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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Pretty Little Liars Quick Recap "Will the Circle be Unbroken"

Hey PLL fans time for another quick recap on this episode titled "Will the Circle be Unbroken."

  • Hanna and her Mom run into Detective Wilden! So he is NOT Dead....
  • Melissa can't find Spencer and ask the girls if they know where she is. They don't know she is in Radley.
  • Mona is still Spying on the girls
  • E Lamb is a worker at Radley!!!
  • Doctor Sullivan sees Spencer and Spencer tells her that Toby is dead
  • Emily meets Missy Franklin
  • Aria talks to Bryon about Ezra getting a Job
  • The Principal talks to Aria about her relationship with Ezra which she denies
  • The girls finally find out that Spencer is in Radley and about to get a evaluation
  • Toby Mom was in Radley?!?!
  • Flashback: Spencer and Ali were in Church singing Will the circle be unbroken and Ali making fun of Mona.
  • Spencer is in the same room that Mona was in when she was in Radley
  • Hanna Mom is leaving to stay a couple of days in New York
  • Bryon and Ezra have a chat
  • Mona visits Spencer in Radley saying "Your as sane as I am"
  • Mona has questions and answers that Spencer never even thought of
  • Alison never was Pregnant
  • Spencer starts to Hallucinate
  • Doctor Sullivan tells Spencer that Toby body was never found
So what did you think about this episode? I am wondering is Toby really dead or is his death just fake. I am also wondering where CeeCee and Jason is??? I think that Mona is still mad at Spencer for turning down her invite into the "A Team." So if Ali was never pregnant then what is Wilden hiding? Did he hurt Alison? In this episode they talk about how Radley employees help Mona so who on the inside was helping her and will it be revealed to Spencer. Next episode is suppose to be intense because Emily finds out that they found another body!! Is it Toby, Jason or CeeCee?

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