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Friday, March 15, 2013

Pretty Little Liars Quick Recap "I am your Puppet"

Hey PLL Fans!
So what did you think about this episode?

  • The girls visit Spencer in Radley and Hanna tells Spencer that the Park Ranger did find a body.
  • The body they found though is a John Doe for right now
  • The girls decide to break into the Morgue and find out who the body actually belongs to so they can prove to Spencer it's not Toby.
  • Spencer mom visits Spencer in Radley and tries to get her out but Spencer isn't going anywhere.
  • Flashback: Days before Alison went missing, Alison was sneaking into Hasting's house with a bloody lip and Spencer mom seen her. Ali broke down crying and beg Spencer mom not to tell anyone. 
  • "Is Toby not the person we thought he was?"-Spencer Mom
  • The girls broke into the morgue and found the John doe body with a mask covering his face. They took off the mask and it wasn't Toby. They weren't able to snap a pic though because Aria seen the "Red Coat" coming off the elevator.
  • Wren showed up to finally check on Spencer
  • Wren and Eddie seem to have some differences about each other. Who can we trust? Wren? Eddie?
  • Eddie gave Spencer a board game that Mona was obsessed with. Spencer later found out that it had a hidden map on it.
  • When night came Spencer pulled out the board and followed the map
  • Spencer found a room and Alison was in it. Was Spencer having another hallucination?
  • Alison asked Spencer to dance with her. Spencer asked Alison if Toby gave her that bloody lip a long time ago and Alison deny it.
  • "Girls fight much uglier than boys"-Alison
  • Spencer found a visitor pass with Cece Drake name on it!
  • Wren found Spencer and told Spencer that he almost got fired for CeCe Drake visiting and that Melissa was the one to tell CeCe that Mona was committed.
  • Emily mom came home and told Emily that they found another body in the woods!!
  • The body matched Spencer description and was found near her purse. It had a tattoo on the torso. Could this be Toby??
  • There was more proof that Caleb Dad was stealing money from the church and Hanna hated breaking the news to Caleb.
  • Pastor Ted fired Caleb Dad over a missing Church Bell
  • Hanna soon found out from a Text from A that A had set up Caleb dad!
  • Aria had to pick up Malcolm from his class but found out that A had took him!!!
  • Aria found Malcolm in a empty circus tent saying Alison had picked him up
  • Aria decided to try and break things off with Ezra
  • "You don't have to ask me again Mona, I'm in"-Spencer
  • In Spencer pillowcase there was tickets to the carnival and a black hoodie!!! Did Spencer just join the A Team??
This episode was crAzy! 

CES <3

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