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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Pretty Little Liars Finale Recap!!!!

Hey PLL Fans! What did you think of this episode? It was insane! I can't believe now we have to wait till June 11 to find out who was in that trunk at the end of the episode. Who do you think it was? I say it's CeCe body in the trunk!

  • Spencer is out of Radley and saying "She is all better now" Who else said that? Mona....
  • Spencer family members decided to throw Spencer a party since she is better now
  • Toby is Alive!! Spencer finds Toby and Toby says that he is only on the A team to protect Spencer.
  • "Everything I've done is so I can protect you"-Toby
  • The girls find out from Malcolm that Spencer is on the A Team and the girls decided to set Spencer up by using Hanna as Red Coat to see if Spencer followed and she did. Spencer is not really on the A Team.
  • Spencer tells the girls the truth about Toby and Mona
  • Malcolm was actually kidnapped by Spencer!!!
  • Ezra lands a job at Rosewood High which leads Aria to break up with him
  • Hanna wants a job babysitting Malcolm
  • The girls are finally one step in front of Red Coat
  • Spencer acts like she is on the A Team and tells Mona that the girls will show up soon to the spot that they were planned to show up at
  • While running, Emily see Melissa talking to Jenna and Shana about a plan
  • Jenna meets with Shana at the park. Does that make Shana "Queen of Hearts"?
  • Spencer and Toby end up in bed together
  • Toby starts to cry
  • The girls show up just in time to catch Mona and trap her
  • The house was set on fire by Red Coat leaving the girls fighting to get out
  • Toby leads Spencer into the woods and Toby gets knocked out by someone
  • Spencer thinks she sees Alison as Red Coat
  • The girls are pulled out of the fire
  • Mona and Hanna see Alison as Red Coat
  • Is Alison Dead or Alive?
  • Toby wakes up with a lighter that has a compass on it
  • Mona is now targeted by A
  • "Your mine now"-A
  • The girls plus Mona find Wilden cop car pulled out of the lake and they see the video with Jenna and Shana helping Wilden up.
  • The girls are shocked when they open up the trunk. Is it a body?
  • At the end there is a hand coming through from the dirt and someone helping pulling them up.

This episode was insane and shocking. There were some parts where I was so confused and blown away. I am glad though that Toby is alive but can we actually trust him? I really wanna know who is in that Trunk because I seriously think it is CeCe. CeCe was last seen by Wilden and he wanted her to keep her mouth shut so maybe she was murdered by him. What do you think? I can't believe we have to wait till June! 

CES <3

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