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Sunday, March 3, 2013

How I found out I was Pregnant: July 9th, 2012

Hey everyone! So I am a week away till my c-section and thought I would do a blog post on how I found out I was pregnant. I am going to do a few more pregnancy blog posts before Chloe gets here.

   Lets go back to last year in June when I went to Hawaii to spend a whole month with Josh. He is in the Marines and stationed in Hawaii so I decided to go visit him. This was the first time of traveling on my own and I was nervous at first but I actually did pretty good. This was my second time traveling to Hawaii and this time I actually knew my way more around base. Okay so the last two weeks that I was there I got really sick kinda like flu symptoms. This next part is more of a TMI but I started having sex dreams and I never had those before. While I was there I was always burning up, coughing and stomach pains; this lasted the last two weeks while I was there in Hawaii. Okay as for my period I had my last period May 29, 2012 so from what I was calculating I was suppose to have it again the last week of June or July 4th. Just to clear something up though is that my periods are always painful and irregular because of my Bladder Disease. I left Hawaii June 2, 2012 and headed back to Texas. On way home I was feeling really sick and having trouble breathing. When I got home I went to the hospital and they said it was just a virus that I got. I really knew that wasn't it and that something else was going on so I waited for my period to start. On July 4th I was suppose to have my period but I never got it. I was still feeling really sick around this time because I started getting more and more nauseated. I told my mom that I didn't start yet and that I know something else was going on other than me being sick so we waited a couple of more days. On July 9th my mom decided to take me to a clinic where they do a free pregnancy test and a ultrasound. So when we went my mom couldn't wait with me so she had to wait in a area while I went in the back alone. After they did the test, waiting was the hard part because I didn't know what to think but I had a feeling before I left Hawaii that I was pregnant. When the lady came in the room she told me that I was pregnant!

   So now the tough part was telling my dad and Josh that I was pregnant. When I got home I told my dad because I still live at home and at first he wasn't to happy with it. After some time past he started to accept it and now he can't wait to meet Chloe. The way I told Josh that I was pregnant was calling him because at the time he was on a ship traveling around Hawaii and California for the Marines. I called and told Josh and he was happy but nervous. He even told me that he was craving weird food! French fries with hot sauce and marshmallows?

   So at the end everything turned out perfectly and now we have a week left till I have the c-section and finally meet Chloe. March 15th, 2013.

*So this is my story on How I found out I was pregnant. I have a few pregnancy blog posts left to share with ya'll before Chloe gets here. After she is born I will do a Introduction on Chloe and a Labor and Delivery story. Plus after she is born I will start to do Monthly postpartum and health updates on me, Monthly updates on Chloe and Monthly favorites and reviews.*

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