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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Introducing Blogust! Starts tomorrow! Everyday in August!

Hey everyone so tomorrow I am starting Blogust which means that I will be doing a blog post everyday in August. I been wanting to do a challenge like this in a while and decided now to take this challenge on. As you can see on Youtube there is a lot of vloggers that are doing VEDA which means Vlogging everyday in August that's kind of where I got my inspiration from to do this.

I will be doing a variety of topics. Follow me on Facebook! www.facebook.com/ces101mylife

The challenge begins tomorrow so leave my topics or ideas and I will discuss them!! I hope to complete this challenge. I will also be doing Blogmas which means that I will also be blogging everyday in December. So look out for that.

Hope July has been well for ya'll.

Tomorrow first blogust will be Song favorites for July....

CES <3

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

What's On My Nails #5

Hey everyone sorry I didn't post this yesterday! This time I decided to wear red nail polish since I haven't wore it in a while. It's got a purple undertone. It's from L.A Colors Color Craze. It was only $1 at the Dollar Tree.

CES <3

Saturday, July 27, 2013

July Parenting News + My Thoughts

Hey everyone so today I am introducing another new series that will happen monthly on my blog. Every month I will talk about Parenting News that is happening in our world. I will also be sharing my thoughts on each news that I will discuss with you.

Disclaimer: The parenting news that I will discuss I got it from Everyday Family and Parents.com

1. Spray Sunscreen could be Flammable, FDA Warns

Families are getting more serious about putting on sunscreen in this hot weather but do you know if yours could be flammable? FDA urges families to pay closer attention to the sunscreen you buy and always read the labels. 

Also doctors recommend not to put sunscreen on babies till they are 6 months of age till then try to keep them under shade or with a hat to cover up their face from the sun. You can even buy your baby cute sunglasses!

I am not really a fan of the spray sunscreens I always use the lotion kind. My friend had the spray kind and you can really smell the alcohol in it. Always read the labels!!!

2. Exercise during Pregnancy could reduce C-Section

Exercise is always a good thing during pregnancy because it helps with labor or from what I been told! Yoga and Pilates is what most pregnant women do during the second and third trimester. Doctor says it is best to wait till second trimester to start exercise because the first trimester is always the hardest plus the miscarriage rate goes down after first trimester.

Testing groups were done and found out that pregnant women who did exercise regularly had a lower risk of a c-section.

When I was pregnant I did Yoga and Pilates during second and third trimester. I took classes at my college twice a week with limited stuff I could do. I had a c-section with Chloe because she was breech. Maybe if I did more exercises Chloe would have turned around and came out vaginally.

3. Royal Baby is Born

So the buzz this month had our eyes on Kate Middleton who just gave birth to a baby boy!

The baby boy name is George Alexander Louis.

Through out Kate pregnancy she had a disorder where she had severe nausea and was admitted to the hospital several times because of it.

4. Breastfeeding Mom's free dinner goes Viral

So if you don't know the story, a waitress in Des Moines, Iowa paid for a breastfeeding mothers pizza dinner and gave her a note thanking her for breastfeeding in public. This has gone viral over many social media sites.

Reactions ranged from cheers and support to discouragement.

5. New British study say moderate drinking is okay during pregnancy

They found from studies that pregnant women who had moderate drinking alcohol during pregnancy found babies with no mental or physical deformities. 

They say it's okay but then they say do with caution?!?!

I will never drink alcohol while pregnant! That is just crazy and I really wanted to share this one with ya'll. It's ridiculous...

This is all the news I have for this month. Hope you found some of these interesting!

CES <3   

Friday, July 26, 2013

July Product Recalls: Baby and Child Items

Happy Friday!
This is a new series that I will be doing every month and it's on product recalls for baby and child items. If you are like me and is always wondering if this product is safe then this series will help you and me by knowing what is safe and what has been recalled.

1. Baby Einstein Musical Motion Activity Jumper

Date: July 23, 2013
Company: Kids ll inc. 

Why Recalled: The sun toy attachment can rebound with force and injure the infant. Has received over 100 reports of injuries. The model with the number 90564. 

2. 5 Star Kids Boys Hooded Jackets

Date: July 18, 2013
Company: Mecca 5 Star/5 Star Kids Apparel

Why Recalled: Drawstrings with toggles inside the bottom hem and neck area, posing a strangulation hazard.

3. Infants First Impressions Varsity Jackets

Date: July 18, 2013
Company: Macy Merchandising Group

Why Recalled: Snaps on the jacket can come off, posing choking hazard.

4.  Thermobaby Bath Seats 

Date: July 17, 2013
Company: SCS Direct Inc.

Why Recalled: Bath seats fail to meet federal safety standards. Bath seats can tip over causing a drowning hazard.

5. Toy R Us Remote Controlled Helicopters

Date: July 3, 2013
Company: Toy R Us Inc.

Why Recalled: The batteries can over heat causing them to catch on fire. 11 reports world wide that have said that they got overheated.

These are all the product recalls that I found for this month!

CES <3

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Pretty Little Liars: Season 4 Episode 7 Recap

Hey PLL Fans! It's time for this recap on Season 4 Episode 7 called "Crash and Burn, Girl." What did you think about this episode?

Warning: Do not read this if you haven't watch this episode yet. Contains spoilers!!!!

* Emily is taking Physical Therapy on her shoulder
* "Only way we are getting Hanna through this is if we are together"- Emily?
* Caleb and Toby are working together to figure out who flied the plane that night the cabin burned down
* Emily mom suggested a new therapy to help with Emily shoulder
* Aria questioned Mike about Connor car. She asked if he did it.
* Hanna visits her mom in jail and tells her not to give up
* Toby and Caleb went to a flight center to track down a flight plan
* The principal talked to Aria about Mike behavior and that the police think he trashed Connor car. Principal asked about Mike and his medicine he should be taking.
* Emily took a key from the police station. It's Wilden apartment key!!
* Spencer thinks Hanna mom doesn't have a chance to get out of jail
* Emily wants the girls to break into Wilden apartment
* The girls break into the apartment and are looking for clues to link Jenna and Shana to Wilden
* Nigel Wright is on the lighter that Toby got. It's not a compass it's a name!!! Another clue: We last saw him in Episode 1 walking with Jenna!
* The girls didn't find much in the apartment except for old meat and a note from A
* Ezra came to check on Aria and told her that he doesn't think Mike trashed the car
* Toby and Caleb went back to the flight center to talk to Nigel. Found out he faked a flight plan and said it was for CeeCee Drake!!
* Ezra talked to the principal about Mike saying they have no proof he did it and they need to let it go.
* They think CeeCee is in NY
* Toby wants to find CeeCee and see if she is the blonde girl that Dr. Palmer was talking about
* Ezra saved Mike from getting expelled
* Emily mom got suspended from work because Wilden apartment key was missing
* A threatened Emily
* Aria went to Ezra apartment to thank him for what he did
* Hanna wants her Mom to plead gulity and say it was self defense
* A car crashes through Emily house almost hitting her mom

What did you think of this episode? If you remember from the very first episode we saw a guy with Jenna and that was Nigel!! At the end of the episode we see Nigel talking to someone and there are sunglasses on the table. I think he was talking to Jenna!! What do you think? It's crazy if we pay attention we can pick up on things that are there for clues for us.

Want to see what will happen next? Watch this preview and find out!

CES <3

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Update on Life: July 2013

Hey everyone today I am doing a update on my life!

This year has been crazy so far! So let's go back to March 10th when Chloe was born via emergency c-section. The reason why I had a emergency c-section was because Chloe was breech and I started dilating. That day at 5:50pm Chloe was born and she was 6 pounds and 7 ounces. Now Chloe is 4 months and half!!! It is going by fast I just can't believe it. So not to long ago we found out that Chloe has Torticollis which means the neck muscles on her left side are very short and now Chloe attends physical therapy. The staff is so friendly and amazing that I am glad we have them to help us with Chloe. As of feeding, all we feed her right now is her formula still but we added Gerber Apple Juice just a small amount of it and Gerber Rice Cereal with a spoon.

With my life nothing has really changed, I still live with my parents and probably will for a while till me and Josh finally move in together. Me and Josh decided to put our wedding on hold because we just don't have any money saved up. As of our relationship it's always up and down, right now we are dealing with the time zone and not having enough time to talk to each other. It's sad though that we are not making time for each other and we should. I can't remember the last time me and Josh talked on phone or even video chatted. It seems some times that I make more of a effort than he does. I want him to try but I can't force him to. It's really hard because some times I get frustrated with him because of the distance. I just wish he would give more of a effort to want to communicate with me and his daughter. I just hate texting I try to send him video messages when I can so he can see Chloe. It's just been really hard lately because I want that family with him I want him to understand that we need to try everything we can to make this work and to actually set time aside so we can talk or video chat. I just want him to have that bond with his daughter. Josh is still in Hawaii he will be visiting us in December.

I am still a stay at home mom but I do start College next month! As of right now I am taking two courses that go with my Child Development major but I am also going through the process of getting into the Massage Therapy program. I have to turn in some papers to Financial aid and I have to go get a TB Shot and do a background check. After I do all of that I go to the building to apply for massage therapy program. I really hope I can get in! If I get into the program I will start September 9th. This has been a dream of mine ever since high school and I really want to pursue this. I know taking on two degrees is going to be a lot of work especially having a baby under 1 but I know I can do this.

Last thing I wanted to talk about is my bladder disease. I still have it and in October of this year it will be I think 3 years of dealing with this disease. When I was pregnant it didn't bother me much but now that I am not it has been driving me crazy again. My periods have been so messed up, I am in pain everyday and even some food has been driving my bladder to go crazy. My mom always tells me that I am a strong person because I deal with being in pain everyday and I don't even take medicine for it.

CES <3

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Chloe's Torticollis Update #1

Hey everyone, Hope your having a good Sunday. Today I am discussing Chloe first Physical Therapy appointment and what we learned about her condition.

When Chloe had her 4 month check-up the doctor looked at her head and neck. He told me Chloe flat spot is not getting better and her neck rotation on her left side is bad. He told us to try physical therapy first before getting her a helmet.

Chloe went to her first physical therapy appointment on Friday and I found out that Chloe has Left Torticollis. Which this basically means that on her left side on her neck the muscles are very short so it's hard for her to turn her neck to the left. The physical therapist also told me that Chloe will probably have to wear a helmet to fix the flat spot.

At the appointment she asked me some questions, looked at Chloe head and neck, wrote down what she saw and gave me some exercises to do with Chloe. I really like the facility the staff is very professional and are great with kids! They are suppose to call me back with her appointment she has next.

I wanted to show you the back of Chloe head so you can see what I am talking about and what they notice. You can see she has a flat spot on her right side of her head. The red mark in the back of her head is a birth mark she had since she was born.

The physical therapist gave me two exercises to try with Chloe. The first one is her laying down and me turning her head to the left and holding it there for about 10-15 seconds. The last exercise she gave me to do was tilting Chloe right ear to her shoulder and holding that for 10-15 seconds.

Important Fact: It is best to get help before the baby is 6 months of age because after 6 months the soft spot is gone and it becomes harder to fix the problem. There is also risks after 6 months of age if you don't get help with the flat spot.

I wanted to show you what the helmet looks like. First it comes in white but you are allowed to decorate it. Supports the baby head and helps with flat spots.

This is all that I have for Chloe first update on her Torticollis. I will do these monthly if I can. If you think your child has a flat spot on his or her head please let the doctor know!

CES <3

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Mommy and Baby OOTD: 7/20/13

Hey everyone today I am doing a outfit of the day of me and Chloe. Chloe spent time with Grandma Deyo today while I hang out with Kara and we went to see The Conjuring!

This is the outfit I picked out for Chloe. It's from Carter's.

This is what the pants have on them in the back. Cute little Bee!

Top: Vanity
Shorts:  I cut these up and made them into shorts
Shoes: Target

CES <3

Friday, July 19, 2013

Mommy and Baby OOTD: 7/19/13

Hey everyone, Today I am doing a mommy and baby outfit of the day.... Chloe had her first physical therapy appointment today! I will discuss that on Sunday so look out for that.

Chloe is wearing a owl onesie from Gerber.

Shirt: No Boundaries 
Pants: L.E.I
Shoes: Target

Here is a better look at the shirt. Has rope detail.

Hair is wavy and no makeup.

CES <3

Drugstore/Dollar Tree Haul

Hey everyone! Hope you have a amazing Friday!
Today I am doing a Drugstore/Dollar Tree haul that I bought a couple of days ago.

This is from the Dollar Tree and only paid $1.00 for each item. I bought Lander Essentials Bubble Bath in Rose Petal and Women daily vitamins.

I got these for .50 cents each. I needed to mail off two thank you cards so I picked these two up.

I also got these at the Dollar Tree as well. I needed some new hair clips because I can't find my other ones. I also picked up this Soft Lips Pear Gloss, it's a sheer lip protectant.

I got this at my Drugstore for I think almost $13.00. This is The Mortal Instruments City of Bones book #1. I picked this up because the movie comes out next month and it looks really good so I wanted to give this book a try and see if I will like it.

I also got this at my Drugstore. I needed a Planner for this year so I can stay organized with Chloe appointments, her physical therapy, and my college classes. This was the only one they had left that liked. I am really picky when it comes to finding a planner.

*This is my haul for ya'll. I am not bragging just showing ya'll what I get. Next post is going to be a Mommy and Baby outfit of the day*

CES <3

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Pretty Little Liars: Season 4 Episode 6 Recap

Hey everyone!
Today I am doing a PLL Recap on this episode called "Under the Gun"

Warning: Do not read this if you haven't watch this episode!!!

* Police questioned Hanna about why she had the gun
* Shana switched school and now attends Rosewood. She also took Emily spot on the swimming team.
* Hanna tells her Dad that she is protecting her Mom
* Hanna also explains where she found the gun at. Her mom denies it.
* Aria tutors Connor who is Mike friend
* A is setting Hanna mom up
* Mona told the girls that Toby took the RV and that Spencer didn't tell them the truth
* Spencer told Emily that she was sorry for the other night and that she didn't tell them the truth
* Caleb came to help out Hanna but her parents shut him out
* Toby is running out of leads. Knows A is his only chance to find out what happen to his Mom.
* "We don't know what A can or can not do"- Hanna
* Emily wants to turn in the footage of Hanna Mom running Wilden over so that they can see Shana, Jenna and Melissa helping Wilden.
* Hanna is on lock down at her house
* Connor kisses Aria!!
* Spencer tells Emily about Mrs.Grunwald
* Mike thinks Aria hooked up with Connor
* Connor tells Aria that they know she hooked up with Ezra
* Aria tells Ezra to stay away from her
* Spencer and Toby arrive in Ravenswood!!!
* Ravenswood is very creepy and quiet
* "You got the fast track on A while the rest of us got nothing"- Emily to Mona
* Spencer found Grunwald in a salon in Ravenswood
* "I am not who you think I am"- Grunwald
* Mike says sorry to Aria
* Spencer sees Shana in Ravenswood!!!
* Officer Tanner talks to Emily about the video
* There is a video of someone with a mask of Emily and a sign that says Guilty
* Connor car got trashed and beaten. I think Ezra did it.
* Hanna Mom got arrested for the Murder of Wilden!!!!

This is my recap on this episode called "Under the Gun"

Want to know what's going to happen next? Then watch this video!

CES <3

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Co-sleeping: Pros and Cons...Why Did I do it

Hey everyone so today I am doing a post about the pros and cons of co-sleeping and why I did co-sleeping.

What is Co-Sleeping?

Co-sleeping is when babies and young children sleep in close proximity to one or both parents. It could be that you have their crib in your room or they sleep in the bed next to you.


* Making night time feedings more convenient
* Helps a nursing mom get her sleep cycle in sync with her baby
* Helps babies fall asleep more easily and go back to sleep more quickly
* Leads to more night time sleep overall
* Helps parents bond with their baby


* Less sleep because Infants tend to move around and kick their legs
* Potential risks such as SIDS
* Less intimacy time with you and your partner
* Less room on the bed
* Tough time adjusting once you move the baby out of your room or your bed

I got these pros and cons off the website called "What to expect when your expecting"

Why I did Co-Sleeping and My Experience:

Me and my daughter started co-sleeping when she was around 2 weeks to almost a month I think. She is 4 months now and we still do it, she sleeps right next to me in bed. Josh is in Hawaii and I have a big bed so I share with Chloe. Since we started co-sleeping it has helped with our bond because at first she bonded more with my mom than me. With co-sleeping it has helped me gain that bond with my daughter. I read and researched about the risks but I knew that this was the best thing for us. It has also helped with night time feedings and getting her to go to sleep at night. Chloe loves to cuddle and it helps get her to go to sleep. What I do is on my bed she sleeps on the right side and I get her a baby blanket to lay on. I make sure the cover is no where near her face. I am not sure when I will stop co-sleeping with her I was going to at 6 months of age but I am really attach to her sleeping next to me. I do really want to do it before she is a year old, I know this will be tough on both of us when I finally move her to her crib. I try putting her in the crib but she hates it, she is getting used to it slowly.

CES <3

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Nail Polish Haul+Swatches: July 2013

Hey everyone, Today I went to the Dollar Tree and Drugstore. I picked up some new nail polishes to add to my collection. All the nail polishes that I got today were either .99 Cents or $1.00!!!! I got some L.A Colors and Wet n Wild nail polish.

I got this to keep in my room with my nail polishes. I go through a lot of qtips and cotton balls so I decided to pick this up. I got this at the Dollar Tree for only $1.00

L.A Colors Color Craze nail polish in Hot Blooded. This is a Dark Red color. I got this for $1.00 at the Dollar Tree.

L.A Colors Color Craze nail polish in Fuel. It's a light pink color with a sliver tone to it.

This is by Nail Pops and the color is Tiffany Breeze. I love this because it looks like it could match the Tiffany blue color. This was also $1.00 at the Dollar Tree.

I got this nail stencil and nail polish. I wanted to decorate my nails but I am not good at doing designs yet. I thought I would try this and see how I like it. Only $1.00 at the Dollar Tree.

I got 2 Wet n Wild (Wild Shine) nail polishes. These were .99 cents each at the drugstore. The silver color is called Metallica and the glitter polish is called Hallucination.

These are the swatches of the nail polishes that I bought. 

CES <3

Monday, July 15, 2013

My 4 Months Health/Postpartum Update

Hey everyone!
I am finally getting around to posting my 4 month update for ya'll today. In this post I am going to be talking about how my health been this month and being 4 months postpartum.

So this is going to be TMI because I will be talking about my periods. In May I got my first period and it lasted about 2 weeks. In June my period was for 3 weeks!!! I didn't think that was normal for it to last that long... Also for those weeks I was so nauseated and my stomach was always in pain after eating. The first week of June I stop taking my birth control because I found out that was the reason why I was so nauseated all the time. Then this month I had only been off my period for 5 days and started again.... Ugh I hate being a girl sometimes.

I had a Doctor appointment this month and found out I weigh 93 pounds. I told the doctor about my periods and she said I could stop birth control and see if my periods would regulate on their own. They also decided to run a complete blood count and Thyroid check. Both came back normal. So I am just waiting to see if they would regulate on their own if not I go back to my doctor and they run other tests. My doctor also told me to go see my regular doctor about my stomach pain.

Last is my emotions! I cry for no reason sometimes it's crazy. My hormones are still out of control.

CES <3

Outfit of the Day: 7/15/2013

Hey today I went to my college to talk to Financial Aid about my status for Fall and to get into the Massage Therapy Program. It ended up been kinda stressful but slowly getting it done.

Shirt: Bought in Hawaii
Pants: Maternity Pants (Motherhood Maternity)

Detail on the shirt has flowers, tribal, feathers, and fringe.

Slept with a braid and took it out this morning. Bangs are pulled back with a headband. No makeup.

CES <3

Sunday, July 14, 2013

What's on my Nails #4

Hey everyone! I just got done with painting my nails and wanted to share with ya'll.

These are the 3 products that I used.

This is Orchid nail polish in 201 Robin's Egg.

I used this over the blue. This is NYC in 105A Starry Silver Glitter.

This is how my nails turned out!

CES <3

Outfit of the Day: 7/14/13

Hey everyone! Here is my outfit for today....

Tank: Yom_Yom (Walmart?)
Shorts: Vintage 1955 (Sears)

CES <3

RIP Cory Monteith (Glee Actor found Dead)

Hey everyone today I am going to do 3 blog posts if I can. This post is a sad one because a Glee actor died today. I am still in Shock because he was still young.

Yes you are reading this right, Cory Monteith from Glee died. He was found dead in his hotel room. He has been in and out of rehab for years and I was hoping he would get better.

Prayers goes out to his family and his co-stars from Glee.

I used to watch Glee all the time but I missed too many and just didn't catch up. It's sad because he was only 31 years old.

CES <3

Saturday, July 13, 2013

My Thoughts of the Day: 7/13/13

Hey everyone hope you are having a great Saturday!

So today Chloe woke me up around 8am for her morning feed. After I fed and changed her we went into the living room and I put her in the play pen with her toys so I can make me breakfast. After I ate I got my pool bag ready and got dressed. My friend Kara picked me up around 11am while my mom watched Chloe for me.

Me and Kara went to the store then we changed into our bathing suits and went to the pool that she has at her apartment. I haven't been swimming in a while! Of course once I get in it takes me a while to adjust because I have a phobia of water. I have to slowly breathe and ease my self into the water. Everyone knows that I am not the best swimmer but I try. Anyways the pool was so nice because the water wasn't too cold or hot and me and Kara had the pool all to our selves. After a while though my stomach starting hurting so 1pm we got out and we started cooking tacos. As we ate we watched Big Daddy with Adam Sandler!

I came home at 3pm and now I am just relaxing in bed with Chloe.

Anyways I am waiting on Chloe doctor to call me back about Chloe physical therapy so I can get the information I need. I have no idea when it will start. I plan to do a update on that when I know more information on it. I really hope this helps with her head I really don't want her to wear a helmet but if she has to then we will work it out. Also I think Monday I am finally going to Financial Aid at my college to see if they can help me get into the Massage Therapy program! If I get in it starts in September.

This is my bathing suit. I got it at Burlington Coat Factory I think a year ago. The brand is Coco Reef.

I never seen these before till Kara gave me one. It's caffeine free Coca Cola. It still taste good! You can't taste a difference.

Me and Kara made Tacos and Dirty Rice.

Back home with my baby! She loves to chew on her toys.

CES <3