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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Chloe's First Easter 2013

Happy Easter everyone! Just wanna say first Happy Birthday to my Dad....
Anyways today Chloe is 3 weeks old and this is her first Easter. I thought I would share some photo's that we took of her for Easter. These photo's are not professionally done but they still look amazing. My mom cousin took all of these photo's.


Happy Easter Love,
CES <3


Thursday, March 28, 2013

Venting/Rant: Being engaged to a Marine

Hey so things have been really difficult lately.... I had my daughter almost 3 weeks ago and Josh hasn't been able to see her unless we use Tango which is a video chat like Skype.

Anyways I thought the main reason why he couldn't come down was because of Korea... If you don't know Korea is from what I heard producing mass weapons and so the officers won't let Josh come down. Well I just found out that is not even half of why he can't come down...

Update: Josh is still stationed in Hawaii

I just found out from his ex that he can't come down because he is still dealing with a divorce. It's a long story.............

They said it was for his protection why he can't come down and see his daughter. It's BS if I must say.

Now this is the only way I can let out my frustration.

Sometimes it's hard being engaged to a marine and even harder to be in a long distance relationship.

I am really over this situation of what happened and I really want this to be behind us.... It needs to be approved. It still hangs over me what had happen to me in the past. I should let it go but it's hard when I have a daughter who needs to bond with her father.

I also wish our communication was better. I think that's the main issue in our relationship. Honesty needs to be the key. I just really hate finding out information from other people.... It shouldn't be like that. But me and him are trying to work on that.

I just want a life with him and my daughter..... I don't know when exactly I will ever get that.

I still have college to get through and he is still having a divorce to get through.

Advice: Don't ever cheat

I love my fiance so much and we been through a lot more than some people know. Just wish it wasn't so hard right now.

MY RANT Is OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

CES <3

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Little Nursery Tour: Baby Chloe

Hey everyone today I am going to show ya'll a little tour of Chloe nursery. Now Chloe doesn't have her own room, I share my room with her. Once me and Josh move in together I will do a better nursery tour because then she will have her own room.

First her is a view of her crib. Her crib is right next to my bed so that it is easier at night for me to get her when I need to. Her bedding and mobile is from Sears. The brand is Lambs and Ivy.

Here is what I use to store Chloe baby essential supplies. The top shelf has a mix of things from blankets, socks, shoes, and first aid essentials. The next shelf is all about feeding, it has bottles and her milk. I also keep her bibs on this shelf too. The last shelf in this photo is where I keep all her bathing and lotion supplies.

Okay the next shelf is all her diaper supplies which includes Pamper Swaddlers Newborn Diapers, Wipes and Changing mats. The very last shelf has diapers that don't fit her yet which are the size 1 diapers. Chloe is in size newborn diapers for right now.

This is Chloe bouncer. We got this at Walmart for about $25.

*So this is just a little tour of her nursery. I will do a updated one once me and Josh move in together*

CES <3

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Bottle Feeding Chloe Update: 2 Weeks

Hey everyone my daughter is 2 weeks old today and I wanted to share how bottle feeding is going for her and me. I couldn't breast feed because of medicine that I am on and plus I got bronchitis...which sucks. Anyways I wanted to share my thoughts and the experience I had so far with bottle feeding Chloe.

At the hospital they put her on Similac Advance which I think is what they put all the babies on unless there is a complication with it. In the hospital she was drinking only about a 1 or 2 ounces at a time. Chloe seemed to take the bottle but she was very fussy.

When we brought her home from the hospital she seemed to be doing better because she was now taking 2 or 3 ounces at a time. The only problem I was having was that I couldn't burp her that good and I couldn't find a position that worked best for the both of us but finally I got it down. It seems to work with burping her if I walk around with her and pat her on the back or rub her back.

Now lately it seems that Chloe is not taking the bottle well because lately she has been really fussy, she has a lot of gas, she spits up a lot and she has been throwing up. She seems like she is not getting full and she gets really frustrated. Me and my mom are thinking it's her milk but tomorrow we will know for sure because we are seeing her pediatric doctor to see what he suggest we do and if we should change her milk. Now when I was a baby I had to have Similac Soy Bean because I have a milk allergy so I am thinking that my daughter has a milk allergy just like me too. Of course she would get that from me and not her dad.

I can't lie and say I am not frustrated some times.
It's just hard when almost every time she takes the bottle now, she spits up everywhere.
Just wish I could help her....

I hope tomorrow I will find out some answers.
Maybe a change of milk is what my daughter needs.

If you have any suggestions or thoughts leave them down below please. I am a first time mom with a newborn. It's not easy, I know. Just trying to do my best since her dad is a marine stationed in Hawaii right now. I am lucky and blessed to have my parents to help me.

CES <3   

Friday, March 22, 2013

Labor and Delivery Story: March 10, 2013

Hey everyone I been meaning to put this up and I finally have the time. So with my story I am going to start at 36 weeks because that's when I started to have irregular contractions and that's when I found out she was breeched.

Around 35 to 36 weeks I started to have irregular contractions that would come and go. The pain was mostly in my lower back where it would tighten up. At 36 weeks I went for a Ultrasound and I found out that Chloe was breeched. Her head was by my right rib. The doctor also found out that I had a heart shaped uterus which is shaped differently than other women.

At 38 weeks I started to have major pain in my back and I was very miserable all the time. On Sunday at 4am I started to have contractions that were 7 to 8 minutes apart. The pain was in my lower back and in my lower stomach. I was so uncomfortable that I couldn't even walk that good. My mom decided to take me to Labor and Delivery around 11am. When I arrive they hook me up to monitors and check my cervix. When the nurse check my cervix I was 1cm dialated and I was having contractions that gotten so worse. They kept me for a couple more hours of observation and the pain started to get really worse. When the nurse came back in she decided to check me again and I was at 2cm dialated and she ordered a ultrasound to make sure Chloe was still breech. The nurse went to talk to the doctor and they agreed that a c-section was best. I had the c-section at 5:54pm on Sunday March 10. My mom and my fiance mom was in the surgery room with me, the doctor allowed me to have two people come into the room with me. The surgery went by so quickly and soon my daughter was born.

Chloe Ann
6 pounds and 7 ounces
19 inches long

CES <3

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Pretty Little Liars Finale Recap!!!!

Hey PLL Fans! What did you think of this episode? It was insane! I can't believe now we have to wait till June 11 to find out who was in that trunk at the end of the episode. Who do you think it was? I say it's CeCe body in the trunk!

  • Spencer is out of Radley and saying "She is all better now" Who else said that? Mona....
  • Spencer family members decided to throw Spencer a party since she is better now
  • Toby is Alive!! Spencer finds Toby and Toby says that he is only on the A team to protect Spencer.
  • "Everything I've done is so I can protect you"-Toby
  • The girls find out from Malcolm that Spencer is on the A Team and the girls decided to set Spencer up by using Hanna as Red Coat to see if Spencer followed and she did. Spencer is not really on the A Team.
  • Spencer tells the girls the truth about Toby and Mona
  • Malcolm was actually kidnapped by Spencer!!!
  • Ezra lands a job at Rosewood High which leads Aria to break up with him
  • Hanna wants a job babysitting Malcolm
  • The girls are finally one step in front of Red Coat
  • Spencer acts like she is on the A Team and tells Mona that the girls will show up soon to the spot that they were planned to show up at
  • While running, Emily see Melissa talking to Jenna and Shana about a plan
  • Jenna meets with Shana at the park. Does that make Shana "Queen of Hearts"?
  • Spencer and Toby end up in bed together
  • Toby starts to cry
  • The girls show up just in time to catch Mona and trap her
  • The house was set on fire by Red Coat leaving the girls fighting to get out
  • Toby leads Spencer into the woods and Toby gets knocked out by someone
  • Spencer thinks she sees Alison as Red Coat
  • The girls are pulled out of the fire
  • Mona and Hanna see Alison as Red Coat
  • Is Alison Dead or Alive?
  • Toby wakes up with a lighter that has a compass on it
  • Mona is now targeted by A
  • "Your mine now"-A
  • The girls plus Mona find Wilden cop car pulled out of the lake and they see the video with Jenna and Shana helping Wilden up.
  • The girls are shocked when they open up the trunk. Is it a body?
  • At the end there is a hand coming through from the dirt and someone helping pulling them up.

This episode was insane and shocking. There were some parts where I was so confused and blown away. I am glad though that Toby is alive but can we actually trust him? I really wanna know who is in that Trunk because I seriously think it is CeCe. CeCe was last seen by Wilden and he wanted her to keep her mouth shut so maybe she was murdered by him. What do you think? I can't believe we have to wait till June! 

CES <3

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Baby Haul #1

Hey everyone! So now that Chloe is here I had a few stuff I needed to pick up for her. I thought I would do a baby haul and show ya'll what I got.

First I picked up some Baby Aquaphor because Chloe skin is a little rough and in some places on her skin it is red. Then I picked up this Baby Magic No rinse wash to try out.

Here is some Pacifier essentials that I needed to pick up. I picked up some pacifier wipes, pacifier clip and two avent pacifiers.

Last is these hands and face antibacterial wipes. Since we can't give Chloe a bath yet till the umbilical cord falls off we decided to pick this up to clean her with. This smells so good!

CES <3

Friday, March 15, 2013

Pretty Little Liars Quick Recap "I am your Puppet"

Hey PLL Fans!
So what did you think about this episode?

  • The girls visit Spencer in Radley and Hanna tells Spencer that the Park Ranger did find a body.
  • The body they found though is a John Doe for right now
  • The girls decide to break into the Morgue and find out who the body actually belongs to so they can prove to Spencer it's not Toby.
  • Spencer mom visits Spencer in Radley and tries to get her out but Spencer isn't going anywhere.
  • Flashback: Days before Alison went missing, Alison was sneaking into Hasting's house with a bloody lip and Spencer mom seen her. Ali broke down crying and beg Spencer mom not to tell anyone. 
  • "Is Toby not the person we thought he was?"-Spencer Mom
  • The girls broke into the morgue and found the John doe body with a mask covering his face. They took off the mask and it wasn't Toby. They weren't able to snap a pic though because Aria seen the "Red Coat" coming off the elevator.
  • Wren showed up to finally check on Spencer
  • Wren and Eddie seem to have some differences about each other. Who can we trust? Wren? Eddie?
  • Eddie gave Spencer a board game that Mona was obsessed with. Spencer later found out that it had a hidden map on it.
  • When night came Spencer pulled out the board and followed the map
  • Spencer found a room and Alison was in it. Was Spencer having another hallucination?
  • Alison asked Spencer to dance with her. Spencer asked Alison if Toby gave her that bloody lip a long time ago and Alison deny it.
  • "Girls fight much uglier than boys"-Alison
  • Spencer found a visitor pass with Cece Drake name on it!
  • Wren found Spencer and told Spencer that he almost got fired for CeCe Drake visiting and that Melissa was the one to tell CeCe that Mona was committed.
  • Emily mom came home and told Emily that they found another body in the woods!!
  • The body matched Spencer description and was found near her purse. It had a tattoo on the torso. Could this be Toby??
  • There was more proof that Caleb Dad was stealing money from the church and Hanna hated breaking the news to Caleb.
  • Pastor Ted fired Caleb Dad over a missing Church Bell
  • Hanna soon found out from a Text from A that A had set up Caleb dad!
  • Aria had to pick up Malcolm from his class but found out that A had took him!!!
  • Aria found Malcolm in a empty circus tent saying Alison had picked him up
  • Aria decided to try and break things off with Ezra
  • "You don't have to ask me again Mona, I'm in"-Spencer
  • In Spencer pillowcase there was tickets to the carnival and a black hoodie!!! Did Spencer just join the A Team??
This episode was crAzy! 

CES <3

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Chloe Introduction: March 10, 2013

Hey everyone! So as you may know I was suppose to have my c-section this Friday well early Sunday morning I went into Labor and started to dilate. That Sunday the doctor decided for me to go ahead and have the c-section. Sunday March 10, 2013 Chloe Ann was born at 5:45 P.M, was 6 pounds and 7 ounces, and she was 19 inches long.

CES <3

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Top 3 Favorite Songs of the Moment

Hey everyone! Today I want to share my favorite songs that I am loving at the moment.

1. I knew you were trouble by Taylor Swift
"Cause I knew you were trouble when you walked in, so shame on me now. Flew me to places I never been till you put me down oh"
"Now I'm lying on the cold hard ground"
"Oh, Oh, Trouble, Trouble, Trouble"

2. When I was your man by Bruno Mars
"That I should have brought you flowers and held your hand. Should have gave you all my hours when I had the chance"
"Take you to every party cause all you wanted to do was dance, Now my baby is dancing but she is dancing with another man"

3. Little Talks by Of Monsters and Men
"Though the truth may vary this ship will carry our bodies safe to shore"
"Hey! Don't listen to a word I say, Hey! The screams all sound the same Hey!"

CES <3

Friday, March 8, 2013

Pregnancy Log #18: 38 Weeks!!! (Last Log)

Hey everyone today I am 38 weeks pregnant with a baby girl. This will be my last pregnancy log because next week I am having a c-section. Chloe is still breech and my Doctor told me that my uterus is not shaped like other pregnant women that it is shaped as a heart and he is thinking that's why she can't turn.

How many Weeks and Due Date: I am 38 weeks and Due Date is March 22. Scheduled c-section is March 15.

Gender and Name: It's a Girl. Chloe Ann.

Pregnancy Symptoms: Headaches, Nasal Congestion, Difficulty Sleeping, Back Pain and Leg Cramps.

How much do I weigh: I weigh 122 pounds now. I gained a total of 24 pounds so far during pregnancy.

Sleep Habits: I am having a hard time sleeping. I keep waking up every 2 or 3 hours during the night.

Baby Movements: She is still a very active baby. She is still breech which means her head is still by my right rib.

Next Doctor Visit: I have a c-section scheduled for March 15 which is next Friday at 7:30am. My postpartum appointment is on March 29.

How are you feeling right now: Exhausted. Ever since I woke up this morning I have had a headache, thinking it's mostly my allergies messing with me. Just wish I could get more sleep before my c-section.

Looking Forward To: Setting up Chloe crib and organizing her things before she comes!

Any Updates/News: C-section is next Friday! Josh is coming down the day before so he can be here for the birth of his daughter. My mom is getting almost 2 weeks of paid vacation so she can help me after the c-section.

*This is my last pregnancy log and I can't believe how fast it went by. I am so glad that I was able to make it full term with my first baby! I will have a few more blog post up before my c-section and as soon as I get into the swing of things after she is born I will do a Introduction on Chloe.*

CES <3

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Pretty Little Liars Quick Recap "Will the Circle be Unbroken"

Hey PLL fans time for another quick recap on this episode titled "Will the Circle be Unbroken."

  • Hanna and her Mom run into Detective Wilden! So he is NOT Dead....
  • Melissa can't find Spencer and ask the girls if they know where she is. They don't know she is in Radley.
  • Mona is still Spying on the girls
  • E Lamb is a worker at Radley!!!
  • Doctor Sullivan sees Spencer and Spencer tells her that Toby is dead
  • Emily meets Missy Franklin
  • Aria talks to Bryon about Ezra getting a Job
  • The Principal talks to Aria about her relationship with Ezra which she denies
  • The girls finally find out that Spencer is in Radley and about to get a evaluation
  • Toby Mom was in Radley?!?!
  • Flashback: Spencer and Ali were in Church singing Will the circle be unbroken and Ali making fun of Mona.
  • Spencer is in the same room that Mona was in when she was in Radley
  • Hanna Mom is leaving to stay a couple of days in New York
  • Bryon and Ezra have a chat
  • Mona visits Spencer in Radley saying "Your as sane as I am"
  • Mona has questions and answers that Spencer never even thought of
  • Alison never was Pregnant
  • Spencer starts to Hallucinate
  • Doctor Sullivan tells Spencer that Toby body was never found
So what did you think about this episode? I am wondering is Toby really dead or is his death just fake. I am also wondering where CeeCee and Jason is??? I think that Mona is still mad at Spencer for turning down her invite into the "A Team." So if Ali was never pregnant then what is Wilden hiding? Did he hurt Alison? In this episode they talk about how Radley employees help Mona so who on the inside was helping her and will it be revealed to Spencer. Next episode is suppose to be intense because Emily finds out that they found another body!! Is it Toby, Jason or CeeCee?

CES <3

Monday, March 4, 2013

Pregnancy Topic: Breech Baby

Happy Monday everyone!
So today I wanted to talk to ya'll about if your baby is breech because I am 37 weeks and 3 days pregnant with a breech baby. I am going to talk about my experience with a breech baby, what does it mean if your baby is breech and exercise to try to help turn the baby.

What does it mean if your baby is Breech?

Breech means that your baby isn't head down waiting for birth to happen, that your baby is either head up and feet are down or baby is turn sideways making it diffcult for vaginal birth. By around 35 weeks or so your baby should be slowly turning head down so it can make it's arrival and most breech babies will turn naturally before arrival. Your OB will feel around your stomach to tell if your baby is breech and it can be confirmed by a ultrasound. If your baby is breech your doctor will do a small weekly ultrasound to check to see if the baby will turn on it's own. If your close to your due date and the baby hasn't turn then your OB will give you two options. Usually doctors won't do a breech vaginal birth because of complications that might happen. One option they will give you is that they can give you some medicine and they can turn the baby. With this option the baby can turn back to breech on it's own, can become stressed or it can be really painful on your body. I decided not to go with this option because I wanted to see if she will turn on her own. The other option is that you can have a c-section at 39 weeks or close to 40 weeks. I also wanted to mention that if your having a c-section that your doctor won't check your cervix. I found out this last week at my appointment.

My Experience with a Breech Baby:

I found out at 35 weeks that my baby girl is breech because my doctor was feeling on my stomach and felt her head by my right rib and he also confirmed it with a ultrasound at 36 weeks. Her head is really noticable if you look at my stomach. Every week now my doctor does a small ultrasound to check if she is still breech. Last week my doctor gave me two options which I discussed above and I decided to see if she will turn on her own. She hasn't turned on her own yet so my Doctor scheduled a c-section for March 15th because I will be 39 weeks by then. When I look at my stomach it looks really deformed because her head sticks out by my right rib and her back is really noticable which makes my stomach look weird. Now if I lay on my right side my stomach gets really painful and I can really feel her head weighing down on me. Laying on my right side doesn't bother me as much. Since I am close to the end of my pregnancy I been having a lot of back pain lately.

Exercise to help the baby turn:

Your OB will give you a sheet that has different positions to try to help turn the baby. This is easier on your body in my perspective than your doctor turning the baby.

You can try this position above to help to try to turn the baby. You can do this 3 times a day or less if needed to which ever way is easier on your body. You lay on your back with your bottom away from the wall. Place your feet high on the wall and lift your hips high for support. You can use pillows to help support your back. Your hips need to be higher than your shoulders.

*I hope this was helpful to anyone who is going through this and if you have any questions please ask me.*

CES <3

Sunday, March 3, 2013

How I found out I was Pregnant: July 9th, 2012

Hey everyone! So I am a week away till my c-section and thought I would do a blog post on how I found out I was pregnant. I am going to do a few more pregnancy blog posts before Chloe gets here.

   Lets go back to last year in June when I went to Hawaii to spend a whole month with Josh. He is in the Marines and stationed in Hawaii so I decided to go visit him. This was the first time of traveling on my own and I was nervous at first but I actually did pretty good. This was my second time traveling to Hawaii and this time I actually knew my way more around base. Okay so the last two weeks that I was there I got really sick kinda like flu symptoms. This next part is more of a TMI but I started having sex dreams and I never had those before. While I was there I was always burning up, coughing and stomach pains; this lasted the last two weeks while I was there in Hawaii. Okay as for my period I had my last period May 29, 2012 so from what I was calculating I was suppose to have it again the last week of June or July 4th. Just to clear something up though is that my periods are always painful and irregular because of my Bladder Disease. I left Hawaii June 2, 2012 and headed back to Texas. On way home I was feeling really sick and having trouble breathing. When I got home I went to the hospital and they said it was just a virus that I got. I really knew that wasn't it and that something else was going on so I waited for my period to start. On July 4th I was suppose to have my period but I never got it. I was still feeling really sick around this time because I started getting more and more nauseated. I told my mom that I didn't start yet and that I know something else was going on other than me being sick so we waited a couple of more days. On July 9th my mom decided to take me to a clinic where they do a free pregnancy test and a ultrasound. So when we went my mom couldn't wait with me so she had to wait in a area while I went in the back alone. After they did the test, waiting was the hard part because I didn't know what to think but I had a feeling before I left Hawaii that I was pregnant. When the lady came in the room she told me that I was pregnant!

   So now the tough part was telling my dad and Josh that I was pregnant. When I got home I told my dad because I still live at home and at first he wasn't to happy with it. After some time past he started to accept it and now he can't wait to meet Chloe. The way I told Josh that I was pregnant was calling him because at the time he was on a ship traveling around Hawaii and California for the Marines. I called and told Josh and he was happy but nervous. He even told me that he was craving weird food! French fries with hot sauce and marshmallows?

   So at the end everything turned out perfectly and now we have a week left till I have the c-section and finally meet Chloe. March 15th, 2013.

*So this is my story on How I found out I was pregnant. I have a few pregnancy blog posts left to share with ya'll before Chloe gets here. After she is born I will do a Introduction on Chloe and a Labor and Delivery story. Plus after she is born I will start to do Monthly postpartum and health updates on me, Monthly updates on Chloe and Monthly favorites and reviews.*

CES <3

Friday, March 1, 2013

Pregnancy Log #17: 37 Weeks!!! (Full Term)

Hey everyone today I am 37 weeks pregnant, I am full term today!! I had my Doctor Appointment today and she is still breech. He is going to schedule my c section for March 15th I am just waiting for him to call me today or next week to confirm it.

How many Weeks and Due Date: I am 37 weeks. Due Date is March 22. C-section is March 15.

Gender and Name: It's a Girl. Chloe Ann.

Pregnancy Symptoms: Headaches, Nasal Congestion, Indigestion, Hot flashes and Back pain.

How much do I weigh: I weigh 120 pounds, so far 22 pounds gained during pregnancy.

Sleep Habits: Sleep is still uncomfortable for me because I get pain when I lay on my left side. I mostly have to sleep on my right. I miss laying on my stomach.

Baby Movements: She is still very active throughout the day. She is still breech which means her head is by my right rib. I don't think she is gonna turn anytime soon and my doctor agrees.

Next Doctor Visit: March 8 at 2pm

How are you feeling right now: Feeling pretty good just a little nauseated and kinda exhausted. Still not getting enough sleep like I should.

Cravings: I never really talk about this because I never really had any cravings but I do eat a lot of Potatoes.

Looking Forward To: My doctor to call to confirm my c section so I can let Josh know.

Any Updates/News: I am having a c section because she is breech. Most likely will be having it on the 15th of March but waiting for my Doctor to call to confirm it.

CES <3