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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Chloe's Torticollis Update #1

Hey everyone, Hope your having a good Sunday. Today I am discussing Chloe first Physical Therapy appointment and what we learned about her condition.

When Chloe had her 4 month check-up the doctor looked at her head and neck. He told me Chloe flat spot is not getting better and her neck rotation on her left side is bad. He told us to try physical therapy first before getting her a helmet.

Chloe went to her first physical therapy appointment on Friday and I found out that Chloe has Left Torticollis. Which this basically means that on her left side on her neck the muscles are very short so it's hard for her to turn her neck to the left. The physical therapist also told me that Chloe will probably have to wear a helmet to fix the flat spot.

At the appointment she asked me some questions, looked at Chloe head and neck, wrote down what she saw and gave me some exercises to do with Chloe. I really like the facility the staff is very professional and are great with kids! They are suppose to call me back with her appointment she has next.

I wanted to show you the back of Chloe head so you can see what I am talking about and what they notice. You can see she has a flat spot on her right side of her head. The red mark in the back of her head is a birth mark she had since she was born.

The physical therapist gave me two exercises to try with Chloe. The first one is her laying down and me turning her head to the left and holding it there for about 10-15 seconds. The last exercise she gave me to do was tilting Chloe right ear to her shoulder and holding that for 10-15 seconds.

Important Fact: It is best to get help before the baby is 6 months of age because after 6 months the soft spot is gone and it becomes harder to fix the problem. There is also risks after 6 months of age if you don't get help with the flat spot.

I wanted to show you what the helmet looks like. First it comes in white but you are allowed to decorate it. Supports the baby head and helps with flat spots.

This is all that I have for Chloe first update on her Torticollis. I will do these monthly if I can. If you think your child has a flat spot on his or her head please let the doctor know!

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