have to come together to unlock the secrets and mystery of this town. Caleb Rivers might be the only key to breaking this curse.

Warning: Do not read this post if you haven't watched the spin off series called Ravenswood! Contains spoilers of episode 1.....

* Caleb and Miranda want answers as to why their names are on tombstones at a grave yard. They head to Miranda uncle house. Her uncle works for the cemetery and deals with dead bodies.... Creepy right?
* Miranda meets her uncle and he is not pleased to see her
* Caleb tells Miranda uncle about their tombstones and he says he knows every single tombstone in the grave yard and there is no tombstone of them. Is he telling a lie? and Why?
* Mrs. Grunwald is the caretaker to Miranda's uncle
* Miranda's uncle tells Caleb that Miranda needs to leave town.
* Olivia and Luke are in the grave yard with their mom, their mom is cleaning a headstone that has black widow written on it in red writing. Their mom is very upset. Their dad is dead and their mom is the top suspect for killing him.
* Caleb and Miranda go back to Caleb tombstone to take a picture of it but it's gone and replaced with someone else! Caleb goes into town to find out more information and Miranda takes another turn at her uncle.
* Caleb heads to the newspaper place and meets Remy who works there with her dad. Caleb asks to see the obituary. Remy dad tells him to check somewhere else for it in town. It seems like her dad knows more than he saying. Does the whole town know what is going on???
* Miranda talks to her uncle and she is more upset now for him abandoning her when she was younger.
* "What I have to do to get his attention? Crawl into one of those boxes."- Miranda to Mrs. Grunwald
* Caleb is in a coffee shop and calls Hanna to let her know he is okay and is coming home when Miranda settles in. Remy shows up and shows him that she found the obituary.
* Tess asks Olivia if she is going to the parade tonight. Olivia doesn't know if she wants to go considering after everything that has happened to her family. Olivia is homecoming queen.
* Remy and Caleb sit down at the coffee shop to talk. Remy tells Caleb about the flood that happened many years ago that could have took the whole town down but it didn't.
* Luke shows up in the coffee shop and gets harassed by a guy talking about Luke sister. He gets in a fight with him.
* Remy runs after Luke and asks him why he stop talking to her. They get really close and seems like their about to kiss when her dad shows up. Her dad seems really strict.
* Miranda is sitting down looking at a photo album when a comb falls off the table and a figure appears to scare Miranda then disappears.
* Miranda is freaked out and wants to leave but Caleb wants to stay and find answers
* Miranda wants Luke to go to the parade but he doesn't think they should go, he said the whole town hates their mom and them.
* Caleb and Miranda attend dinner with her uncle
* Remy is having dinner with her parents and there seems to be tension between them. Remy dad doesn't want her with Luke.
* Miranda was given a photo album that contains pictures of her mom
* Caleb is taking a bath when the water turns on by it self and the shower curtain falls on him. It seems like someone is drowning Caleb!!!! The figure is gone when Caleb finally gets up from being under the water.
* Caleb tells Miranda that he thinks her uncle try to drown him then Caleb dad calls him.
* Remy talks to her mom and she is very upset. Her mom just got back from being in the military and her whole unit died except for her. I personally think also that Remy parents are getting a divorce by way they act toward each other.
* Miranda and Caleb go to the parade when they see Remy. Caleb wants to get the obituary.
* The parade begins in Ravenswood.....
* Olivia is riding in a car in the parade when a guy spills a red drink all over her
* Remy, Caleb and Miranda find the obituary. It shows that Miranda and Caleb died from the flood with some other people that day. They hear a noise and decided to leave when Miranda uncle is watching them.
* Luke tells his sister Olivia that he thinks their mom killed their dad
* Remy tells Caleb and Miranda about her mom unit and that she thinks they are somehow apart of it. Their look alikes died right after a solider came home to Ravenswood. She tells them that when the soldier came home he said the same thing that her mom is saying now and after he came home 5 teens died in a train accident.
* Remy is driving Caleb and Miranda to a restaurant when they see Olivia and Luke. They give them a ride too.
* They are driving when Miranda sees someone on the bridge and she tells them to look out and the car goes off the bridge and into the water. The 5 are stuck in the car with water covering the car!!!!!

Will they survive? This series so far is amazing! I love how the town has mystery and drama you never know what's going to happen next. I know everyone is sad that Caleb left Rosewood but we get to see his character grow and get to know more about his background. I can't wait to see more episodes to see what is going to happen and now more about the curse.

CES <3

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