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Friday, March 1, 2013

Pregnancy Log #17: 37 Weeks!!! (Full Term)

Hey everyone today I am 37 weeks pregnant, I am full term today!! I had my Doctor Appointment today and she is still breech. He is going to schedule my c section for March 15th I am just waiting for him to call me today or next week to confirm it.

How many Weeks and Due Date: I am 37 weeks. Due Date is March 22. C-section is March 15.

Gender and Name: It's a Girl. Chloe Ann.

Pregnancy Symptoms: Headaches, Nasal Congestion, Indigestion, Hot flashes and Back pain.

How much do I weigh: I weigh 120 pounds, so far 22 pounds gained during pregnancy.

Sleep Habits: Sleep is still uncomfortable for me because I get pain when I lay on my left side. I mostly have to sleep on my right. I miss laying on my stomach.

Baby Movements: She is still very active throughout the day. She is still breech which means her head is by my right rib. I don't think she is gonna turn anytime soon and my doctor agrees.

Next Doctor Visit: March 8 at 2pm

How are you feeling right now: Feeling pretty good just a little nauseated and kinda exhausted. Still not getting enough sleep like I should.

Cravings: I never really talk about this because I never really had any cravings but I do eat a lot of Potatoes.

Looking Forward To: My doctor to call to confirm my c section so I can let Josh know.

Any Updates/News: I am having a c section because she is breech. Most likely will be having it on the 15th of March but waiting for my Doctor to call to confirm it.

CES <3

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