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Monday, March 4, 2013

Pregnancy Topic: Breech Baby

Happy Monday everyone!
So today I wanted to talk to ya'll about if your baby is breech because I am 37 weeks and 3 days pregnant with a breech baby. I am going to talk about my experience with a breech baby, what does it mean if your baby is breech and exercise to try to help turn the baby.

What does it mean if your baby is Breech?

Breech means that your baby isn't head down waiting for birth to happen, that your baby is either head up and feet are down or baby is turn sideways making it diffcult for vaginal birth. By around 35 weeks or so your baby should be slowly turning head down so it can make it's arrival and most breech babies will turn naturally before arrival. Your OB will feel around your stomach to tell if your baby is breech and it can be confirmed by a ultrasound. If your baby is breech your doctor will do a small weekly ultrasound to check to see if the baby will turn on it's own. If your close to your due date and the baby hasn't turn then your OB will give you two options. Usually doctors won't do a breech vaginal birth because of complications that might happen. One option they will give you is that they can give you some medicine and they can turn the baby. With this option the baby can turn back to breech on it's own, can become stressed or it can be really painful on your body. I decided not to go with this option because I wanted to see if she will turn on her own. The other option is that you can have a c-section at 39 weeks or close to 40 weeks. I also wanted to mention that if your having a c-section that your doctor won't check your cervix. I found out this last week at my appointment.

My Experience with a Breech Baby:

I found out at 35 weeks that my baby girl is breech because my doctor was feeling on my stomach and felt her head by my right rib and he also confirmed it with a ultrasound at 36 weeks. Her head is really noticable if you look at my stomach. Every week now my doctor does a small ultrasound to check if she is still breech. Last week my doctor gave me two options which I discussed above and I decided to see if she will turn on her own. She hasn't turned on her own yet so my Doctor scheduled a c-section for March 15th because I will be 39 weeks by then. When I look at my stomach it looks really deformed because her head sticks out by my right rib and her back is really noticable which makes my stomach look weird. Now if I lay on my right side my stomach gets really painful and I can really feel her head weighing down on me. Laying on my right side doesn't bother me as much. Since I am close to the end of my pregnancy I been having a lot of back pain lately.

Exercise to help the baby turn:

Your OB will give you a sheet that has different positions to try to help turn the baby. This is easier on your body in my perspective than your doctor turning the baby.

You can try this position above to help to try to turn the baby. You can do this 3 times a day or less if needed to which ever way is easier on your body. You lay on your back with your bottom away from the wall. Place your feet high on the wall and lift your hips high for support. You can use pillows to help support your back. Your hips need to be higher than your shoulders.

*I hope this was helpful to anyone who is going through this and if you have any questions please ask me.*

CES <3

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